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match report 1898-99 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup First Round 
Victoria United 1 - 3 The Aberdeen
    Replay of 10th September match following a protest
Kick Off:          Cameron, ?, Livingston  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Delightful weather again favoured the second encounter between the Victoria United and Aberdeen in the first round of the Scottish Qualifying Cup at Victoria Bridge Grounds, Torry, which was the result of the protect lodged by the Aberdeen with the Scottish football Association. On this account the interest in the match was doubled; and the crowd began to dribble in shortly after three o'clock. Despite the reverse of last week, which was attributed by many to Ritchie's nervousness in goal, it was confidently hoped that the Whites would be more fortunate this time, and with Dakers away and one or two uncertainties in the composition of the team, things were not too rosy for the United. The Aberdeen had two changes in their team, Joe Davidson taking Ritchie's place in goal, and Mackay, a 'Varsity man, partnering Shiach instead of David Gray. The ground was in good condition, if somewhat fast for accurate manoeuvring, and a stiff breeze also militated against the precision of the players. The teams lined up as follows: Aberdeen: Joe Davidson; John Davidson, McConnachie; Mackie, Henderson, and Thomson; Livingston, Cameron; Fullerton; Mackay, Shiach. Victoria United: Findlay; Kilgour, McKenzie; Russell, Anderson, Thomson; Stronach, Begbie, Moir, Runcie, Ritchie. Referee: Mr Trail, Clydebank, Glasgow.

Aberdeen won the toss, and the United kicked off towards the brickwork end. Play was fast, and both ends were visited with the greatest rapidity, the Aberdeen forwards shooting with more force than accuracy. The Whites were playing with a dash, determination, and persistence that boded ill for the United, whose attacks were only occasional and spasmodic. As the result of a number of see-saw passes on the right, several shots were sent in, and at length the ball was scraped leisurely past Ritchie by Cameron. Several further attempts at scoring were made, and at last the ball was bundled through, and the Whites stood two up. Half-time score: Aberdeen, 2; United, 0.

On the restart play was equal, but eventually the Blues forced their way to the other end. Their stay was brief, however, and the Whites were soon down in a body, and Livingston securing the ball from a tussle in the corner, beat Findlay with a well-directed slanting shot, and less than five minutes from the start the Whites had three goals to their credit. Play was now more forcible than scientific, but the Aberdeen were playing the better game, their combination being at times excellent, and their attacks had more sting than that of their opponents. The United were the more frequent offenders in regard to rough play, and the referee had several times to caution players. At last, amid deafening cheers, Davidson was defeated for the first time. Encouraged by their success, the Vics strained every nerve to further reduce their lead, and now completely held their opponents. Davidson was still in grand form, however, and cleared again and again from the prolonged attacks by the Blues. When the whistle bounded, the score stood Aberdeen, 3 ; Victoria United, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th September 1898

Aberdeen were far from satisfied with the result of the first game and the winning of their protest gave them another chance which they took full advantage of.
Some alterations were made in the teams. The Whites tried Joe Davidson in goal and Davie Gray was replaced by McKay of the 'Varsity who has played several times for them. On the Vics side Dakers and Riley were absentees, their places being taken by McKenzie and Stronach.
From the commencement play was very hard, Aberdeen being prominent for some good work. Both ends were repeatedly visited. Cameron had the first goal to his credit and the second came from a scrimmage. This put some life into the Vics, but the defence of the Whites prevailed.
On restarting Livingston banged through number three and the Vics hopes fell considerably. Play was of a decidedly robust nature and the referee had his work cut out for him. Some grand passages were witnessed. Joe Davidson played as if he had never been anything else but a goalkeeper, and saved at times in a miraculous manner.
About 10 minutes from time Vics managed to get a goal, Begbie scoring with an unsaveable shot. Notwithstanding the howls of the spectators, the Blues could not get another, and Aberdeen got into the second round by 3-1.
The winners were by far the better team, every one of them playing up splendidly, especially Joe in goal. Davie Gray had to be left out owing to some close season business. Riley of the Vics played a Dockers' League game also in the close season, so he was dropped out. McConnochie and John Davidson were in grand fettle. The halves were all good. Forward, Mackay and Cameron were the pick. The former played much better with Shiach than any partner the little man has ever had, while Cameron fed Livingston, most unselfishly and did some good individual work.
On the Vics side there was only one or two who did anything worthy of notice. Findlay could not in any way be blamed for the three goals, which were got by grand play. "Lachie" Thomson was easily the best half, and forward Moir was most prominent.
On Saturday first Aberdeen meet Orion in the second round at Central Park, and if the Whites are in the same form there should be a grand game.

Source: Bon-Accord, 22nd September 1898

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; Kilgour, McKenzie; Russell, Anderson, Thomson; Stronach, Begbie, Moir, Runcie, Ritchie


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Joe Davidson; John Davidson, McConnachie; Mackie, Henderson, and Thomson; Livingston, Cameron; Fullerton; Mackay, Shiach


Referee: Mr. Trail, Clydebank

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