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match report 1901-02 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup 
Peterhead 1 - 1 Orion
Kick Off:    McBain       Campbell  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Park, Peterhead
These team met in the Recreation Park, Peterhead, on Saturday, and tried conclutions in the first round of the Scottish Qualifying Cup competition. There was a good attendance of spectators, and throughout the game was of the liveliest description. Peterhead lacked the services of their centre forward, Hall, but otherwise were well represented.

Peterhead kicked off with a strong breeze in their favour, and fastplay was the order of the day. The home team at once began to press, and some smart work on the part of Buchan and Imlah brought the ball towards the Orion's goal. McLeod got the ball and sent in a very fast shot. Ritchie just managed to save his charge. Still keeping up the pressure, Peterhead forced two corners in quick succession, but nothing resulted. After this the visitors had a look in, and in a few minutes the Peterhead was bombarded. Lawson, however, was equal to the occassion, and fisted the ball out in excellent style. Both goals were visited alternately, but play as they might neither team could score, although on several occasions the local players experienced very hard lines. On the call of half time neither team had scored.

On resuming, the Orion played with great energy, but the home forwards kept them well in check. At last a fine rush up from the right resulted in a Shand getting the ball. He cleverly passed to McBain, who, amid loud cheers scored the first goal of the match. Encouraged by this success the Peterhead played with great determination, and for a time gave their opponents a hot time of it. Several corners were forced, but nothing came of them. Towards the close the visitors assumed the aggressive, and made a determined effort to score. Campbell sent in a very swift shot, which Lawson failed to save, and this equalised matters. The Orion forwards again attacked, but their efforts were of no avail. A well-contested match ended in a draw - one goal each.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 9th September 1901

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