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match report 1899-00 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup 
Orion 1 - 1 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Hogg       Burnett  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
These teams met in the cup competition at Cattofield. The weather was bitterly cold, and several showers of rain fell in the course of the game. There was a large turnout of spectators present when the teams lined up as follows: Orion: Watson; Ross, Livingstone; Connell, Craigmyle, Currie; Barron, Grant, McKernan, Kane, Hogg. Victoria United: Findlay; Thain, Marshall; Dundas, Craig, Thomson; McHardy, Stronach, Burnett, Taylor, Ritchie. Orion won the toss, and the United kicked off down the hill with a strong wind in their favour. They attacked strongly, but the Orion defence prevailed. The Blues still kept up the pressure, but the strong wind blowing would not admit of accurate shooting. At last the ball was got away, and a fine run by Hogg ended in the leather going behind. Once more the Blues took up the running, and rushed the ball down towards Watson, but luck was against the United, who had several times hard lines in not scoring. After a spell of midfield play, the Stripes got up and forced two corners in rapid succession, both of which proved fruitless. Still the battle raged from end to end, and half-time arrived without any scoring having taken place.

On play being resumed, matters did not look very rosy for the United, who had now to play up¬hill, and against a strong wind. The Orion were the first to become aggressive, a swift shot by Kane just missing. Still the Stripes kept up the pressure, and from a pass by McKernan, Hogg, with an open goal before him, shot into Findlay's hands. He was clearly off-sides at the time, however. Within a few minutes Hogg again got down and beat Findlay close in with a swift shot, amidst great enthusiasm. Nettled at this reverse, the United strove hard to equalise. Success at last attended their efforts. From a run down the right wing McHardy crossed beautifully to Burnett, who banged the ball into the net. Once more on equal footing, both sides strove hard for the mastery. A fierce struggle, which continued for a few minutes, took place around the Orion's goal, but the defence prevailed, the backs clearing in fine style. By good passing tactics the Stripes got down, and compelled Findlay to use his hands. Shot after shot was sent in, but the goalkeeper kept his charge intact. The United now took up the running, and several times looked dangerous. No further scoring took place, however, and a keenly contested game ended in a draw.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 25th September 1899

Despite the one-sided nature of the game on the previous week, a large crowd turned up at Cattofield to witness the struggle between the Orion and Vics in the second round of the qualifying cup ties. The ranks of the Stripes underwent another re-arrangement, bat, with one exception, the Blues turned out the same team that did so well in the preceding match. The strong wind that prevailed greatly interfered with the play, which was of the kick and rush order.
The Vics had the incline and wind in their favour during the first half, but failed to take advantage, and the interval found them still pointless. Orion supporters were now confident that their pets would win, and it certainly looked very like it, as Hogg succeeded in scoring a few minutes after the restart. The Vics, however, had something to say in the matter, and the forwards getting away with one of their characteristic rushes, Burnett equalised. There was no further scoring, and the game ended 1-1.

Findlay for the Vics kept goal in his usual masterly fashion. The backs were also very safe, but we think the Orion had slightly the pull in this department. The halfs played a fine bustling game, and kept the Stripes' forwards well in hand. The forwards had any amount of dash, but were sadly lacking in combination. They will need to try and keep cool heads. Had they been less rash in the goal mouth during the first half they would have scored. "Twick" Burnett was the best forward on the field. Some of his individual efforts were grand.
The Orion were an improved team from the previous week, especially in the half-back line. Watson was all right in goal, but might have saved the shot which beat him. Ross and Livingstone played a fine defensive game during the first half. There seemed to be little understanding among the forwards, but it could scarcely be otherwise considering the number of times they have been re-arranged. Hogg and Grant were easily the best. McKernan and Kane were far too slow.
The re-play will take place at Torry on Saturday, and should prove a rousing game.

Source: Bon-Accord, 28th September 1899

Orion Teamsheet:  Watson; Ross, Livingstone; Connell, Craigmyle, Currie; Barron, Grant, McKernan, Kane, Hogg


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; Thain, Marshall; Dundas, Craig, Thomson; McHardy, Stronach, Burnett, Taylor, Ritchie



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