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AFC - Match Report
match report 1898-99 fixture list
Scottish Cup First Round 
Orion 0 - 2 Kilmarnock
Kick Off:          Findlay, Findlay  
Attendance: 4,700
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Ideal football weather favoured the important football match between Kilmarnock and Orion in the first round of the Scottish Cup competition proper. The ground was in perfect condition, and there were signs long before the kick off of a record gate at Cattofield. The Kilmarnock, who were at full strength, travelled north on the previous evening, and broke their journey at Stonehaven, where they stayed overnight. They arrived in Aberdeen by special train at 12.55, along with a crowd of supporters. When the teams made their appearance punctually at the appointed hour a crowd several deep lined the enclosure, and the grand-stand was also packed. The teams lined up as follows: Kilmarnock: Craig; Busby, Brown; D. McPherson, Anderson, Johnstone; Maitland, Campbell, Reid, Muir, Findlay. Orion: Watson; Livingstone, Ross; Currie, Low, Wilson; Webster, J. McPherson, Barron, Stopani, Hogg. Referee: Mr King. Queen's Park. The Orion kicked off in brilliant sunshine towards Cattofield House, and play for a brief spell in midfield. Gradually the visitors forced their way towards Watson, and Muir sent past. From the kick out, Hogg sped away, but his centre was caught up by the visiting defence, and the visitors again raided in determined fashion. Watson was all there, however, and by jumping up, saved from a crowd of opponents. A corner ensued, but the resultant kick was got rid of, and the homesters forced their way up to the other end. The attack was easily repelled, but Currie transferred to Webster, who raked the goal with a splendid low, oblique shot. Hogg was again prominent for a tricky run, but the visitors turned to the charge, and Findlay, from the left, beat Watson with rather an easy shot, the home custodian being bothered with the sun in his face. Hogg and Barron, in the forward line, were working hard for the equalising goal, and they were receiving splendid support from Wilson and Low in the half-back division, and Ross and Livingstone, the backs. It almost looked as if their efforts were to be rewarded, for, going down in a body, shot after shot was rained in on Craig, but the ball hit the upright time after time, and eventually went behind. After an interchange of kicking by the back division, the visiting forwards, by a series of well-executed manoeuvres again brought about the downfall of Watson's charge, Findlay doing the needful. From the kick-off the Orion strove hard to reduce the lead, but the whistle blew with half-time score Kilmarnock, 2; Orion, 0.

After a short interval the teams resumed hostilities, but play, which was at first of a desultory nature, remitted in midfield. The glare of sun, which had been in the faces of the Orion throughout the first half, had now died down, and amid cries of "Come away, Orion" the home team came again and again in gallant style. Wilson was again prominent at half-back for the Orion, his tackling and placing being cool, confident, and well timed, while the forwards were also showing improved combination. Hogg secured and tricking the half-back, passed far ahead, Webster and McPherson now cashed up, and, the back kicking over his head, the goal was at McPherson's mercy. He shot with deadly accuracy, and the ball passed through Craig's legs, and, hitting the net, bounded out again. The goalkeeper fisted it behind as it came out, and, amidst the frantic jeers of the spectators, the referee awarded a corner. The mistake was palpable, but despite the protests of the homesters, the corner was awarded. Unfortunately. in their anxiety, the home team sometimes lost favourable chances, and the rough behaviour was too frequent, with the result that the finer points were now often at a discount. Play was ragged, there being fewer combined attacks, though Hogg strove hard to net the ball. Barron. With the goal almost at his mercy, missed by inches. Two fruitless corners fell to the Orion in quick succession, but, with the time weaving on, there was little hope that the Cattofield men would be able to score, and there was a movement of the spectators towards the gate. The Orion never gave in, however, and strove with considerable persistence to secure the coveted goal. The end arrived with the scores still standing: Kilmarnock, 2; Orion, 0.

Source, Aberdeen Journal, 16th January 1899

The Kilmarnock v. Orion Scottish Cup fixture was the most important game of the season in the Granite City. One of the largest crowds that has been seen at a football match in the city lined the ropes, and there was tremendous excitement during the quicker passages of the game. Although the Orion showed good form on the whole, their calibre was nothing like that of the Kilmarnock men who thoroughly deserved their victory.

The Aberdeen defence was very good, and their Weakness rather lay in the forwards, who were unable to send the ball through when they came to the clinching point. The defence of the Kilmarnock custodian was excellent.

The collapse of the grand stand raised no little excitement, and it certainly was a wonder that nobody was seriously hurt. It is to be hoped that means will at once be taken to place the stand in a thoroughly safe condition.

Source: Dundee Courier, 16th January 1899

The Fates smiled benignly on the Orion on Saturday. Even though they had had the making of it, they could not have had a better day. And what a crowd. All sorts of vehicles were requisitioned to convey the crowd to the ground. The dude sported his hansom ; the clerk spent a penny of his slender wage on the corporation cars; while the red-headed enthusiast, disdaining all such modes of conveyance, tore up George Street, swearing at all and sundry who dared cross his path, and so delay his arrival at the ground. The treasurer must have smiled as he saw the "tanners" being planked down. It is a sad commentary on modern football when we read in the evening papers that the Kilmarnock put up at Stonehaven overnight. Would the temptations of our gay city have been too much for the men of Ayrshire? It is needless at this time of day to repeat what all footballers saw for themselves. We all know that Kilmarnock played down-hill during the first half and scored 2 goals; but we do not think that the Orion have got enough of credit for their stubborn, nay brilliant, defensive play they exhibited during the first moiety. We do not infer that the Orion were hemmed in completely; far from it, for on several occasions they made grand incursions into the enemy's country, the hardest of luck being their fate on more than one occasion. The second half opened in grand style. Playing downhill the Orion adopted the style that is dear to their supporters' hearts, and on one occasion Webster played the ball through, but to the disappointment of the crowd the point was disallowed. How the referee arrived at his decision he alone knows, but his mind must have been wandering. The game was value for a draw, and as such ought to have ended. We do not wish to individualise where all played well, but the great light on the Orion side was Wilson at half-back. A more vigorous and clean game he has never played. The Kilmarnock are a well set up team, and know each other's play to a nicety. The gate was a record one, 118 15s 5d being drawn. The money will be required for the repair of the grand stand, which is now in a sorry plight. Before closing we must compliment the editor of the Orion Observer on the excellence of his issue last week.

Source: Bon-Accord, 19th January 1899

Orion Teamsheet:  Watson; Livingstone, Ross; Currie, Low, Wilson; Webster, J. McPherson, Barron, Stopani, Hogg


Kilmarnock Teamsheet:  Craig; Busby, Brown; D. McPherson, Anderson, Johnstone; Maitland, Campbell, Reid, Muir, Findlay


Referee: Mr. King, Queen's Park

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