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AFC - Match Report
match report 1930-31 fixture list
Aberdeen 2 - 2 Leicester City
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   McDermid, Stewart.       Hine 20, Lochhead.  
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Leicester City at Pittodrie. CLEVER DISPLAY IN
There was entertaining fare at Pittodrie, where Aberdeen and Leicester City shared a draw of two goals each. The ground had been cleared of snow, and, although the pitch was greasy, the teams served up a bright display. Fought in fine sporting spirit, which befitted a "friendly," the game did not lack in the competitive element, neither team sparing itself.
By far the best football came from the visitors, who exploited a brilliant attack, and blended the typically Scottish and English styles of play in an admirable manner.

Good Goalkeeping.

On the run of play the visitors should have won decisively, and that they had to be content with a draw was largely due to the brilliant goalkeeping of Smith. Throughout the game, and especially in the second half, the Aberdeen goalkeeper effected many excellent saves, and throughout the afternoon was the busiest man on the field.
Despite this, the finishing of the visitors was not up the standard of their outfield play. They shot often, and with great power, but while credit must not be withheld from Smith, it must be said that many of the shots went straight to him.
Aberdeen's attack was Jerky and did not combine so well, or move so fast, as the visitors', but Love and McDermid, and occasionally McLean, executed numerous clever movements.

Recruits on View.

Stewart, the centre-forward recruit from St Johnstone, did not get many opportunities to shine, but showed considerable promise, and Dryden, the outside-left trialist from Durham, created an excellent impression, especially in the first half, when he sent over many inviting centres, one of which brought a goal.
Black was easily the best of the home halfbacks, McLaren never being prominent, and Hill could not cope with the international wing opposed to him.
At right back Cooper showed he had completely recovered from his injury, and if Jackson was none too successful, it has to remembered that Hill gave him little assistance.
Smith in goal greatly distinguished himself. He allowed the greasy ball to slip out of his grasp when at full length attempting to avert the first goal, but saved many fierce shots that were worthy of counts. The Aberdeen goalkeeper got an ovation all to himself at the close.

Brilliant Combine.

There was nothing in the game to compare with the brilliant combination of Adcock and Hine on the visitors' right, and Lochhead's swerves were bewildering to the home defenders. Wiggins was a dashing leader, and Barry showed class at outside left.
Heywood and Ritchie were outstanding at half-back, and at full back internationalist Osborne played magnificently against Aberdeen's stronger wing.

Leicester's Lead.

The game was twenty minutes old when Leicester took the lead. Hine heading through from a centre by Adcock. A second goal followed for the visitors, Lochhead netting with a fine shot from twenty yards.
Two goals down, Aberdeen rallied, and after Beby had failed to hold a centre by Dryden, McDermid rushed in and netted. Leicester had the better of the exchanges subsequently, but Aberdeen's raids, if less frequent, were always dangerous, and it was their due when, after Beby had knocked out a great shot by McDermid, Stewart netted from ten yards out.

Disappointing Crowd.

It was a most interesting second half, in which the City attacked for the greater part, and Smith had to deal with all manner of shots.
In retaliatory raids, Love and McDermid frequently troubled the visitors' defence, and Beby too had several good but on the balance of play the City ought to have won.
The attendance of 6000 was rather disappointing, and somewhat poor reward for the Aberdeen Club's enterprise in staging the game.

Source: Press & Journal, 16th March 1931

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith, Cooper, Jackson, Black, McLaren, Hill, Love, McDermid, Stewart, McLean, Dryden.

Unused Subs:


Leicester City Teamsheet:  Jack Beby, Adam Black, Reg Osborne, Bill Findlay, Roger Heywood, George Ritchie, Hugh Adcock, Ernie Hine, Joe Wiggins, Arthur Lochhead, Len Barry.


Referee: W.G.Holborn (Glasgow).

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