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match report 1889-90 fixture list
Orion 2 - 5 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Jopp, ?       Morrison, Campbell, Morrison, Wallace, Wallace  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
This fixture was played at Central Park on Saturday in presence of a very large crowd of spectators. Orion won the spin of the coin, and played downhill, but with a strong cross breeze against them. Victoria were early pressing, giving Orion a goal kick and taking three corners within the first five minutes. Diack fisted out one place kick in the nick of time. Orion got away by their centre and right wing, and kept the ball at the low end of the field for a time; but the Vics were not to be denied, and drew first blood by their right wing. In helping the ball through, Morrison was kicked in the stomach and had to leave the field for a time. Five minutes later Jopp equalised for Orion. An exciting piece of play next occurred in front of Orion goal, Diack finally holding, and being knocked through just after throwing the ball clear. From a free kick for a foul above by McGregor, Orion goal had a narrow escape. The Vics were awarded another free kick for Ewan tripping Morrison. The ball came in front of the posts. Orion claimed a foul which was not granted, and with a straight drive D. Campbell gave the Vics the lead. For the remainder of the half play was mostly in the United ground, although both goals were visited, and once or twice almost successfully at both ends, but nothing further was scored.
On restarting, the Vics soon made the advantage of the ground evident, and by a pass from the left, Morrison scored the third for his side amid excitement. Orion spurted uphill for a time, but the Victoria right wingers, Wallace and Leggat, who were playing by far the best combined game of any forwards on the field, again led the way, and Wallace scored a fourth goal. After the kick-off, F. Whitehead was checked by the referee, Mr J. N. Melville for jumping at a player, and Whitehead replying in, what Mr Melville considered an impertinent manner, was by him ordered off the field. Whitehead refused to go, and the referee's decision appeared to be disputed by several of the Orion players. Among the crowd there were very many whose language and behaviour had been too pronouncedly partisan, and this came to a height in a disgraceful manner, the crowd breaking into the field of play from all sides and surrounding the referee and players. Play was stopped for fully ten minutes, but Mr Melville held firmly to his decision, and Whitehead left the field. In the time that remained to play Wallace kicked a fifth goal. After this the Vics took matters easily, and play was mostly in favour of Orion, who succeeded, with their ten men, in adding one point to their score. The Victoria retired winners by 5 goals to 2.
Orion were without Fyfe and Gloag, and their places were taken by Bain and by Mitchell, a Carlton player. Orion were weak forward. In other respects the teams were well matched. Victoria's forwards won them the game. In Wallace and Leggat they have an exceptionally speedy and clever pair, who pass well to each other. Fouls were rather frequent against Orion. Feeling ran so high among the crowd that after the unfortunate incident with Whitehead disputants were in some instances with difficulty restrained from coming to blows.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th February 1890

Played on the grounds of the latter at Kittybrewster before a good attendance of spectators. The Orion were not fully represented, Macgregor played centre half, Mitchell (a Carlton player) inside right, McBain centre, and Andrews outside left, while on the other hand the Victoria United were strengthened by another Abercorn player, Wallace, and Bowman, centre forwards of the defunct Rangers. The "Vics." losing the toss, had to play uphill, but immediately after the kick off they were giving Diack some work, and ten minutes after the start Leggatt beat Diack. Morrison was kicked and had to leave the field for about five minutes. Shortly after the Orion equalised, Jopp doing the needful. The " Vics." determining to score again, gave Diack plenty of work, and before half-time one of the "Vics." sent in a lightning shot, putting them one ahead. The Orion generally play better up than down, but on Saturday this was not the case.

The "Vics" began the second portion well, Morrison putting his team two ahead, and shortly after Wallace scored. They did not deserve this goal, as the ball was about 2 feet out of play, and the Orion wanting a throw-in mostly stood up and allowed them to score. The piece of white linen that was in a person's hand who was walking up and down the touch line went up when the goal was scored, but not when the ball was in touch. Play was now stopped for about a quarter of an hour through F. Whitehead having jumped upon an opponent named Bain. The referee cautioned Whitehead, who replied that he would play as he liked, thereupon the referee, Mr. J. Melville, appealed to the captain to put him off the field. During the dispute the crowd broke is and surrounded the referee and players. After the field was cleared and the game was started each added one point to their score. Result: Victoria United 5; Orion 2.

Source: Northern Figaro, 22nd February 1890

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Referee: Mr J. N. Melville

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