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match report 1899-00 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup 
Orion 3 - 5 Arbroath
Kick Off:    ?, Hogg, Livingstone (pen)       Leuchars, ?, Brown, Connell, Connell  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Played at Cattofield, Aberdeen, in presence of a large number of spectators, including a good many who arrived from Arbroath by special train. Arbroath won by 5 goals to 3. Orion protested on account of the darkness towards the close of the game.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th November 1899

This was the principal game in Aberdeen, and it was witnessed by a large turnout of spectators. The teams were as follows: Orion: Douglas; Strang, Ross; Currie, Livingstone, Craig: McKernan, Grant, Stewart, Flynn, Hogg. Arbroath: Ritchie; Carrie, Clark; McGlashan, Cargill, Brown; Connell. Middleton, Brown, Sinclair, Leuchars. Mr Fotheringrham, Inverness, was referee. Orion opened the game in spirited fashion, and with a quick rush drew first blood. A moment later, however, they were on the defensive, and failed to check an equally vigorous onslaught which Leuchars completed by heading through. Once more the round team began to press, the ball being brought down smartly to Hogg, who slipped in a second goal for his side. Before half-time Orion had secured a third as the result of a penalty, the scorer being Livingstone.

During the remaining half the strangers made strenuous efforts to turn the tide of the game, and in this, by hard work, they were successful. There was no further scoring on the part of the ground eleven, but Arbroath added other four goals to their total, and won by two up. The third goal for the visitors was got by Brown, and the fourth and fifth by Connell. During the last fifteen minutes darkness had suddenly settled down, and Orion lodged a protest on this account, the referee having refused to stop the game before time.

Source: Dundee Courier, 6th November 1899

Arbroath were more than a match for Orion at Cattofield. At the outset they let the ground team get pretty much their own way, but the "Red Lichties" then settled down to business in grim fashion, and during the second half completely changed the character of the game. At half-time the result was 3 to 1 in favour of Orion, but at the close this had been altered to 5 to 3 in favour of Arbroath.
The ground team decidedly felt the want of their outside right, McPherson, who has been on the sick list of late. It was hoped that this player would have been able to nut in an appearance, bat, unfortunately for his side, he was unable to turn out. One saw frequent opportunities during the game which McPherson would have turned to good account, and, without doubt. his absence was a source of weakness to the Orion.
Darkness was settling down during the last of the game, and a consultation took place as to whether play should go on to the full time. Orion were clearly getting the worst of it, and, anxious to avert a bigger defeat, were in favour of stopping. On the referee deciding that the game should proceed, they declared their intention of lodging a protest.

Source: Dundee Courier, 6th November 1899

For the second year in succession the Arbroath have relieved Orion from any further anxiety regarding the destination of the Qualifying Cap. Although not very sanguine of the Orion's ability to win, still, we hoped they would be able to rise to the occasion, and delight their supporters by once again appearing in the semi-final. The exhibition they gave, however, was on a par with their previous performances this season, and in con¬sequence they are now mourning a 5-3 defeat. With the incline and wind in their favour during the first half they made a very fair show, and aided by a penalty kick, from which they scored, were leading at the interval by 3-1. On re-starting, it became apparent that there was to be only one team in it, and that the Arbroath. They simply ran through the Orion defence, and did not stop scoring until they had placed other four goals to their credit. If there was any part of the Orion team to blame for their downfall it was undoubtedly the half-back line. Their play was woefully weak, and altogether inadequate to cope with the rushing tactics of the Arbroath forwards. All unbiased persons who witnessed the game must admit that in every department the Arbroath were a far superior team to the Orion and thoroughly deserved their victory. They are now the only representatives of the Northern League left in the competition, and on present form seem good enough to reach the final, and it is to be hoped win the cup.

Taking the Orion individually, Douglas, in goal, could not be blamed for the score against him, as in the second half, at least, he was but weakly supported, and besides, some of the shots that beat him were of the unsaveable order. Ross was the better back, but has often played a stronger game. Strang was good and bad by turns. If he would kick the ball as far along the field as he does up in the air his play would increase in value accordingly. Craig was the best of a poor half-back line. Livingstone went blundering on from start to finish, and once again gave ample proof that he is not a centre-half. Carrie seems to be a spent force. McPherson was expected to turn out for the first time this season, but at the last moment he decided not to strip. His place was taken by McKernan, who was by no means a success. He was slow and far too easily robbed of the ball. Grant took up his old position at inside right, and con¬sidering the support he got from his partner, played a very effective game. Stewart made a successful first appearance at centre, but was just inclined to hang a little too long on the ball. Flynn and Hogg went in for too much close passing. It was all right to look at, but did not pay against a defence like Arbroath's.

An Arbroath Opinion of the Game.

Mr Richard David, whose photo we reproduce, has favoured us with the following notes on the Arbroath and Orion cup tie:
"If I may be allowed to say so I think the Arbroath were the better team of the two, on Satur¬day's play, at least. In the first half, although play¬ing against both wind and incline, we had as much of the game as our opponents, although they did lead by 3 goals to 1. It was rather unfortunate that one of our backs gave the finishing touch to the Orion's first 2 goals, and that the other one was scored from a penalty. I think the most of the spectators were surprised when they saw a penalty granted, as really it was no penalty. It struck Carrie, our back, on the knee and rebounded into the goalkeeper's hands. That was the case. Had the referee given the decision of a goal for Ritchie being over the line when he caught the ball, I would have excused the referee under the circumstances. Although down 2 goals at the interval we were very hopeful of a win, and the way our forwards manipulated the ball left us opportunity for a look in on the part of the Orion defenders. I consider we have done a good thing in beating Orion to the tune of 5 to 3, as it is always a stiff match on Cattofield with Orion and Arbroath. As last year, we now enter the semi-final of the cup, and, given a little luck in the ballot, we should have a good chance in reaching the final; and, let us hope, be the first team to bring the Qualifying Cup i to the North. Speaking before the draw to-morrow night, I may say we are hopeful of avoiding meeting the Raith Rovers; and should we both reach the final, that is the the best match we i can get. I would fancy Dundee would be the venue, and then for a bumper gate?one of the main concerns of a football team. Of course, in taking this view of the game, and praising 3 Arbroath's merits, we cannot overlook the fact that Orion have been most unfortunate with their players this year."

Source: Bon-Accord, 9th November 1899

Orion Teamsheet:  Douglas; Strang, Ross; Currie, Livingstone, Craig: McKernan, Grant, Stewart, Flynn, Hogg


Arbroath Teamsheet:  Ritchie; Carrie, Clark; McGlashan, Cargill, Brown; Connell. Middleton, Brown, Sinclair, Leuchars


Referee: Mr. Fotheringham, Inverness

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