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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup First Round 
Victoria United 2 - 1 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Ritchie, Henderson       W. Clark  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The Aberdeen and Victoria United faced each other at Victoria Bridge Grounds, Torry, in the first round of the Scottish Qualifying cup. Mr Hardy, Edinburgh, acted as referee, and the teams were as follows: Aberdeen - Smith; Davidson, Maconnachie; Henderson, J. Clark, Thomson; Gray, Milne, Mackie, Burnett, W. Clark. Victoria United - W. Allan; D. McNeill, A. Allan; J. Morris, J. Moffat, Thornton; Macpherson, Henderson, J. Carlin, Burnett, Ritchie. Play opened briskly, and the game continued fast and exciting throughout. The Blues were the first to score, but afterwards the Aberdeen had the play all their own way, and at half-time the game stood - United 1, Aberdeen 0. In the course of the first half Carlin got into an altercation with some of the opposing players, and having struck one of them, was ordered off the field. Notwithstanding the fact that they had the wind against them and were playing a man short, the United showed up splendidly in the second half and secured another goal. It was towards the close, however, before Aberdeen scored their first and only goal.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 13th September 1897

The Vics v. Aberdeen tie created no end of interest, and a large crowd turned out to witness the game. Both teams were at full strength, the whole of the Blues' new men taking the field. Twick Burnett considered himself fit, although the stitches are not out of his head yet. Aberdeen had out the same team that gave Lochee so severe a drubbing last week.

Carlin started with the wind, but against a very strong sun. Play was fast, and in about five minutes Ritchie notched the first point. Not long afterwards, Carlin and Clark (centre half) had a kicking bout, which ended in Carlin being ordered off the field. The Whites tried their hardest to get on equal terms, but wretched shooting and a strong defence kept the Vics' goal intact. Although playing a man short, the home team had decidedly the best of matters. McConnachie missed, and Henderson beat Smyth for a second time. Aberdeen redoubled their efforts, and Willie Clark beat Allan for the first time. During the last ten minutes, Aberdeen were continually round the home goal, but could not score again, and the game ended in Aberdeen's exit from the ties by 2 goal to 1.

Taking the game all over it was a hard one, but evidently through the various players being strange to one another, combination was little in evidence. Aberdeen have got together a very strong team, the defence being specially powerful. The forwards, however, lack shooting powers. Their play is all right in the open, but when nearing goal they seem to get lost. The Vics' new team was undoubtedly the centre of attraction. Allan in goal was coolness personified, and saved some rare shots, especially towards the end of the second half. He's a good 'un. Moffat showed the best form of the others, and is a decided catch. The forwards could scarcely be judged, seeing they were one short for the most of the game, but before long they should prove a formidable five.

Source: Bon-Accord, 16th September 1897

Short Kicks.

Over 70 was drawn at Torry on Saturday.
Aberdeen have a rare defence. A good forward or two would strengthen the team greatly. A Whites supporter suggests that a trial be given to the following front line - Gray, Milne, Clark, Mackie and Clark, letting in Joe Davidson centre half. Montrose seems to be the nursery for Aberdeen football. Four old Gable Endies took part in Saturday's game.
For the second week Vies had to finish with ten men. Carlin has been very lucky in getting off with a censure. The general opinion was that it would be at least a month. True, he did get some pretty hard usage before retaliating; but such conduct, for the good of football, must be put down. We trust he will profit by his lesson.
The Vics have Forfar Athletic at Torry on Saturday, and they will depend on the same team as turned out last week to secure the two points.
Some amusing remarks were heard about Allan on Saturday. "He's nae allooed to rin; they tak' five bob aff his wages if he daes," said one little chap. He does appear to be very slow; but when once the ball comes near him, there's a sudden brightening up.
Black reappeared in the Vies' front line, but the forward play was disjointed through the absence of Carlin.

Source: Bon-Accord, 16th September 1897

Victoria United Teamsheet:  W. Allan; D. McNeill, A. Allan; J. Morris, J. Moffat, Thornton; Macpherson, Henderson, J. Carlin, Burnett, Ritchie


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith; Davidson, Maconnachie; Henderson, J. Clark, Thomson; Gray, Milne, Mackie, Burnett, W. Clark


Referee: Mr. Hardy, Edinburgh

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