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AFC - Match Report
match report 1907-08 fixture list
Scottish Second XI Cup 
Aberdeen 2 - 2 Dundee A
Kick Off:  4:00 PM   Wilson, Toman.       Jackson, Neal  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Aberdeen A engaged Dundee A in the first round of the 2nd XI Scottish cup at Pittodrie on Saturday afternoon. There was a large attendance when the teams lined up as follows:-

Aberdeen A: Mutch; Hannah, Hay; Morgan, JJ Simpson, Robertson; R. Simpson, Mckinley, Wilson, Ritchie, Toman.
Dundee A:Bernard; Dorward, Kennedy; Neal, Ramsay, Marnie, McLeish, McDonald, Currie, Philip, Jackson.
Referee -Mr. McLeod, Cowlairs.

The home team won the toss, and Currie kicked off two wards the King Street end. The opening exchanges were all in favour of the visitors, but there finishing was faulty, and Mutch was not troubled to any extent. A spasmodic rush eastwards by Aberdeen came to nothing, and play once more hovered in the home territory. Currie accepted a pass from Philip, and tested Mutch with a low drive, but the custodian cleared confidently. Dundee maintained the pressure, and the tactics adopted by Hay to keep them out were none too commendable. On one occasion the left back fouled McLeish in dangerous proximity to the penalty line, but nothing resulted from the free kick. Aberdeen soon found their bearings, I and, led by Wilson, the whole front rank bore down on Bernard. The home centre got into a fine position to shoot, but he was badly fouled. Robertson took the kick, and in attempting to get the ball out of danger Macdonald handled within the penalty area. R. Simpson was entrusted with a penalty, but he shot straight into Bernard's hands, and from the rebound sent the ball wildly over the bar. Wilson was being rather roughly used by the opposing defence, and time and again he was tripped when on likely runs. 10 minutes from the interval Aberdeen secured their first goal. Morgan passed the ball to Wilson, who from a very difficult position banged it home without a moment's hesitation. Toman increased the Aberdeen lead three minutes after, from a corner kick accurately placed by Simpson. The home team continued to have the best of matters, but there was no further scoring till the interval.

The second half opened quietly in a deluge of rain. Bernard was shaky, and a long drooping shot by JJ Simpson very nearly increased Aberdeen's lead. The game had grown very uninteresting, and was altogether devoid of incident. The movements of the players were lethargic. A hard drive for goal by Wilson served to relieve the monotony somewhat, and Jackson at the other end still further enlivened matters by breaking away. Outstripping Hay, he caused Mutch to save lying at full length on the ground. The weather cleared, and with its clearance came a welcome improvement in the play. Dundee infused more energy into the game, and their efforts were rewarded soon after, Jackson reducing the leeway by scoring during a scrimmage. The point acted as an incentive to both teams, to and the game drew most exciting. 5 minutes from the close Neal equalized with a splendid shot from far out. From that time till the finish Dundee's goal was in a continual state of siege. Simpson forced a corner, and placed well into the goalmouth. Mckinley headed the ball into the net, but the corner had to be kicked over again for a previous infringement, I and, the point was lost. Aberdeen were granted another corner immediately after, but nothing resulted, and the game ended -Aberdeen A, 2; Dundee A, 2.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 9th September 1907


Fine Game by the A Team.

No one could say he didn't get value for his money at Pittodrie on Saturday. It was one of the best games served up this season; full of interest from start to finish. Dundee com-menced in promising fashion, and but for reliable defence work by Hannah and Mutch success might have attained their purpose. It took the local, lads ten minutes to settle down, R. Simpson and McKinley initiating a promising run which ended in Wilson shooting hard to Bernard. A series of fouls and off-sides marred progress, till Ramsay handled inside the penalty, and the kick was taken by R. Simpson, who drove hard at Bernard, and on the rebound the right winger shot high over the bar. Aberdeen A had now found their bearings, and, crowding on all sail, forced the Dundee defence to concede corner after corner. Twenty-five minutes from start, Morgan sent along a nice ball, which Wilson fastened on to and shot with his left foot right into the net, outwith Bernard's reach. Dundee lost their hold after this, Bernard being the only man to stand up. From a perfect corner kick by R. Simpson Toman netted a second time.
With a two goals' lead the home side kept up a hot siege on Bernard, who had some really very smart saving to do. Well on in the second half, when it seemed settled Aberdeen were to win, Morgan let away Dundee's left, who shot from the touch line, and beat Mutch all the way. The goalkeeper ought to have saved the equaliser. Aberdeen pressed after this, and two minutes from time scored a third goal from a corner, but for some unaccountable reason the referee ordered the kick to be retaken, and then sounded time. A vain protest was made against this decision, without success, so that the tie will have .to be replayed at Dens Park on Saturday.

The Players. Though Hannah appeared in the ranks of the A team against Wanderers, he was not a fully-fledged member till Friday, when he agreed to sign for Aberdeen. He signalised his first appearance by playing a sterling game throughout. Mutch was brilliant in the first half, but ought to have saved the second goal, Morgan being at fault so far as the first one was concerned. There was little to choose in the middle line between " J. J." and "Gowie"; both played superbly. The right wing was the strongest and most effective. Wilson was a glutton for work, and raised the plaudits of the crowd by his unselfishness. Toman was weak in the first half, but brightened up in the second, while Ritchie only emerged now and again from the melee. Bernard was Dundee's saviour. The backs were good and bad by turns, while Ramsay was the most prominent middleman. The left wing were strongest but the whole forward line compared unfavourably with the home lot.

Chatty Bits.

Aberdeen A players are still discussing that goal that was disallowed, and, like the referee, they cannot come to a satisfac-tory solution of the difficulty.
They are very strong on this point, that, if time was up, the referee had no right to order the corner kick to be retaken.
Mr. McLeod was just a trifle lenient with the tactics of their opponents, and in our opinion was not a success in some of his decisions.
What we like about the A team is, they are always confident that they are going to win, and do their best to get there.
The same spirit should prevail in the first team and they would be more successful.
Hannah established himself as a favourite with the A team on Saturday by his resolute footwork. He will require a spell on spikes to make him smarter at recovery.
Lawrie was an absentee last Saturday, and we are informed that illness kept him out of the team and from training all last week.
The suspension on Wilfred Low expires on Saturday week. Many will welcome the herculean half-back into the fold again. He has been training hard this past week to be fit to start at once.

Source: Bon-Accord, 12th September 1907

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Mutch, Hannah, Hay, Morgan, Simpson, Robertson, Simpson, McKinlay, Wilson, Ritchie, Toman.

Unused Subs:


Dundee A Teamsheet:  Bernard; Dorward, Kennedy; Neal, Ramsay, Marnie, McLeish, McDonald, Currie, Philip, Jackson


Referee: Mr William McLeod, Cowlairs

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