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AFC - Match Report
match report 1898-99 fixture list
Victoria United 2 - 0 Orion
Kick Off:    Moir, Riley        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Those well-matched rivals, the Victoria United and Orion, met for the first time this season at the Victoria Bridge Grounds, Torry, last night, before a considerable crowd of spectators. Play was timed to begin at seven o'clock, but though, both teams appeared punctually, short time was played, and even at that the match was finished in, semi-darkness. The teams were as follows: Victoria United: Findlay; Kilgour, Thain; Russell, Anderson, Thomson; Begbie, Riley, Moir, Runcie, Ritchie. Orion: Watson; Ross, Scott; Merson, Low, Stopani; McPherson, Grant, Webster, Hogg, Creighton. Referee: Mr James Philip. The Vics won the toss, and the Orion kicked off. End-to-end play of a scraggy nature was the order of the day at the commencement, but presently the Blues got into their stride, and Ritchie was early prominent, The Vics continued to make headway, and Watson was called upon to save. Play still hovered in the visitors' quarters, until Hogg and McPherson, by some long passing, transferred. The defence of the Blues was sound, however, Kilgour especially kicking and tackling in his usual finished style. A free kick helped the Vics to raid the Orion quarters, but the ball went over. Securing it from the kick-out, the Vics burst away in a body, and the ball being crossed, from the right Moir made no mistake, and recorded the first goal of the match. Nettled at this reverse, the Orion attacked from the restart, but the home backs staved off at the expense of a corner, which was fruitless. Immediately after, a second corner was conceded by the Blues, which was also safely negotiated. The homesters made strenuous efforts to break through their opponents, but a free kick checked their onslaught, and the ball was eventually sent over the United's goal-line. The Orion held their opponents for a time, but they always failed at the critical moment. After a spell of midfield play, the Torry team resumed the aggressive, Ritchie being again prominent for clever tactics. The Orion retaliated through McPherson and Hogg, but failed to secure the major point. Play was now fast and furious, and both goals underwent some narrow escapes, a dropping shot from half-back being well cleared by Findlay. When the half-time whistle blew the score was: Victoria United 1, Orion 0.

On resuming, the Victoria United at once made tracks for the other end, and the game was not many minutes old when Ritchie capped a good piece of play by a convenient centre, which Riley drove past Watson. From the restart the Orion showed great anxiety to reduce the lead, but the play settled down in midfield for a time. Then Ritchie burst away, but the ball was kicked out in the nick of time. The Orion tried hard to score, but the defence was sound, and from a free kick close in the Blues pressed, and returned to the attack again and again. The United still continued to have the best of the game, but towards the close the growing darkness severely militated against good football. Neither side could score, and a fast and well-contested game ended: Victoria United 2, Orion 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 26th August 1898

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; Kilgour, Thain; Russell, Anderson, Thomson; Begbie, Riley, Moir, Runcie, Ritchie


Orion Teamsheet:  Watson; Ross, Scott; Merson, Low, Stopani; McPherson, Grant, Webster, Hogg, Creighton


Referee: Mr. James Philip, Aberdeen

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