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AFC - Match Report
match report 1907-08 fixture list
East Scotland League 
Aberdeen 1 - 1 Falkirk
Kick Off:    McDonald.       Morrison  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
East of Scotland League match at Aberdeen. There was only a modest attendance at Pittodrie last night to witness this game. Changes were made in both teams. Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie, McIntosh, and Low being absent from the home side, and Simpson from the visitors'. Aberdeen had some splendid tries for goal at the start. Falkirk acting on the defensive. After thirty minutes? play, however, Mutch gave away a very soft goal, the home side being one down at the interval. Aberdeen pressed most of the second half, Thomson saving well. Simpson equalised. Result :- Aberdeen, one; Falkirk, one. Gate 15

Source: The Scotsman, 30th April 1908

The Pittodrie last night before 3000 spectators. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Halkett, Wilson, Robertson; Macdonald, Muir, Simpson, Mckinley, Thompson.
Falkirk: Thompson; Leishman, Gibson; Folley, Donaldson, Macmillan; Morrison, Scott, Maine, Mitchell, Taylor.
Referee - Mr. Bell, Dundee.

Aberdeen won the toss, and kicked off towards the King Street end. Play at the outset was fast, and each goalkeeper was tested in turn. Thomson on the left was proving a success, and he had a brilliant run, but his pass was sent wide. Wilson was conspicuous at centre-half, and he and Halkett had Scott on a string in some fine passing. From a clearance by Colman, Simpson passed to McKinley, who shot wide when well placed. Aberdeen were back the attack, and Macdonald forced a corner. Mitchell and Taylor were combining well on the Falkirk left, but Halkett and Colman kept them well in hand. Morrison got the ball near midfield, and, outwitting Robertson and Hume, but Falkirk one up, beating Mutch with a fast grounder. Falkirk kept up the pressure, and Mutch's goal had a narrow escape with the keeper out. Falkirk were proving the superior side. Colman worked the ball well forward and gave to Thompson, but his shot was palpably off. Muir had decidedly hard lines in not equalizing when his shots struck the bar. Thomson was missing many favourable opportunities for the homesters by hanging too long on the ball. Macdonald were showing some of his old form, and a square cross of his went for naught. Aberdeen were now having the upper hand, and Muir's dribbling was a feature.

Aberdeen's right was prominent at the resumption, but Falkirk were soon down on Mutch. Taylor had a beautiful centre, and the ball bobbed about in front of Mutch, but was ultimately sent behind. Thomson forced a corner, but Halkett sent behind. Aberdeen at this time had much the best of play, but the forwards were inclined to hang too long on the ball. Muir sent in a good shot, which Thompson dropped in clearing, but Donaldson averted danger. Play was for a time uninteresting, Phil Wilson tried a long shot, which Thomson saved at the expense of a corner. The Aberdeen left-winger was being starved of the ball this half, McKinley evidently having forgotten he had a partner. Colman, from long range, had a great shot, which skimmed the bar. Thomson, when favourably placed, got a low pass from McKinley, but he let the ball on out. Macdonald was showing his paces on the right, but his centres went for nothing, none of the forwards being able to shoot straight. Thomson tipped a fast grounder from Wilson round the post. Macdonald had a slanting run and centred well, but Thompson ran out and cleared. Aberdeen scored through Macdonald in a scrimmage in the last minute, amidst great enthusiasm. The game, in which Aberdeen had for the most part the upper hand, ended - Aberdeen, 1; Falkirk, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 30th April 1908

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Mutch, Colman, Hume, Halkett, Wilson, Robertson, McDonald, Muir, Simpson, McKinlay, Thomson.

Unused Subs:


Falkirk Teamsheet:  Thompson; Leishman, Gibson; Folley, Donaldson, Macmillan; Morrison, Scott, Maine, Mitchell, Taylor


Referee: Mr. Bell, Dundee

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