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match report 1900-01 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup 
The Aberdeen 2 - 3 Orion
Kick Off:    Shiach, ?       Prophet, Livingston,?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The Aberdeen and Orion teams met at Pittodrie Park in the semi-final of the Aberdeenshire Cup. The weather though dry, was cold, and there was only a fair turnout of spectator. Orion were with out three of their usual players. The teams were:- Aberdeen: Bisset; Douglas, J. Mackie; Sangster, Thomson, Harrison; R. Mackay, Davidson, C. Mackie, Fullerton, Shiach. Orion: Ritchie; Thomson, Ross; Wright, Willox, Craig; Prophet, Livingston, Barron, Gremner, Ritchie. Mr. Nisbet, Edinburgh, was referee.

Orion won the toss and Aberdeen kicked off towards the city. The Stripse had by far the best of the opening exchanges, and Bisset had to be continually on the alert. The shooting of the homesters were at times very erratic and several likely goals were lost. Once more the Orion forwards carried the ball down the field towards Bisset and from a scrimmage the sphere was got through. Orion now played with more confidence, and Bisset was tested time after time, but he was in splendid form. For a foul against Aberdeen Orion were allowed a free kick. Thomson sent the ball straight to the goalmouth, and it was smartly headed through.

On resuming, the Stripes at once assumed the aggressive. Barron, getting possession of the ball, went off in fine style, and after eluding all opposition, he beat Bisset, but a foul for a previous infringement nullified the point. Aberdeen now played with more dash and movement, and at last Shiach succeeded in sending the ball past Ritchie. Encouraged by the success, the homesters kept up the pressure and a few minutes later another point was secured by the Whites. Once more on equal foundations, both teams strove hard for the leading point, and, a short time before the close of the game, success attended the efforts of the Stripes, Bisset being beaten by a shot which he had no chance of saving.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 28th January 1901

Aberdeen and Orion are old and tried opponents, and a meeting of the local rivals is a sure draw. Pittodrie was frostbound, and the surface of the pitch looked dangerous, but quite playable. As it turned out, the going was hard from start to finish; there was not a dull moment, and, while individuals did not shine, the combined forces showed play much above the usual standard. It was a see-saw game, Orion having the pull in the first period, and vice versa later on. Aberdeen's defence was very unstable at the start, and even Bisset in goal seemed to be off colour. Mackie played far below par all through the half, and Prophet and Livingston, taking full advantage of the slackness, put in both goals from the wing.
There was a general brushing up all round after lemon time, and purposeless kicking gave way to accurate and judicious tactics, especially at goal. Orion managed to scrape through by a single goal, and, taking one consideration with another, they deserved their win, but the most bigoted Orionite must give the opposition credit for the splendid fight they made. Aberdeen is the home of goalkeepers - true, Ritchie is an Arbrothian - and two better exponents of the custodian's art one could hardly expect to see opposed to each another. Cool, Calculating custonmers they are, and both teams were capitally served between the posts. Thomson and Ross were the better pair of backs, but Douglas was not far behind. Willocks was the star at half for the winners, and Sangster and Harrison shone for Aberdeen.
It was the finely concerted play of the forwards that lent spice to the game, and though defeated the Aberdeen forwards, in our opinion, played even a dashier and more calculating game than the victorious five. Shiach and Mackay, the extreme wing men, are full of speed and resource, and fit for any company, while Fullerton put in a vast amount of useful work.
The best of the ten attacking men was undoubtedly Barron, the Orion centre - A player of great speed, a quality which he combines with judgement and tricky dribbling. That single-handed run which he indulged in towards the close of the game was the tit-bit of the afternoon, and though the goal did not count he deserves a high meed of praise for his pluck. Prophet inclines to individualism. Bremner and Ritchie play nicely together, but the latter must learn to curb his temper and bridle his tongue. Good play is invariably set to naught by frequent penalising for shady tactics. It was a good game, and well handled by Mr. Nisbet, the referee.

Source: Dundee Courier, 28th January 1901

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Bisset; Douglas, J. Mackie; Sangster, Thomson, Harrison; R. Mackay, Davidson, C. Mackie, Fullerton, Shiach


Orion Teamsheet:  Ritchie; Thomson, Ross; Wright, Willox, Craig; Prophet, Livingston, Barron, Gremner, Ritchie


Referee: Mr. Nisbet, Edinburgh

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