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match report 1898-99 fixture list
Rhodesia Cup 
The Aberdeen 5 - 4 Orion
Kick Off:    Fullerton, Fullerton, Gray, Cameron       Barron, Kane, Ritchie (o.g.), Grant, Barron  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
With the defeat of the Aberdeen by the Victoria United last week, the Central Park men ought to have succumbed easily to the Orion in the Rhodesia Cup-tie, but when it was taken into account that the Aberdeen played a weakened team on that occasion, and that football is a game of surprises, there was sufficient interest aroused by the hopes of a stiff struggle. The Aberdeen team, however, were not at full strength, there being several absentees. The weather conditions were not of the beat. There was a considerable wind, and when the players made their appearance a perfect blizzard was blowing. The teams were as follows: Aberdeen: Ritchie; McConnochie, C. Grant; Mackie, Ritchie, Thomson; McIntosh, Cameron, Fullerton, Gray, Shiach. Orion: Watson; Ross, Livingstone; Currie, Low, Wilson; Hogg, Kane, Barron, Grant, McPherson. Referee: Mr Fleming, Glasgow.


Aberdeen won the toss; and played downhill with the strong wind at their back. Barron kicked off for the Stripes. The initial tussle took place in midfield, but gradually the Whites forged ahead, and Fullerton sent in a long, straight shot, which Livingston promptly returned. A moment later Watson got a warm handful from the inside left of the home team. Fullerton (twice), Gray, and Cameron each scored for the Aberdeen in the first half, and Barron and Kane for the Orion, the Aberdeen leading by 4-goals to 2 when ends were changed.

An exciting game was witnessed in the second half, the Orion?now with the wind and incline in their favour, getting goal after goal and eventually winning by 5 to 4. Ritchie (by mistake), Grant, and Barron got the goals for Orion in this period.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 20th March 1899

Is not the perpetual meeting of local clubs being overdone? One week it is Aberdeen v. Orion, then on the following Saturday by way of a change we have an Orion v. Aberdeen fixture. Now, this is all very well in its way, but the public look for something better. The fixture of Saturday undoubtedly suffered from the defeat of Aberdeen at Torry the previous week, and along with others we looked for an easy win for Orion, but once more the glorious uncertainty had a word to say, and though Orion deservedly should have lost, yet they won. There is no gainsaying the fact that Aberdeen were the superior team in the first act, and for that matter in the second. Bad luck, combined with bad generalship, cost them goals, converting what would have been (to them) a glorious victory into a humiliating defeat. The Whites played a strong game all through, their substitutes, though not up to the mark of the men whom they replaced, doing creditable work. Unfortunately Davie Gray got injured and had to retire. For Orion, Watson was good, and Ross and Livingstone fairly smart. The forwards were handicapped by a weak centre, but if rumour be not lying once again, we are to see a new face in this position shortly.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 23rd March 1899

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; McConnochie, C. Grant; Mackie, Ritchie, Thomson; McIntosh, Cameron, Fullerton, Gray, Shiach


Orion Teamsheet:  Watson; Ross, Livingstone; Currie, Low, Wilson; Hogg, Kane, Barron, Grant, McPherson


Referee: Mr. Fleming, Glasgow

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