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match report 1900-01 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup Replay 
Orion 5 - 2 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Barron, Barron, Craig, Craig, ?       Watson, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
The Victoria United and Orion teams met on Saturday afternoon at Cattofield before a large turnout of spectators, in the replay match of the second round of the qualifying cup ties. Orion won the toss, and the United kicked off up the hill. The Stripes early showed that they were in excellent form and Barron and Craig succeeded in getting the ball past Findlay no fewer than four times in the first half of the game, while Watson scored for the United. Half-time result: Orion, 4 goals; Victoria United 1 goal.

The second half was more evenly contested, and both sides secured another point each. Although the Blues played much better than they did in the first half, they failed to make up the leeway and a somewhat one-sided game ended as follows: Orion, 5 goals; Victoria United, 2 goals.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 3rd October 1900

After the stiff tussle which took place last week, I thought the Vics would have made a better show at Cattofield on Saturday. After a draw, a 5-1 defeat is indeed a bitter pill to swallow, but it seems fated that the Orion are to be cocks o' the walk as far as the Qualifying ties are concerned. At all events they were undoubtedly masters of the situation on Saturday. Taking it all over the game was a good one, and not so one-sided as the score would indicate; the Orion had certainly the upper hand a11 through, but it wasn't so much quantity but quality of play that won them the game. The Orion forwards, despite the absence of Proctor, gave a very lively exhibition, Barron being mainly responsible for this. He seemed to fear nothing, and put in some very clever touches, his first goal, for example, being a very fine piece of work. The other quartette gave him ample assistance, the whole five making the pace just about as hot as Findlay & Co. could conveniently cope with. This was, of course, during the first half, when the Orion played downhill. They quietened down a bit in the second portion, with the result that the Vics had a bigger share of the play. The play of the Vics' front line was a marked contrast to their opponents'. They were all right in the open, but failed miserably in front of goal. They stuck to the ball with a tenacity that, to say the least of it, was exasperating, and Ross and his partner had them on toast times without number. The half-backs of both teams did well, although as far as judgment went the Stripes had the pull. Currie gave one of his very best exhibitions, the third goal being jot through a clever bit of play on his part. Seldom, if ever, have I seen better defence than that showed by both teams. Every one was a star. Both goalkeepers had some miraculous saves, while the kicking and tackling of the backs was a treat. It was certainly no fault of the Vics' defence that they lost, but the opposition forwards gave them no rest, the slightest opening being taken advantage of. The game was very pleasantly contested, ill-feeling being conspicuous by its absence, Mr Gormay, the referee having a pleasant task. The Orion have now to meet the Clachnacuddin in the next round. The match being at Cattofield, they ought to successfully quench the Highlanders' hopes. The Vics will have to rest content until 20th October, when they meet the Cattofield men in a League match. Abundant opportunity for revenge.

Source: Bon-Accord, 4th October 1900

Orion Teamsheet: 


Victoria United Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. Gormay

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