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match report 1899-00 fixture list
Orion 3 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Hogg, From Scrimmage, From Scrimmage       Burnett, McHardy, McHardy  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
The football of 1899-1900 was inaugurated, as far as Aberdeen is concerned, last night, when a big crowd lined the enclosure at Cattofield to see the Orion and Victoria United try conclusions in a friendly. There were one or two strange faces in both elevens, but the majority on both sides did duty last season. The Victoria United started the game downhill towards Cattofield Place, and both sides soon began to play with great dash and vigour. For a friendly, and the first match of the season, the football was surprisingly fast and exciting. The ground was dry and fast, and the ball travelled from end to end with the greatest rapidity, Hogg and Kane being prominent on the right for the Orion, while Ross and Low showed up in tackling and kicking. The Victoria Untied maintained a sturdy defence, and their forwards came again and again in irresistible fashion. At the other end Findlay was everywhere for the Blues, and saved several well-judged shots from Hogg, Kane, and McKerron in splendid fashion. During the first half, however, the Blues kept the upper hand, and Burnett at last beat Watson close in. the score at half-rime being - Victoria United, 1; Orion, 0.

On resuming, the game continued to be very fast, but the Torry men had still the best pf matters. Considerable spirit and roughness were at times infused into the play; and the referee had frequently to penalise players on both sides. Findlay continued to give an admirable display of goalkeeping, getting rid of every kind of shot in the smartest manner possible. Eventually the Vics again asserted their superiority, and McHardy beat Watson. Hogg at length drew first blood for the Orion with a good oblique shot from the left. The visitors were not be denied, however, and McHardy again banged the sphere past Watson. For the last quarter of an hour the game was contested in semi-darkness, and close on time the ball was scrimmaged twice past Findlay, a fast and exciting game ending - Victoria United, 3; Orion, 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 16th August 1899

The season was set agoing on Tuesday night with a match between the Vics and Orion at Cattofield. It is somewhat early yet to criticise play and players, but from the run of the play the Vics seemed to be the stronger team. The Vics open Torry to-night with the Aberdeen as opponents, the interest in this match being widespread. On Saturday the Orion commence their League programme with the Arbroath. On that day Lord Provost Fleming will unfurl the championship flag, so gloriously won by the Orion last season. The Aberdeen, as previously stated in our pages, intend to open their new grounds on the 26th. We will have more to say about the Aberdeen shortly. Altogether football in Aberdeen this season is in a more advanced state than it has been for some years.

Source: Bon-Accord, 17th August 1899

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