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match report 1913-14 fixture list
Benefit Match 
Aberdeen 4 - 2 Former Players
    Johnny Edgar Benefit Match
Kick Off:  6:30 PM   Travers, Scorgie, Travers, Travers.       H. Murray, Lennie  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
5000 spectators witnessed an interesting game at Pittodrie last night between teams representative of present and former players. The match, which was for the benefit of John Edgar, resulted in a victory for the present players by 4 goals to 2.

After the opening stages, which were well contested, the play developed in that of an exhibition nature, with the Present players having the better of the exchanges, although the Brothers Low played brilliantly for the Former Players. Travers opened the scoring for the present side, and Scorgie added another before Travers again beat Macfarlane. At the interval the present Players led by 3 goals to 0.

There were some amusing passages in the second half, when the Former Players were seen to more advantage, and H. Murray and Lennie scored for them. Just before the close, Travers put through a fourth goal for the present players, who were comfortably winners of an enjoyable game.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 16th April 1914

If any man deserved a benefit for services rendered to the Aberdeen Football Club, that man is john Edgar. Four years he was a prominent wearer of the black and gold, and at present successfully manages the reserve team. His popularity with players and public alike was fully demonstrated last night, when the match on his be half to place. There was a capital attendance, and the team which Johnnie got together brought back memories of bygone happy days at Pittodrie, when the dead of southern teams quaked at the very thought of having to meet the Dons. The spectators were particularly interested in the play of the brothers Low, two of the finest exponents of the game Aberdeen ever produced. The gave a brilliant exhibition, and their passing was a treat to watch. The once famous O'Hagan-Lennie wing was not much in evidence, and only a brief glimpse of that great combination was shown. The match was an enjoyable one, and if the present players won comfortably, the whites were by no means outplayed.

,b>Evening Express, 16th April 1914

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Greig, Colman, Hannah, Chatwin, Simpson, Low, Wyllie, Walker, Main, Travers, Scorgie.

Unused Subs:


Former Players Teamsheet:  R. Macfarlane; G. Macfarlane, Joe Gault; Ecky Halkett, Wilfred Low, Henry low; D. Taylor, H. Murray, Dr. Sangster, C. O'Hagan, W. Lennie.


Referee: John Edgar

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