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AFC - Match Report
match report 1910-11 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 3 - 2 Heart of Midlothian
Kick Off:    Travers, Murray, McIntosh.       Melrose, Wilson  
Attendance: 8,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Fully 7000 spectators were at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, for this League game, and these were treated to a fast, exciting match, the issue of which was in doubt till the last minute. The Hearts had a new centres, in Melrose, a Coldstream player, who had been trained by Newcastle United. Within six minutes of the start he profited by a faulty save by King to score the first goal, but in a subsequent Hearts aggression he failed at a header from a good square by Sinclair. The game ran on fact lines after this, and Travers scored the equaliser for Aberdeen, and Murray put them ahead. Between these, Melrose missed badly from a pass by Harker, while close on the interval Walker shot over. Half-time:- Aberdeen, two goals; Hearts, one. The greater part of the second half saw Aberdeen attacking and the Hearts defending. Soye missed badly once when McPhillips slipped, but outside of this the defence was able for its work, Collins especially doing well. The last fifteen minutes found the Hearts in great form, and Aberdeen were hemmed in, but held out splendidly, till Wilson put a drooping ball over the heads of the players and scored. Hardly had the ball been centred than Aberdeen rushed down, and a soft shot by McIntosh dribbled between McPhillips' legs, while he was watching the oncoming Murray. The Hearts fought desperately to the close, and forced a corner, but could not again draw level. Result:- Aberdeen, three goals; Hearts, two.

Source: The Scotsman, 7th November 1910

The last 3 minutes of the Scottish League match between Aberdeen and Hearts at Pittodrie on Saturday were more exciting to the 8000 spectators than all the rest of the game put together. At the beginning of that period Aberdeen held a 2-1 lead, the Hearts equalised, and they had no sooner done so than a blunder by the visitors' custodian allowed Aberdeen to take the lead, this being followed by an indescribable scene of enthusiasm. It was one of the most exciting finishes ever seen at Pittodrie, and meant that Aberdeen retained their record of not having lost at home. The teams were:-

Aberdeen: King; Colman, Hume; Wilson, Wyllie, Robertson; Soye, McIntosh, Murray, Travers, Lennie.
Hearts: McPhillips; Collins, Graham; McLaren, Wilson, Nellies; Sinclair, Walker, Melrose, Harker, Brown.
Referee - Mr. J. B. Stark, Airdrie.

Winning the toss, Aberdeen played eastwards with the sun and a slight breeze in their favour. Hearts right were prominent at the start, but good tackling and feeding by Robertson saw Aberdeen's left force a corner, and McPhillips had to fist out a header from Wyllie. The visitors' left retaliated with a combined movement which commenced a period of sustained pressure on the home goal. Walker, dribbling grandly, seemed set for scoring when Wilson stepped in. Soye brought relief with a good run and centre, which Lennie sent into McPhillips's hands. Resuming the aggressive, the Hearts repulsed all the efforts of the homesters to shake them off, and good work by Sinclair led to them taking the lead. King misfielded a cross from the winger, and, before he could recover, Melrose had scored. After this the home defence seemed to waver, and for a time it was all odds on the Hearts increasing their lead, especially with walker this playing all his old-time dribbling powers.
Another cross from Sinclair looked like being crowned with success, but Melrose misheaded, and then in a rally Aberdeen equalised through Travers as a result of good work by McIntosh. King was not too sound in the home goal, and several times he showed a nervousness in dealing with simple shots which caused much surprise to the spectators. Robertson relieved the Hearts' pressure by testing McPhillips with a long drive. Aberdeen began to get the better grip of the game. Lennie emulated walker in the art of dribbling, and some good passages were witnessed as a result of the combination of the home of left wing. Soye, too, along with his partner, never lost an opportunity of making ground, but the Hearts' defence was stout and sure. A break-away by Brown and Harker saw Melrose spoon the latter's pass high above an open goal. As the result of Lennie's superb dribbling, Aberdeen took the lead, and it was fortunate for them but they did so at this time, for afterwards the attack was well mastered. Working into the centre, Lennie sent out to Soye, who gave to McIntosh. The ball ultimately going to Murray, the centre scored with a shot similar to that of Travers'. At times after this there was good play on both sides, and the goalkeepers were frequently tested. In the closing stages of the half Aberdeen forced a series of corners, but the Hearts' defence held out.

On the restart, Soye early took the eye with smart dribbling work, and cutting into the centre, he tested McPhillipss with a shot which the keeper was fortunate to clear. Hearts were dangerous through Harker, but Colman relieved, and then allowed Lennie to get away. The latter crossed in front of goal to Soye, his effort 20 inches wide. Aberdeen attacked vigorously after this, but could make little of the hearts defence, who, combining strength with science, easily held the locals in check. Twice in succession Collins was fortunate to block shots by McIntosh and Murray, but apart from this the home forwards were well held. Each side had corners in turn, and as the game progressed the result into a defensive duel, neither centre forwards the Allard far in. Both sides at times short some combination, but this was often upset by the amount of big kicking which obtained. Brown and Sinclair, the Hearts wingers, were often dangerous, but, like those of the Aberdeen wingers, their crosses were usually intercepted by the opposition. As time wore on, Hearts made strenuous endeavours to equalise, and a long shot from Brown which King fell upon to save almost counted, but Wyllie cleared amidst a crowd of the opponents. Four minutes from time in a desperate rally Wilson equalized for Hearts from a corner, and then ensued a most extraordinary incident in which the Hearts goalkeeper was the central figure. The ball was centred, and McIntosh, working well down, had a long-distance try, which had almost spent itself before reaching McPhillips. The custodian stepped out to gather the slowly-moving ball, but he unaccountably missed the sphere, which rolled slowly into the net. Hearts' medal last frantic effort to equalise, a secured a corner in the closing seconds, but Aberdeen retained the lead thus luckily got, Hearts being unfortunate to lose.

The Oakbank Industrial School Boys' Band was in attendance, and discoursed music previous to the start of the match. A collection was taken in aid of the distressed affected by the shipyard lock-out.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 7th November 1910

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  King, Colman, Hume, Wilson, Wyllie, Robertson, Soye, McIntosh, Murray, Travers, Lennie.

Unused Subs:


Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet:  McPhillips; Collins, Graham; McLaren, Wilson, Nellies; Sinclair, Walker, Melrose, Harker, Brown


Referee: Mr. J. B. Stark, Airdrie

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