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match report 1899-00 fixture list
Rhodesia Cup 
Orion 3 - 2 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:          Livingstone, Shiach  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
The Orion and Aberdeen met on Saturday afternoon in the Rhodesia Cup competition at Cattofield, before a large turnout of spectators. A keenly contested game ended as follows: Orion 3, Aberdeen 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 23rd April 1900

The Aberdeen football enthusiasts are beginning to complain of the monotony of so many local fixtures week after week, and yet a Rhodesia Cup tie fixture is down for next Saturday again.

The Aberdeen were quite unprepared for the defeat they sustained on Saturday, seeing that they overthrew the "Stripes" the previous week in a similar fixture, but, at any rate, Bisset was taken unawares thrice in succession, and it was a wonder he did not let more likely shots through. The Orion were in fine form in the first half, and they would do well to keep Livingstone steady on the defence, for most of the hard work was done by that player, despite the fact that he had not been on the field for some time. Barron was also in good form, but like Massie fell away very much, in the second half. On the other hand, it seemed an if the "Whites" had reserved all their "dash" for the second period, and before much opposition could be brought to bear upon them, Livingstone (Aberdeen) beat Morrison by a rather good shot. This operation again proved successful through Shiach's tact, but the leather had come from a kick-off after a foul close in, which the spectators thought ought to have been vice versa. At any rate, they deserved both points. Result; Orion, 3; Aberdeen, 2.

Source: Dundee Courier, 23rd April 1900

The playgoer is a long suffering individual, and to judge by the crowd at Cattofield on Saturday, does not seem to tire of witnessing Aberdeen v. Orion play one week, while by way of variety he is treated the next to Orion v. Aberdeen. But, seriously, this farce has been carried far enough now. How we regret the failure of the Vics and Orion to amalgamate, Last week the Aberdeen came out on the top; it was Orion?s turn on Saturday. The play at the beginning bordered on the sensational, Orion being soon three up, and do what they could the Aberdeen were not successful before half time in scoring, though Mackie did get a grand opportunity from a penalty. Where his eyes were when he shot, goodness alone knows - it was a funny spectacle to see the ball sailing sky-high through the air. The second half saw a decided improvement in the Aberdeen's play and it took the Stripes' defence all their time to keep them out. The Whites, by dint of hard play, were eventually successful in scoring twice, but they got no more, and the result of the previous week's game was reversed. The Orion improved much on the performance they gave at Pittodrie.

Source: Bon-Accord, 26th April 1900

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