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AFC - Match Report
match report 1907-08 fixture list
Northern League 
Aberdeen 2 - 1 Forfar Athletic ABANDONED
    Game stopped for darkness.
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   McKinley, Simpson       Cowie  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
At Pittodrie on Saturday afternoon, before a large attendance. Teams:-

Aberdeen A: Mutch; Hannah, Brebner; Davidson, Simpson, Morgan; Muir, McKinley, Thomson, Ritchie, Robertson.
Forfar Athletic: Orr; Harvey, Stewart; Gowans, Janes, Bruce; Robertson, Docherty, Langlands, Cowie, Troup.
Referee - Mr. McArthur, Stirling.

Thomson kicked off, and Aberdeen bore down on Orr in a body, Ritchie causing the custodian to handle within the first minute of the game. Maintaining the pressure, the Aberdeen team gave the visitors' defence plenty to do, and once Bruce, in attempting to clear, very nearly opened the scoring against his own side by miskicking. Forfar soon found their footing, however, and Mutch had to save several tries from the right wing. At the other end a pass from Thompson let Ritchie away, and inside left finished up a grand run but a terrific drive, which was brilliantly saved by Orr at the expense of a corner. Ritchie was unfortunate in not scoring a short time afterwards, another grand try of his striking the Barr and going over. The game was very equal, each goal being visited in turn. A pass from Troup gave Cowie an opportunity, and inside man banged into goal. Mutch seemed to have saved easily, but the ball was greasy, and it slipped through his hands into the net. An another try by Langlands very nearly added to the visitors' score shortly after, Mutch clearing none too confidently. Morgan was not proving capable of holding Robertson and Docherty, and he was repeatedly missing his kick. From a pass by Thompson, Mckinley brought Orr to his knees with a fast grounder. A few minutes from the interval the same player scored with a magnificent goal, the ball going past Orr like a flash.

The game had hardly been resumed ere Aberdeen took the lead. The homesters were granted a foul near the touch line, and Davidson took the kick. He passed the ball to Simpson, who was lying on watched, and the half-back easily scored. Darkness was fast settling down, and it soon became evident that the much could not be played to an end. Troup got away on the left, and crossed into the centre. Langlands secured, and shot hard, but Mutch, though harassed by three opponents, brought off a find safe. After consulting both teams, Mr. Macarthur stopped the game 25 minutes from time owing to the bad light.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 11th November, 1907


Darkness Prevents a Finish.

The League Committee will be asked to decide whether a replay will be necessary in the game between Aberdeen A and Forfar Athletic on Saturday. In view of the dull weather the home players were in readiness to take the field before the advertised time, but the train by which the two contingents of Forfar players travelled were late, so that instead of starting at three o'clock, it was fully ten minutes after that ere the last of the visitors took the field. The pitch was sodden, while the ball soon became heavy and difficult to manipulate. Play did not rise to a high level at any time, there being far too much long kicking. Anything in the way of combination was seen amongst the home players, who had several chances which they failed to pick up before Cowie scored for Forfar. It was left to Dave McKinlay to equalise, and he gave no chance when the opportunity came. Crossing over level, Aberdeen took the game in hand, and were not long in taking the lead. Davidson placed a free kick correctly, which J. J. Simpson snapped up, and had the ball in the net in a trice. Aberdeen were always dangerous so long as the game lasted, but the mist came down so thick that referee Macarthur called a halt with the score standing 2-1 in Aberdeen's favour. It will be hard lines on Aberdeen if there is to be a re-play, as it was through no fault of theirs that the game was late in starting. Curiously, the players had no sooner reached the Pavilion than the mist lifted a bit, and the game might have been finished. We have seen a game played in worse light.

Source: Bon-Accord, 14th November 1907

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Mutch; Hannah, Brebner; Davidson, Simpson, Morgan; Muir, McKinley, Thomson, Ritchie, Robertson

Forfar Athletic ABANDONED Teamsheet:  Orr; Harvey, Stewart; Gowans, Janes, Bruce; Robertson, Docherty, Langlands, Cowie, Troup


Referee: Mr. W. McArthur, Stirling

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