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match report 1900-01 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup Replay 
The Aberdeen 0 - 2 Victoria United
Kick Off:          Webster, Burnett  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The replay match in the Qualifying Cup ties between Aberdeen and the Victoria United teams took place at Pittodrie Park before a large turnout of spectators. The first half was fairly evenly contested, both goals being visited in rapid succession. Webster opened the scoring with a difficult shot, which Bisset failed to clear, and the first half ended: Victoria United one goal, Aberdeen nil.

At the outset of the second half play was exceedingly rough and the referee had t want several of the players. Just before time Burnett added a second goal for the United.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 19th September 1900

At the second time of playing the Vics have asserted their right to meet the Orion in the second round of the Qualifying Gup. After the display given by both teams the previous week he would have been a rash man who would have predicted a win for either club on Saturday. The Aberdeen, inasmuch as they were playing on their own pitch were looked upon as favourites. At the previous match it was my good fortune to be in a crowd of Aberdeen supporters, and truth to tell, I enjoyed their company most immensely. They were a diverting lot and kept the spirits of the spectators in their immediate neighbourhood from drooping. They guaranteed that the Whites would play a better game at Pittodrie than at Central Park, and I believed them. They had a poor opinion of the Central Park pitch, which they condemned in terms rather strong for publication. Why they should have done so I cannot comprehend, for if my memory serves me right, that same ground came in handy a season or two ago for a club that has now its home at Pittodrie. But this by the way. Both teams were practically the same as last week, though I was glad see that Sangster had got a rest, I was agreeably surprised at the go the Aberdeen men showed at the start, and equally enamoured with the grand defence the Vics showed and the still more brilliant play of their forwards about the same time. How Bisset managed to keep his charge clear I don't know, and for that matter I question if that player knows himself how he did it. But manage he did, and the Vics had to go empty away. Shiach put the Aberdeen in a good position by a nice bit of play, but the Vics were soon at Bisset again. This good play was not to be denied and it had its reward, a shot by Webster eluded the vigilance of Bisset, and found a rest in a corner of the net. The Vics right up to the finish of the first-half were easily the Aberdeen's master, and on their play ought to have had at least other two goals.

I enjoyed the second half immensely. It was begun at a scorching pace and with slight breaks kept up all through. Here again the Vics were masters, and if they did imitate the rough play, in justice to them it must be admitted they found apt pupils in the Aberdeen. In my opinion the referee dealt far too leniently with both sides as regards rough play, and he would have been acting quite up to his power had he on one occasion sent a player from each side to the dressing rooms. The Aberdeen forwards made great effort to draw level, but their attempts seemed only the more to bring out the fine play of Findlay. Kilgour, and Thain. These three really won the game for their side. Their defence was at all times good, and they excelled themselves when they were in a tight corner. Burnet had the credit for the Vics' second goal, which put his team two up, and gave them the undoubted right on the day's play of entry into the second round. The Aberdeen team were most disappointing, their forwards seldom managing to grasp their position; and until a radical change takes place in this department of the Aberdeen team, they will experience many such defeats as Saturday's one.

Source: Bon-Accord, 20th September 1900

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