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AFC - Match Report
match report 1919-20 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 1 - 1 Heart of Midlothian
Kick Off:    Connon 88.       Sinclair 85  
Attendance: 14,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Neither Aberdeen nor Heart of Midlothian could complain about dividing the points at Aberdeen. The local side started well, and the first half was well advanced before Hearts appeared to settle down. When they did Anderson had better marksmanship to deal with than Kane. With the wind amd occasional showers of rain behind them in the second period, the Hearts made the pace for a time, but the home defence put up a strenuous fight, and the forwards becoming more thrustful, the Edinburgh backs and Nellies, who was the best half on the field, had a lot to do. Five minutes from time Sincalir converted a cross from W. Wilson - these two were Hearts' best forwards - and with two minutes to go, Connon, the home centre, equalised with a well taken shot. About 13,000 spectators were at the match.

Source: The Scotsman, 19th January 1920

There was a strenuous game at Pittodrie, where 14,000 spectators saw Aberdeen and Heart of Midlothian divide the points, each side scoring once. Both goals were obtained in the closing stages, and there was a whirlwind finish. With 5 minutes to go, the Hearts' right wing broke off and Sinclair sent over to the left, W. Wilson smartly returning a ball that appeared to be going out of play, and Sinclair, running in, meant the ball to crash it into the net. Aberdeen made desperate efforts to equalise, and 2 minutes from the end following upon a corner, Wylie slipped the ball into the centre, and Connon, beating Mellis for possession, scored with a fast grounder.

In the first half Aberdeen were more frequently the aggressors, but they did not finish well, even if Kane, the visitors goalkeeper, accomplished clever work in goal. The home goal had two narrow escapes, once when Miller had the ball fisted to his foot, and on another occasion when the ball rolled harmlessly past an unattended goal. There were a goal-to-goal visitations in the earlier stages of the second half, but the Aberdeen, although at the disadvantage of a strong wind which developed during the interval, took a grip of the game, and for a time monopolised the attacking. The Hearts' goal had several narrow escapes from Wiley and Connon, but the play of the home forwards was marked by the same dilatoriness that characterised their work earlier, even if they were distinctly unfortunate on occasion. Aberdeen were best served by Coleman, Wright, MacLachlan, Wylie, Connon, and Archibald, and Hearts by Kane, J. Wilson, Nellie's, Birrell, and W. Wilson.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 19th January 1920

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Anderson, Colman, Hume, Wright, Robertson, MacLachlan, Wilson, Wylie, Connon, Hutton, Archibald.

Unused Subs:


Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet:  Kane; Crossman, J. Wilson; Preston, Nellies, Birrell; Sinclair, Gordon, Murtie, Miller, W. Wilson


Referee: J. Binnie, Falkirk

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