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On This Day: 18 May

2020: Because of the ongoing lockdown in Scotland due to the Covid19 pandemic, the board of the SPFL made a decision to cancel all outstanding fixtures in the Premiership. Having postponed matches on the 13th of March it was determined that, although unsatisfactory, there was no realistic chance of completing the 2019-2020 League season. The League table at that date would stand as the outcome of the season.


1967: During a Lads Club Benefit match against Arbroath, Davy Johnston scores four goals out of Aberdeen's seven whilst Paddy Wilson, Jim Smith and Jim Storrie tucked away the others with no reply.

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 After his marvellous performances, it is not surprising that the appearance of T. S. Battersby, Wigan, at the gala of the Aberdeen Amateurs' Swimming Club, which takes place in the Corporation Baths to-night, should be attracting more than ordinary attention. Mr Battersby, who does not lack the traditional modesty of most champions, was interviewed yesterday by a "Journal" representative, and gave a resume of his performances. Unlike others, he did not take to the water "just after he was able to walk", and was not until about six years ago that he began seriously to swim in the Wigan Baths. He had shaped well at some local galas, and his success prompted him to enter for the 400 metres race at Antwerp in 1906. In this he swam second, and, considering that several of the best swimmers in the world were competing, his was no mean performance. Returning home, he determined to enter for the English championships in the same year, and his success paved the way for greater achievements. He was third in the 500 yards, and third in the half-mile English championship, and second in the Northern Counties 1000 yards championship.

 In 1907 he did not contest any of the championships, but contented himself with playing polo for Wigan - who in that year were runners-up in the English polo championship - and the exercise he thus received while playing the tireless position of half-back afforded him the admirable training which had a big say in his quarter-mile triumph in the succeeding year, when he covered the distance in the remarkable time of 5 mins. 26 2-5 secs. To him 1908 proved a year of successes, for with the truly great time of 3 mins. 31 2-5 secs, he annexed the world's 300 yards championship, and followed this up with the honour which is the aim of all champions - the world's mile championship. Not only did he win the championship, but his time of 24 min. 1 2-5 secs created a reoord which looks like standing. In the same year he was one of the swimmers who represented England at the Olympic Games, where he swam second in the 400 metres race, and, after a memorable tussle, was beaten by a yard by Henry Taylor in the 1500 metres race. It is Mr Battersbys intention to compete in all the championships from 220 yards to a mile this year. To-night, he will swim under handicap in the quarter mile race in which the best local men will be competing. He will have his feet tied together, while his opponents have their limbs free. He will also take part in a two-lengths race. 

ABERDEEN'S SWIMMING FACILITIES. Continuing the conversation, Mr Battersby spoke highly of the pond at the Corporation Baths, where he had a trial swim in the morning. When he was informed that the pond was the only public one in Aberdeen, Mr Battersby's opinion in no way differed from that of the enthusiastic swimmers in the city, who consider that the facilities afforded to them are all too limited. On being told of the plight of the ladies, whose use of the pond is restricted one day per week, Mr Battersby was strongly of the opinion that they ought to agitate for a separate establishment for themselves, the expense of which would be easily justified in a city the size of Aberdeen. Learning that a movement was on foot to have an open-air pond constructed in the city, the champion expressed some surprise, as he considered that with the ideal beach at their command the lot of Aberdeen swimmers could not be improved in that respect, but that the addition of another closed-in establishment would prove a boon. 

Asked his opinion as to why Scotland does not produce such fast swimmers as England, the champion considered that the explanation lay in the difference of stroke and method of learning. The majority of Scottish swimmers, he pointed out, commence with the breast stroke, which in no way makes for speed, and the slow movement of the limbs tends to bring the swimmers to adopt a timed movement, from which unconsciously they seldom vary when adopting other strokes. The "dog crawl" is, in his opinion, the stroke for beginners, its movement is more natural, while it has a strong relationship to all the other strokes. The favourite stroke in the north of England is the "trudgeon," and which in itself makes for speed, its effect has been accentuated by the adoption of a peculiar movement of the legs, which has been styled the "Lancashire kick."

Source : The Aberdeen Daily Journal Wednesday May 18th, 1910



Sir, - I see in the report of the Town Council meeting that Councillor Reilley said "it would reflection on his loyalty should he not close his premises for the whole day on the occasion of the late King's funeral." I, and many more, beg to think differently. It has been argued that, although the closing order is a mandate from the Throne, we in this free country may observe it or not as we think fit. Let those who argue thus go over to Germany and try the same game, and they will soon find themselves before their superiors on a charge of "lese-majeste." Are we to be less loyal because under a less rigorous rule? It's a true proverb that "the turning of straw indicates how the wind blows." The turning of the straw in this case will be the proof whether avarice or loyalty has the stronger hold on the individual. My recommendation is that every shop, large or small, be closed for the entire day, and so make the day, as far as we can, a day of mourning for the late King. I am, etc., A Shopkeeper.

Sir, - Will you allow me as a business man and loyal citizen to lodge my protest against the absurd arrangement suspending all business on Friday? What was good enough the funeral day of our late Queen should be sufficient on Friday. A suspension of all business for two or three hours would have been willingly and loyally observed by all sections of the community. But the dislocation of railway and postal facilities will mean serious inconvenience to business men, and will only tend to create irritation throughout the country. If there are no goods trains to run and only the service of passenger trains announced in the "Journal" this morning, a great many people will be deprived of their morning letters and newspapers, and correspondence coming to the city will be delayed, causing great inconvenience. l am satisfied that our late King would have been the last to sanction such an arrangement, which in many cases means that the public is being punished and forced into what not needed. - I am, etc., Commercial. May 17.

Sir, - Seeing that Friday is the day of the late King's funeral, may I suggest that all workshops be closed only from 1 to 3 p.m.? This, I think, is quite long enough for a working man to lose his wages, as I am quite sure there no chance of the employers "stumping-up" for their workmen being off all day. I am, etc., Another.

Source : The Aberdeen Daily Journal Wednesday May 18th, 1910

Born on this Day
1985 David Hutton Goalkeeper Age: 36
1944 Ernie Winchester Centre Forward  
1920 Tommy Bogan Inside Right  
1983 Lee Miller Forward Age: 38
1982 Jason Brown Goalkeeper Age: 39
Died on this Day
1994 Willie Cooper Right back  
2002 Willie Robb Left Half  
1998 Ian Stewart Inside Left  
Aberdeen Results on 18 May
Year Result Competition Venue Att.
2013 Aberdeen 1-1 Heart of Midlothian SPL Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen Click here to watch the Highlights of Aberdeen v Heart of Midlothian now on RedTV (Subscription Required) 10,465
1967 Aberdeen 7-0 Arbroath Friendly Woodside, Aberdeen
1946 Clyde 4-2 Aberdeen Victory Cup R3 Shawfield Stadium, Glasgow 16,000
1940 Hibernian 2-0 Aberdeen Regional League East Easter Road, Edinburgh 6,000
1924 Dresden 1-3 Aberdeen Friendly
1924 Aberdeen 1-3 Bolton Wanderers Friendly
1907 Aberdeen 0-1 Aberdeen A Fleming Charity Shield F Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen 1,900
1901 Dundee A 3-0 Orion Northern League PO Dens Park, Dundee 4,000
1895 Victoria United 3-3 Raith Rovers Friendly Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
1895 Orion 4-5 Heart of Midlothian Friendly Cattofield, Aberdeen 3,000
1893 Victoria United 7-1 Orion Friendly Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen