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match report 1899-00 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup Final 
Victoria United 5 - 2 Peterhead
Kick Off:    Watson, McHardy, Dundas, McHardy, McHardy       Kemp, Thomson  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
The final tie in the contest to determine the custody of the Aberdeenshire Cup for the next twelve months took place on Saturday at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, the ground of the Aberdeen Football Club. The teams were: Peterhead: Allardyce; Reid, J. Smith; Gowie, Davidson, Gray; Shand, Hall, G. Smith, Kemp, Thomson. Victoria United: Findlay: Kilgour, Thain; Dundas, Stronach, Thomson; McHardy, R. Ritchie, Taylor, Watson, G. Ritchie. Mr McPherson, Cowlairs. was referee.
Kemp scored for the visitors and Thomson scored a second goal. The United then made a determined onslaught, and Watson scored, after Allardyce had saved several times. The first half ended with the score standing: Peterhead, 2; Victoria United, 1.

In the opening stages of the second period, McHardy equalised after an exciting scrimmage. Then a change came over the game. Dundas scored a third for the homesters, and McHardy a minute later took the fourth. In less than ten minutes he notched a fifth. The final result was: Victoria United, 5 goals; Peterhead, 2 goals.
The cup and badges were presented to the teams in the Waverley Hotel by Mr James Philip, president of the Aberdeenshire Football Association.
Whether it was the bad weather, or the fact that it was only Peterhead that were to oppose the Vics in the struggle for the county cup that accounted for the poor attendance at Pittodrie, we are not in a position to know. But this we do know that the attendance was most miserable. The two clubs contesting were not the pick of the county - at least one of them - for by no stretch of imagination could Peterhead be classed in the same company as the Vics.
The first half was a revelation to the spectators, except those who hailed from Peterhead, of whom there was a goodly company, every one being possessed of exceptionally strong lungs. The Peterhead went at it from the beginning, and had another goalkeeper than Findlay been doing duty they would have scored in the first five minutes. As it was, before the second half had gone far they were leading by 2-0. And they deserved it all, for they were playing a great game, and the Vics supporters began to look the colour of their club. Before half-time the Vics, somewhat luckily, got a goal, Watson putting the leather through.

For a short time after the beginning of the second half the Peterhead had the best of the play. But it was for a short time only. Smarting under the "showing up" that Peterhead gave them, the Vics settled down to play, and play they did. Nothing could have stopped their rushes, and the shots were rained fast and hard on the goalkeeper for Peterhead. Hardy put through two that nearly broke the net, while Dunbar's was none the less effective. The Vics after this took matters easier, and Peterhead made efforts to reduce their opponent's lead, but they were of a spasmodic character. They had done too much hard work during the first half, and McHardy again putting the ball through for his side, the final of 1900 ended as all thought it would in a victory for the Torry club.

The Peterhead men made a plucky fight. Combination amongst their players was conspicuous by its absence, but the faults they made they quickly retrieved in most cases. The Vics did not play up to their standard in the first half, the rushes of their opponents fairly upsetting them, and it was not till the second half had gone on for some time that they settled down to their accustomed stride. From this onwards they carried all before, and by superior tactics beat back on every occasion the efforts of Peterhead.

Source: Bon-Accord, 1st March 1900

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay: Kilgour, Thain; Dundas, Stronach, Thomson; McHardy, R. Ritchie, Taylor, Watson, G. Ritchie


Peterhead Teamsheet:  Allardyce; Reid, J. Smith; Gowie, Davidson, Gray; Shand, Hall, G. Smith, Kemp, Thomson


Referee: Mr. McPherson, Cowlairs

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