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AFC - Match Report
match report 1898-99 fixture list
Orion 5 - 6 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    McPherson, McPherson, Grant, Hogg, Webster       Mckay, Fullarton, Gray, Gray, Shiach, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
These teams me in what should have been a tie in the semi-final round of the Aberdeenshire cup competition; but, owing to the unsuitable conditions of the ground, due to the wet weather, it was decided to hold the fixture as a friendly match. The sides were as follows: Aberdeen: Ritchie; Davidson, McConnochie; Mackie, Henderson, Thomson; Livingstone, McKay, Fullarton, Gray, Shiach. Orion: Watson; Livingston, Ross; Currie, Low, Wilson; McPherson, Grant, Barron, Hogg, Webster. Referee: Mr Quarns, Glasgow. At the outset the Orion played with considerable dash, and within fifteen minutes scored four times through McPherson (twice), Grant, and Hogg. Then McKay got one for the Aberdeen, and Fullarton another. At half-time the score stood 4-2 in favour of the Orion, In the second period the Aberdeen played a spirited, resourceful game, and within a short time Gray took two goals, thus equalising the scores. Intense excitement now prevailed among the spectators, and this increased when Webster gave Orion the lead once more. Presently, however, Shiach again equalised, and, just before time was called, the Aberdeen secured the winning goal, the game ending in their favour by six to five.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 23rd January 1899

Mud ! mud ! mud ! Cattofield was in wretched condition; in fact there was scarcely a bit of it that could be called firm. The Aberdeen captain objected to it being a cup-tie. The referee said a tie at first, but, somehow or other, he changed his mind about half time.
Orion played down during the first half, and a sensational start was made. Four goals were banged through in about ten minutes. The Aberdeen backs made but feeble efforts to stop them. It was the right wing of Orion who were most dangerous. Grant and McPherson got on very well together. All the play was on this side of the field. Aberdeen are a team who serve up no end of surprises, and Saturday's play was one of them. With four goals down many teams would have collapsed, but it only seemed to put life into the Whites. A rush up the field by Shiach gave Mackay a chance which he accepted. Fullerton did likewise soon afterwards, and the game became more interesting. There is no accounting for the ways of the average referee. It surely would have been a simple matter to decide whether or not it was to be a cup-tie, but his mind was evidently like the weather - changeable. One standite at half-time relieved his feelings, and finished up with, "Sevenpence for a bloomin' friendly is too thick."

The Whites, with the field in their favour, got every encouragement from their supporters to play up. Gray banged through two in quick succession, and the excitement rose. Up the field rushed Orion, and a grand shot by Wilson again gave them the lead. Shiach equalised for the Whites, and in the last seconds of the game Fullerton got the leading goal for Aberdeen, the game ending Aberdeen, 6 ; Orion, 5.

The last goal should never have been awarded. The ball was fisted in the goal mouth. Saturday's referee was anything but a success. No end of fouls were allowed to pass unnoticed, but lots of things he did seemed to be stamped with the word "novice" in large letters. To sum up the game there is very little between the two teams. Orion's backs were head and shoulders above the Whites' two, but there the superiority ends. Davidson and McConnachie did not support Ritchie well and were easily beaten. They lay too close in and obstructed Ritchie's runs very often. Whatever made Orion change their front line at half-time? It was working well in the opening period, but fell away towards the finish. The replay should produce a grand tussle. We have now seen the two pitted against one another, and the ultimate result is more uncertain than ever. Do Aberdeen wish now they had not objected to the ground.

Source: Bon-Accord, 26th January 1899

Orion Teamsheet:  Watson; Livingston, Ross; Currie, Low, Wilson; McPherson, Grant, Barron, Hogg, Webster


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; Davidson, McConnochie; Mackie, Henderson, Thomson; Livingstone, McKay, Fullarton, Gray, Shiach


Referee: Mr. Quarns, Glasgow

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