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match report 1900-01 fixture list
Fleming Charity Shield Final 
Orion 1 - 2 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Prophet       Kilgour, Duncan  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
The Orion and Victoria United teams met at Cattofield in the final for Lord Provost Fleming's charity shield. There was a large attendance, and Lord Provot Fleming was among the spectators. Teams:- Victoria United: Murray; Kilgour, Craig; Drummond, Stronach, A. Murray; Knowles, Duncan, Walker, Burnett, Ritchie. Orion: Ritchie; Thomson, Ross; Currie, Willox, Grant; Livingstone, Lindsay, Barron, Prophet, Thomson.

Orion won the toss, and immediately tried to get into close quarters, but the ball went out of play. The United, however, were the first to become really dangerous, and some exciting play too place in front of the Orion's custodian. End-to-end playfollowed, and the game became very fast. An element of rough play crept into the game, and not a few hard knocks were exchanged. In the midst of a scrimmage Burnett got hurt, and had o retire for a short time. Just before the close of the first half Livingstone crossed beautifully from the right, and Prophet, who was lying in a fine position, headed the ball past Murray onto the net.

The United started off in the second half in a very determined fashion, and Ritchie was several times called upon to use his hands. The Blues continued to have the best of the exchanges, but in their excitement to score they usually missed by yards. At last, success attended their efforts, Kilgour equalising with a lovely shot. Once more on an equal footing, both teams strove hard for the lead. As the result of some fine passing tactics on the part of United's forwards, Duncan placed his team one goal up. Orion now strove hard to equalise, but were unsuccessful. A keenly contested game ended ina popular win for the United.

At the close of the game, Lord Provost Fleming, who was inroduced by Mr. Melville, of thr Charity Committee, said he did not wish to detain them, but he woukld like to say one or two words in handing over to Captain Kilgour the shield which had been competed for that afternoon, for the first time. As they knew, he presented the cup last yearas he heard that the Charity Cup had got used up by the names of the clubs filling the whole of it, and something had to be done to replace it. [Applause.] As cups were so common, he thought that he would give them a shield. he got it especially designed for football, with symbolical designs and representations on the front of common scenes on the football field. He was sorry that through some misunderstanding last year the shield was not competed for, and in consequence charity suffered to a considerable extent. Tjis year eve the whole of the clubs had not competed, but that day he was glad to see so large a turnout, and charity would get a considerable amount of assistance. [Applause.] Next year he hoped all bad feeling would take an end - (hear, hear) - and that the whole of the clubs would compete. Indeed, he would almost say that unless that were done he would have to reconsider the matter of offering the shield for competition. [Applause.] It was possible that there was some truth in the statement that clubs were not so well off financially as they should be, and they perhaps grudged the gate money for a purpose of thid kind. If that were so, he had no objectionto the committee considering the whole question so that the gate money might be divided. (Cries of "No, no.") In whatever way it was settled, he hoped the whole of the clubs would compete, and that the competition would commence earlier in the year. He had nothing more to say, but from what he had seen of the game this afternoon, it was decidedly the best club, or rather players, that won. He was glad that the Victoria had been victorious, and he had much pleasure in handing over the shield to Captain Kilgour. (Loud applause.) On the motion of Councillor Glass, a hearty vote of thanks was awarded to the Lord Provost, who was also accorded three hearty cheers by the large assembly.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th May 1901

Orion Teamsheet:  Ritchie; Thomson, Ross; Currie, Willox, Grant; Livingstone, Lindsay, Barron, Prophet, Thomson


Victoria United Teamsheet:  Murray; Kilgour, Craig; Drummond, Stronach, A. Murray; Knowles, Duncan, Walker, Burnett, Ritchie



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