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AFC - Match Report
match report 1919-20 fixture list
Scottish Cup First Round 
Cowdenbeath 0 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:          Grant (OG) 60.  
Attendance: 6,300
Venue: Central Park, Cowdenbeath
COWDENBEATH'S UNLUCKY DAY Terminates in Ugly Scene. Aberdeen Qualify To Go Forward.
Cowdenbeath played in a clever fashion during the first half, when the wind and sun were against them. They attacked quite as much as Aberdeen, and two specially fine efforts were checked by Anderson after his backs had been beaten. The goal Aberdeen got came fifteen minutes after the interval, and it was rather hard on Cowdenbeath that one of their own backs should head into the net a pass that Grant made to centre. Cowdenbeath pressed with great energy towards the end, and in one attack an Aberdeen half-back handled within the penalty area. The cry went up for a free kick, and when one was wondering what the decision of the referee was to be a number of the spectators entered the field of play, and the game was stopped. It was thought that the time was not up, but the referee, who had to be escorted off the field, stated that the full 90 minutes had been played just before the handling took place.

Source: The Scotsman, 26th January 1920

Was it a penalty at Cowdenbeath? The large crowd at the Central Park were of opinion that it was, and when it was refused a few broke in, and the game was finished with Cowdenbeath losing by the only goal of the match. It was certainly Cowden's day of misfortune. They played a grand game against the wind and sun in the first half, and the fact that there was a draw of no scoring at the interval was a splendid reflection of their good defence and of the superiority of their play. In the second period they accepted the assistance of the wind and had more of the game than their opponents. They looked every minute as if they would open the scoring, when affairs took a drastic turn. The Aberdeen right wing broke away, and Grant sent in what seemed to be a pass. The ball went goalwards, and McKinlay set himself to effect an easy save. Farmer in the excitement tried to get his head on the ball and instead of saving he defeated M'Kinlay by heading into his own goal. From this misfortunate goal Cowdenbeath attacked warmly, but could not get the ball past Anderson. Aberdeen then put on a spurt, but not for long, for back came the locals and attacked so strongly a that draw seemed a likely result. Then an Aberdeen half handled the ball within the penalty area, and the referee refusing a penalty the crowd "set the heather on fire." The game was stopped, and with the assistance of the club officials, the police, and the players the referee was escorted to his dressing-room.
Cowden were very unfortunate, and have to retire from the competition after a game in which they had the better of the play and in which they were defeated by a goal scored by one of their own players. For their victory Aberdeen have to thank their defence, as they defied the many likely attempts by the local forwards. The backs played with coolness and proved masters of the offside game. Anderson, too, distinguished himself in the first period, especially when throwing discretion to the wind he threw himself at the ball as a player was in the act of shooting. It was touch and go. Their forwards never impressed as much as the local quintette. Archibald was apparently the " dangerous " man, for he was played to consistently, and yet he could not score, although his play was more likely than that of Grant, who sent in the shot that eventually scored. M'Kinlay had little to do yet he was defeated. His backs did well in front of him, with the exception of Farmer's mistake. Willie Birrell at centre half was the best half on the field. Of the forwards, the wings were fast but their raids were ineffective. Waugh opened out the play, giving Paterson and Philip good openings. Once Paterson got the ball in front of Anderson, and how ho managed to get the ball over the bar is mystery.

Source: Dundee Evening Telegraph, 26th January 1920

N.B. For some unknown reason the Aberdeen Daily Journal managed to miss out its report of this match.
Cowdenbeath Teamsheet:  McKinlay; Farmer, Cumming; Terris, Birrell, Tait; Lancaster, Waugh, Philip, Paterson, Ritchie


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Anderson, Colman, Hume, Wright, Robertson, MacLachlan, Grant, Wylie, Connon, Hutton, Archibald.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. R. Stevenson, Motherwell

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