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AFC - Match Report
match report 1907-08 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Clyde 0 - 1 Aberdeen ABANDONED
    Match abandoned die to fog.
Kick Off:  2:20 PM         Simpson  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Shawfield Stadium, Glasgow
Aberdeen concluded their southern tour on Saturday, when they met the Clyde at Shawfield Park, Glasgow. The weather was altogether unsuitable for football. A thick fog hung over the district, while the pitch was frost bound. After consultation, the officials agreed to go on with the much. At 2:20 the teams lined up as follows:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Colman, Hume; Halkett, McIntosh, Low; Muir, Simpson, Murray, Macdonald, Lennie.
Clyde: Mason; Gilligan, Watson; Robertson, Morrison, Williamson; McCartney, Andrews, walker, Hall, Murray. Referee - Mr. Philip, Dunfermline.

Aberdeen won the toss, and Walker kicked off for the Clyde. The start favoured the visitors, who were soon in the vicinity of the Clyde goal. Lennie was in early prominent with clever run on the left wing, and finished with a cross to the right. Muir caught up the pass, and tried a Mason with a drooping shot, which was cleared. McIntosh made a second attempt to beat the Clyde goalkeeper, but the centre half shot over the bar. The players had to exercise great caution on the hard, treacherous ground, but Aberdeen nevertheless played good football. There was little sting in their shooting, however, but this was largely due to the difficulty experienced by the players in keeping their feet near goal. Mason cleared finely after Watson and Gilligan had been beaten. The ball rebounded off Murray following upon a faulty clearance by the left back, and the Aberdeen centre rushed straight ahead, but the Clyde goalkeeper came out and just managed to clear near the six yards line. The home team were on the defensive for fully 15 minutes, any attempt to break away being checked by the Aberdeen half-backs, while Colman and Hume were very reliable. Good football, however, was well nigh impossible as the game progressed, for the players - the Aberdeen men in particular - were afraid to risk themselves on the hard ground. Gradually the Pittodrie teams slackened their efforts, and for a time play was carried on in midfield. Mistakes were frequent on both sides, but the players could not be blamed under the circumstances. Ultimately the Clyde had more of the game. Murray, outside left, got the better of Colman, and sent in a fast low shot, which Macfarlane cleared, while the next minute the left winger struck the post with a hard drive. Good work by Halkett and McIntosh enabled Lennie to get away on the left wing, and soon Clyde goal was in danger. Murray caught up Lennie's cross, but the centre forward was offside when he got the ball. Another effort on the part of Lennie almost brought a goal to Aberdeen, but Watson crossed over to Gilligan's assistance, and cleared near the goal line. So far there had been comparatively little in the game to raise any enthusiasm amongst the spectators. Three shots from the Clyde half-backs were finely cleared by Macfarlane. First Morrison sent in a hard, straight drive, which the goalkeeper saved with some difficulty. Williamson next had a try, and Macfarlane once more rows to the occasion. Morrison caught the rebound, and sent in perhaps the best shot of the day, Macfarlane clearing in the nick of time. Aberdeen had a turn of pressing at the other end, Halkett and Lennie both having shots at goal. There was no scoring, however, up to half-time.

The players did not leave the field at the end of the first 45 minutes. The game had not been long in progress after the restart when it became evident that full time would not be played. The fog got worse, and it was with difficulty that the movements of the players could be followed from one end of the field to the other. The Clyde altered the team after half-time. Morrison, centre half, and Walker, centre forward, exchanging places. Simpson was conspicuous for fine work on behalf of Aberdeen, Mason clearing a smart drive by the inside right. Clyde made progress on the left wing, Murray leading the forwards in a combined rush to wards the Aberdeen goal. Strong punting by Colman brought the play near Mason, and a hard shot from Lennie struck Watson on the chest. At this stage the light became very bad, and it was practically impossible to distinguish the players on the opposite side of the field. Simpson was frequently in evidence on the Aberdeen right wing, and a neat pass down the centre by the inside right was picked up by Murray, who got past the backs, but just when about to shoot for goal he was harassed by Watson, and the chance was lost. A minute later Simpson got on the ball near the penalty line, and shot hard and true for the corner of the net. Mason failed to reach the ball, and Aberdeen were a goal up. The Clyde came away strongly in the centre, but were met by a solid defence. Latterly the field was completely enveloped in the fore, and 15 minutes from time the referee stopped the game, Aberdeen leading at the time by 1 goal to 0. The visiting team played the better football, and had the much well in hand when the game was stopped.

The gate realised 38 15s.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 6th January 1908

N.B. The match was ordered to be replayed on 25th April.

Between sundry calls and finding our way in the fog we managed to eke our way till Saturday, when we had our doubts as to whether the game a Shawfield would he played. It was started, but we were convinced that unless the fog lifted there was no possibility of the game being finished. This proved to be the case, as some 14 minutes from time, the referee called a halt, and more than likely the game will have to be replayed. What play there was showed Aberdeen in spanking form, and but for some excellent work by the Clyde's defence several goals ought to have accrued. Towards the close of the first forty-five Clyde bucked up a bit but what was played of the second portion saw Aberdeen all over them, Simpson scoring from short range. It was apparent that the visiting side were the conquerors, the points being theirs but for the unfortunate interference of the fog.

Source: Bon-Accord, 9th January 1908

Clyde Teamsheet:  Mason; Gilligan, Watson; Robertson, Morrison, Williamson; McCartney, Andrews, walker, Hall, Murray


Aberdeen ABANDONED Teamsheet:  Macfarlane; Colman, Hume; Halkett, McIntosh, Low; Muir, Simpson, Murray, Macdonald, Lennie


Referee: Mr. Philip, Dunfermline

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