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match report 1900-01 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 2 - 2 Dundee Wanderers
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
A Lucky Point for Pittodrie.
It must be candidly admitted that although the Dundee Wanderers tied with the Aberdeen (2 goals each). The former showed better combination and general all-round method in their play. It would be well, however, if one or two Dundee men had shown less of their tongue and temper. The referee had to caution the visitors referred to. The Wanderers stuck to their guns admirably in the midst of scant encouragement, but the general feeling was that the homesters would carry the day. They very nearly scored the coveted third goal. R. Petrie, late of Southampton, along with McKane, who for the first time fought for the Wanderers, showed up fairly well. They display considerable dash in attacking, and commendable strength in defending. Robertson and Ferguson simply played like Trojans, and their staying powers elicited much favourable comment. Anderson also did good work.
For the Aberdeen, Mackay, Mackie, Livingston, Sangster, and H. Brown figured for the first time under the Aberdeen auspices at Pittodrie. Sangster, a junior, more than fulfilled expectation. He have several clinking exhibitions at left half. Mackay scored both the goals, and Bisset seemed to be in good form withstanding the youth of the season.

Source: Dundee Evening Post, 3rd September 1900

A most disappointing game from start to finish, so said the crowd on Saturday. So likewise say I. No other verdict is possible, and after view¬ing Saturday's game I would strongly advise the Aberdeen lads to "buck up" or else points will be conspicuous by their absence opposite their name on the league table. The Wanderers were distinctly the better team, they all through having the lion's share of the play, and had decidedly hard lines in not taking the coveted brace back to Clepington. But half a loaf is better than no bread, so they will have to be content. The locals gave anything but an edifying exhibition, there being a distinct want of cohesion and method about their play. The forwards were extremely slow in their work, the result being that the opposing half-backs had a regular picnic.
The halfs were also weak, although not so noticeable as the forwards. Sangster made an excellent appearance and looks a likely lad. Thomson was also fairly good, but he nullified his efforts by his questionable tactics. Coming to the backs, well, the less about them the better. They were weak, lamentably so, and were frequently left behind by the opposition, Bisset in goal was safe enough in his way, but his gallery play was a needless adjunct. As to the Wanderers, as I remarked before, they were distinctly the better team all over, their forwards were fast and tricky on the ball, and this, coupled with some fine half-back play made them infinitely superior to their opponents. Bob Petrie was the star in the middle line, he putting in some most effective play. The backs and goalkeeper were very safe and reliable, Ferguson doing a lot of good work in the back division. Space forbids more criticism, but I would just remark that towards the finish some very questionable football was indulged in by both teams, several of the players being within an ace of coming to blows, a most regrettable feature, and one in which both teams equally participated in. The policy of "pay back" was too much in evidence. The result was a draw of 2 goals each.

Source: Bon-Accord, 6th September 1900

Pittodrie Park looked lovely on Saturday at the opening game between the Wanderers and the premier city team. Mr. Davidson, Arbroath, who officiated as referee, got the teams lined up follows:?Aberdeen?Bisset; Ritchie, Milne; Sangster, Thomson, Brown; Livingston, Fullarton. McKay, C. Mackie, and Shiach. Wanderers?Don; Robertson, Ferguson; Neave, Petrie, McColl; McNally, Anderson, Milne, Graham, and Connell. From the composition of the Aberdeen team great things were expected, especially after their brilliant victory over Arbroath last week. Those who came expecting much must have gone away disappointed. Early in the game, Anderson opened the scoring for the visitors, and it took the Aberdeen 30 minutes before they equalised. Before ends were changed, the Whites were one up. While the play could never be classed as brilliant, there were several individuals who outshone the others, or, rather, for a first appearance were favourably commented on.

The second period was productive more of bad temper than good play, and the want of firmness on the part of the referee tended rather to increase than diminish the wrangling that went on. Much to the astonishment of all, the Wanderers drew level, and play became somewhat brisker, though there was a want of combination in the front line. Evident relief was felt when the whistle blew with the score even. The Wanderers are a capable lot, and showed if anything better staying powers than the home side. This is the first point which the visitors have won as yet in the competition. Of the three new men which Aberdeen introduced, Sangster perhaps showed best, McKay next, while Livingston at no time could be classed as an improvement on Davie Greig. There will no doubt be an anxious time among the committee men now that the weakness which they had supposed to have remedied is no better than it was.

Source: Aberdeen Weekly Journal 5th September 1921

The Aberdeen Teamsheet: 


Dundee Wanderers Teamsheet:  Don; Robertson, Ferguson; Neave, Petrie, McColl; McNally, Anderson, Milne, Graham, Connell


Referee: Mr. Davidson, Arbroath

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