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AFC - Match Report
match report 1900-01 fixture list
The Aberdeen 1 - 1 Partick Thistle
Kick Off:    Shiach       Atherton  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
This holiday fixture was played at Pittodrie Park yesterday in unsettled weather. The pitch was in fair condition.

The Partick Thistle commenced the running, and immediately made for Bisset's charge. The high wind, however, prevented them from scoring, and soon after the home left wing had a splendid run down along the touchline, Shiach and Milne being much in evidence. Their efforts were without avail, however, for the ball went out of play. Paul and Muirhead got on the leather, and a determined run along the left side of the field. They met with much opposition, however, and had finally to retreat, Shiach driving the ball before him. The attack was again repeated on the right wing, but as before, it was unsuccessful, and Bisset was on several occasions called upon to save, and he performed his duty very creditably. The homesters kept the Thistle well at bay, however, and avoided any hard shooting which might have been disastrous. The Aberdeen had mainly to keep on the defensive, except on the occasion when Shiach made special raids into the opposite territory. A united effort was made by the Aberdonian, and it was with difficulty that the attack could be stayed. Shiach got through the cordon and scored a splendid goal. The Partick Thistle tried to redeem this blot, and pressed forward. They had two corners in succession, but without any result. Shortly after, Atherton scored, taking Bisset by surprise . The play then became more exciting, and Bisset had several swift shots to defend.

In the second period Aberdeen were first to get away, and gave Fletcher some hard tests, which he managed to ward off with great difficulty, but he contrived to do so successfully. The scene of play was then transferred to the opposite end of the field, but the Partick Thistle met with no better success there than the Whites had done in attacking Fletcher's charge. They were kept at bay by the defence, and paid the Thistle custodian another visit. neither team could score, although the homesters seemed more determined while their opponents were in holiday form.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 1st January 1901

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Bisset; Murray, Douglas; Cameron, Sangster, Thomson; Gray, Davidson, C. Mackie, Milne, Shiach


Partick Thistle Teamsheet:  Fletcher; Campbell, Wilson; McNicol, Proudfoot, Hyslop; Atherton, Turnbull, Barr, Paul, Muirhead


Referee: Mr. J. Morrison, Aberdeen

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