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Aberdeen Football Club - On This Day
On This Day: 26 January

1957: The Dons call in at Broomfield and leave Airdrieonians with five goals in their debit column. Graham Leggat scores three with Norman Davidson and Harry Yorston bagging the others in this 5-1 Dons' success.

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1921: Phlegm and Excitements of the City. (By Alex. M. Craig.) It is doubtful if the representative Aberdonian is a social success. He is not exuberant. He does not enthuse readily. He has a knack of retiring into a shell of silence in the company of loquacious strangers and dazzling conversationalists. However much his emotions may be stirred by passing events, he prefers to hide his feelings beneath a cloak of almost cynical indifference. His passions are not easily stirred either to anger or adoration, and he has positive aversion to wearing his heart on his sleeve for inquisitive daws to peck at. There have been times in the modern history of the city when the inhabitants have allowed themselves to be carried away by stirring appeals to their emotions and feelings. I am just old enough to remember the furore of evangelical excitement caused by the Moody and Sankey revivals in Aberdeen. From time to time in a lesser degree that collective fervour has been repeated since, but these never took deep root in the phlegmatic soil of the city. Even in political affairs a man has to be of exceptional eloquence and reputation to weave such a spell around an Aberdeen audience as compels his hearers to lose, for the time being, their faculties of critical dissection and analysis

Perhaps the nearest approach to sustained enthusiasm that modern Aberdeen life presents is the excitement engendered by an important football match. There, if anywhere, the otherwise stolid Aberdonians let themselves go. Stocks may rise and fall, dynasties may topple from dizzy heights of monarchical security; the ten thousand or twenty thousand habitues of Pittodrie Park heed them not. What to them, at the moment, is the European problem or the profligacy of Government Departments? Their concern is to see the ball go into the proper net. What reck they of the struggle for supremacy in Ireland? Are not the wearers of the black and gold of Aberdeen engaged in a life-and-death struggle for supremacy before their very eyes? Their brows may be "sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought," but the lines have been deeply furrowed there by the scanning of League tables rather than the intricate balancing of commercial accounts.

Far be it from my intention to suggest that the intense devotion so many Aberdonians to this or other sports is a sign of communal decadence. I have but to remark that the engrossment of mind and the ear-splitting lustiness by which the fortunes of the games are pursued by their devotees are unusual phases of Aberdeen psychology. If one were ever inclined to be pessimistic as to the local trend of events in this connection, I know of no better antidote than to watch the exits and entrances to the many educational seminaries in Aberdeen. As a matter of fact, education in Aberdeen is becoming not a profession, but an industry. The stern lines of demarcation that for many ages effectually separated the gown and the town are slowly but surely being obliterated. Thanks to the enlightened policy of modern University authorities on the one hand and to the encouragement of commercial and industrial circles on the other, the present-day educational facilities within the city have expanded beyond all standards of comparison with other days. The very nature of education is undergoing a revolutionary change before our eyes. It is being realised, perhaps never before in the history of Aberdeen, that the future interests of the city depend largely upon how far the educational equipment can made to conform to present-day requirements. The secret of commercial success is the spread of knowledge, and the ultimate value of that knowledge depends the manner in which may help us to understand the present and provide for the future.

Source : The Aberdeen Daily Journal Wednesday January 26th, 1921


1950: Dear Sir, May I express the dissatisfaction of many track cycling enthusiasts and athletes with the progress of this scheme. In so doing, may I quote from the SAAA report of 1949 : "A definite quickening of interest in athletics was evident in Aberdeen district during the past season, mainly due to the sports sponsored by Aberdeen Town Council. The fine stadium at Linksfield was the venue and with an estimated attendance of over 5,000, keen competition, in which an SAAA representative team took part, was throughly enjoyed by the spectators". In Dundee, as far back as 1935, the idea of a cinder track was born, yet in 1950 we have advanced little. Should Dundee Town Council not give the necessary cash, why can't they give us the site? Then the clubs and organisations interested in using the track might hold whist drives, dances, etc, the proceeds of which would go to a common pool. I am sure from the results we will build an excellent track. What about it, Dundee? Every man or woman interested in sport should take up the cry and help in every possible way. Yours, etc Enthusiast, Dundee.

Source : Dundee Courier Thursday 26th January, 1950


1924: TO-DAY'S CUP-TIE.The Dumbarton team arrived at Aberdeen last night at 6.50 p.m., after a journey from Glasgow occupying 5 hours and 20 minutes. The southern lads were most optimistic, and the declaration was made on their behalf that "if the weather conditions are at all decent, we shall give Aberdeen a hard run for victory." Owing to the railway strike and the cancellation of cheap fares, supporters of the Boghead team will not travel to witness the clash in anything like the  numbers that would have made the journey under normal travelling conditions. Despite this fact, it is expected that a very large attendance will give patronage to the match. Both teams will be as advertised. Both teams fraternised during the evening. They attended the Picture House by invitation of the manager, Mr Mailer, much enjoyed the films, and joined whole-heartedly in the choruses of popular songs which are wont to be discoursed on a Friday night. 

Source : Aberdeen Press and Journal Saturday January 26th, 1924

AFCHT : Aberdeen beat Dumbarton 2-1 before a crowd of 12,500 and progressed to the semi-final, being beaten by Hibernian in a second replay.

Born on this Day
1933 Ian MacFarlane Left Back  
1882 Willie Lennie Outside Left  
1916 William Reid Left Half  
1999 Miko Virtanen Central Midfield Age: 22
Died on this Day
1977 Fred Hunter Inside Right  
Aberdeen Results on 26 January
Year Result Competition Venue Att.
2020 St. Mirren 0-0 Aberdeen Scottish Premiership St Mirren Park (Greenhill Road), Paisley Click here to watch the Highlights of St. Mirren v Aberdeen now on RedTV (Subscription Required) 5,302
2019 Aberdeen 0-0 Kilmarnock Scottish Premiership Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen Click here to watch the Highlights of Aberdeen v Kilmarnock now on RedTV (Subscription Required) 15,560
2011 Inverness CT 0-2 Aberdeen SPL Rugby Park, Kilmarnock Click here to watch the Highlights of Inverness CT v Aberdeen now on RedTV (Subscription Required) 4,468
2008 Aberdeen 0-1 Heart of Midlothian SPL Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen Click here to watch the Highlights of Aberdeen v Heart of Midlothian now on RedTV (Subscription Required) 14,000
2002 Aberdeen 2-0 Livingston Scottish Cup R4 Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 10,261
2000 Aberdeen 1-1 Motherwell SPL Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 10,053
1991 Aberdeen 0-1 Motherwell Scottish Cup R3 Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 15,000
1980 Arbroath 1-1 Aberdeen Scottish Cup R3 Gayfield Park, Arbroath 5,764
1957 Airdrie 1-5 Aberdeen Div 1 (Old) Broomfield Park, Airdrie 5,000
1952 Aberdeen 3-0 Heart of Midlothian Div 1 (Old) Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 16,000
1946 Aberdeen 7-1 Queen of the South Div 1 (Old) Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 12,000
1935 Falkirk 2-3 Aberdeen Scottish Cup R1 Brockville Park, Falkirk 14,000
1929 Falkirk 2-0 Aberdeen Div 1 (Old) Brockville Park, Falkirk 7,000
1924 Aberdeen 2-1 Dumbarton Scottish Cup R1 Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 12,500
1907 Aberdeen 0-0 Johnstone Scottish Cup R1 Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 5,000
1901 The Aberdeen 2-3 Orion Aberdeenshire Cup Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
1895 The Aberdeen 2-2 Victoria United Friendly Chanonry, Aberdeen