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match report 1899-00 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup First Round 
Victoria United 7 - 1 Fraserburgh Wanderers
Kick Off:    McHardy, Ritchie, Thom, Watson, Watson, Ritchie, Findlay       ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Country Cousins at Torry.
The Victoria United and the Fraserburgh Wanderers met in the first round of the AberdeenŽshire Cup at Victoria Bridge Grounds. Both clubs' colours being blue, the United donned striped jerseys. J. Thom, late of Orion, made his first appearance this season in the United team. There was a meagre attendance when the teams lined up as follows: Victoria United: Findlay; Thain, Marshall; John Ritchie, Stronach, Craig; McHardy, Watson, Thom, Taylor, Ritchie. Fraserburgh Wanderers: J. Noble; W. Thomas, J. Thomson; Paterson, Buchan, Gerrie; J. Massie, Young, A. Massie, Elliot, Noble. Referee: Mr A. B. Dorian. The United won the toss, and the Wanderers kicked off against a strong sun. The strangers at once assumed the aggressive, but were soon repulsed. The game was not many minutes begun when McHardy, from a fine run down the right wing, beat the Wanderers' custodian with a long shot. Several futile attempts to break away were made by the Fraserburgh forwards, but their passing was very weak. The United once more took up the running. McHardy crossed to Ritchie, who found the net with a "stinger." The Wanderers now had a look in, and Findlay for the first time was compelled to use his hands. By good passing tactics, the homesters carried the ball down the field, and Thom put his team three goals up. That player soon afterwards was kicked, and had to leave the field. Half-time score: Victoria United 3, Fraserburgh Wanderers 0.

On the game being resumed, Thom, who had now returned, changed places with Findlay at goal. Ritchie, on the left wing, who was playing an excellent game, crossed to Watson, who scored close in. Within a few minutes both these players were responsible for another goal, Watson doing the needful. The Wanderers now broke away, and got past Thom with an easy shot. The game now ruled almost continually around the Fraserburgh goal. Shot after shot was sent in, and Noble was kept very busy. Ritchie, however, got through the defence, and scored number six for the United. The most popular goal of the afternoon was got by Findlay, who was playing a splendid game at centre forward. From a scrimmage near the Wanderers' goal, and amidst great excitement, he banged the ball into the net. No further scoring took place, and a very one-sided game ended in favour of the Victoria United. Noble, however, was not altogether responsible for the large score against him, as he had no chance of saving the majority of the goals.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 16th October 1899

The couple of hundred spectators who turned up at Torry on Saturday were not treated to an exhilarating game. We cannot but admire the way in which, year after year, county clubs enter for the Association trophy only to be beaten in the first or second round. Thom played his first game this season for the Vics, but as the match was of such a one-sided nature comment on his play, as well as the others, would be out of place. He, however, had the misfortune to get a nasty kick, which necessitated his leaving the field for some time. On reappearing he kept goal, and it was during his custodianship that Fraserburgh scored. The strength of Fraserburgh can be gauged from the fact that Findlay, who played forward when Thom was in goal, had no difficulty in scoring. It will take a long time before county clubs can ever hope to be a match for their city brethren.

Source: Bon-Accord, 19th October 1899

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; Thain, Marshall; John Ritchie, Stronach, Craig; McHardy, Watson, Thom, Taylor, Ritchie


Fraserburgh Wanderers Teamsheet:  J. Noble; W. Thomas, J. Thomson; Paterson, Buchan, Gerrie; J. Massie, Young, A. Massie, Elliot, Noble


Referee: Mr. A. Dorian

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