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AFC - Match Report
match report 1897-98 fixture list
Dundee 7 - 2 Orion
Kick Off:    Willocks, Blair, McArthur, Clark, Clark, Clark, Willocks       Webster, Wilson  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Carolina Port, Dundee
Played at Carolina Port, Dundee. Mr Spalding, Dundee, was referee, and the teams were: Orion: McBean; Ross, Scott; Gordon, Low, Currie; Webster, Grant, Thom, Wilson, Hogg. Dundee: Stewart; Longair, Burgess; Battles, Cairns, Keillor; McVean, Clark, McArthur, Willocks, Blair. The game from beginning to end was very one-sided and uninteresting, notwithstanding that the Dundee team was not fully represented. Shortly after the start the Orion, who won the toss, made a gallant attempt, but their left-winger kicked wildly, and soon afterwards a foul against Dundee gave them another chance. Failure, however, was the result. Another foul against Dundee was attended by a somewhat sensational result. The sphere was kicked well into goal. Keillor returned quickly, and Willocks, being characteristically on the alert, run down the line. Ross, the Orion back, made a mistake in not kicking hard enough, and Willocks, keeping up his sprint, got past and shot. McBean caught the ball and fisted out, but the Dundee forward was not to be denied, and, once more attacking, the ball found the net. On play resuming the Dundee men put in a lot of sorry work. The Orion defence, however, was not capable of great things, and, weak as was the attack it was kept busy for the greater part of the period. A second goal came Dundee's way in haphazard style; then Orion scored from the left, and a third point being notched to the credit of the homo combination, thee game at half time reached the interesting stage of 3-1 against the visitors. The second half presented no features of good football. At times the Aberdeen combination was remarkably fine, but at their best they manifested a remarkable slowness in taking advantage of their opportunities; while Dundee exerted themselves in such a half-hearted manner as to abstract practically all interest from the game. The final result was: Dundee 7, Orion 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 20th December 1897

On the invitation of Dundee, Orion journeyed south to play a friendly with the First League team. Dundee had some alterations in their usual eleven. Kelso and the great and only Hilman were absent, but capable substitutes were played. Orion played Gordon at half, instead of Dawson, who is at present on the injured list, otherwise the team was as usual. The visitors at the commencement treated the rather small crowd to a fine exhibition of combined play, and a corner was forced. A mistake by Hugh Ross let Willocks open the scoring. Shortly afterwards Blair added a second. A fine run by Hogg ended in Webster notching Orion's first point. Before half time McArthur secured a third for his side. Orion opened the second half strongly, and were not. long in getting a second goal, Wilson doing the needful. Hogg had the ball through a third time, but the point was disallowed. Clark scored three goals in rapid succession. Orion again pressed, but could not find an opening. Willocks added No. 7 for Dundee, and the game ended: Dundee 7, Orion 2.

Short Kicks. The score at Carolina does not anything like represent the play. Orion had a good share of the game, and with a little luck they should have scored oftener.
Few expected the Stripes to get so big a beating, in fact bets were going at Torry that the difference would not be three clear goals.
It is suggested by some that the invitation arose through a desire of the Dundee Executive to include one or two of the Stripes' front line in their team.
We are inclined to think Orion's team are too well pleased with their quarters here to take up their residence in " Bonnie Dundee."
Jim Thom for one has received tempting offers long before now, but to all of them has turned a deaf ear.

Source: Bon-Accord, 23rd December 1897

Dundee Teamsheet:  Stewart; Longair, Burgess; Battles, Cairns, Keillor; McVean, Clark, McArthur, Willocks, Blair


Orion Teamsheet:  McBean; Ross, Scott; Gordon, Low, Currie; Webster, Grant, Thom, Wilson, Hogg


Referee: Mr. Spalding, Dundee

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