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AFC - Match Report
match report 1923-24 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Hamilton 3 - 0 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Moffat (2), McMillan (pen)        
Attendance: 2,500
Venue: Douglas Park, Hamilton
The League game between Hamilton Academicals and Aberdeen at Douglas Park, Hamilton, yesterday, ended in an easy win for Hamilton. Although pressing almost continuously in the first half only a single goal was scored by Moffat, so good was the defence of Blackwell, Bruce, and Forsyth. After crossing over, Aberdeen put some pith into their play, but goals by Moffatt and McMillan (from a penalty kick) practically decided the issue. Attendance 2000.

Source: The Scotsman, 13th March 1924

Without Hutton, Aberdeen went down heavily in a Scottish League game at yesterday, the Academicals beating them by 3 goals 0, There were only 2000 spectators.
Aberdeen fielded a side which seemed capable of giving the Academicals hard run for the points, but at no point in the game were the Hamilton side in danger of losing. Their forwards, who were led by Tom Miller in the absence of Collins, struck an effective combination right away, and maintained it till the end. McMillan and McIlwraith were the live wires of the Hamilton attack, and Davidson quite failed to hold them, with the result that Bruce was repeatedly in difficulties. Blackwell however, came to the rescue with numerous clever saves, and it was only the excellence of the Aberdeen keeper which delayed a score. The convergences on his charge were legion, but the half-hour was all but clocked before Moffat managed to elude him, and that after he had been misled by a fast drive from Miller. Grant and Smith occasionally eased the situation with speedy runs, but Miller in centre was too prone to run out of position to make use of their crosses. The outside left had, however, one great drive which had Sommerville guessing.


Aberdeen had apparently made up their minds at the interval that offence was the better defence. The Hamilton defenders got something to think about. Hunter and Johnstone were, however, kicking freely. Ten minutes after restarting McIlwraith, in an obviously offside position, was allowed to run on and from his cross Moffat scored a second goal for Hamilton, the ball taking the underside of the crossbar and ricocheting into the net. This was really the beginning of the end so far as Aberdeen were, concerned. Davidson, Jackson, and MacLachlan played determinedly to stay the raids of the Hamilton forwards, but all to no purpose as nearly every unit in the line appeared to be out for goals. When cutting goal McIlwraith was laid low by Bruce inside the penalty area, and from the resultant spot kick McMillan scored a third goal for Hamilton. The Aberdeen backs resorted to playing the Hamilton forwards offside to save the situation, and the tactics adopted eased matters occasionally, although right up to the end the Aberdeen rear players were a sorely harassed company.
There was undoubtedly reservation about the play of Aberdeen in the early stages, and when they attempted to cast it off, they found that Hamilton had a grip of the game which they could not loosen. Miller was more virile than his brother on the Hamilton side, but he was none too well supported. Rankin was inclined to roam far too much, and found more than his match in Thomson. The half-backs were the mainstay of the team, although Jackson paid little or attention to placing. Forsyth was the pick of the backs and Blackwell was superb in goal.
Hamilton were the better-balanced side. Sommerville got what few deliveries which reached him from long range and dealt smartly with them, while Hunter and Johnstone, as a pair, were in front of the Aberdeen couple. The Hamilton half-backs played an important part in the victory, by reason of their accuracy of placing, Steele being a shade in front of his two companions. Their forward line was also more cohesive and their finishing more deadly.

Source: Press & Journal, 13th March 1924

Hamilton Teamsheet:  Somerville; Hunter, Johnstone; Steele, McNeil, Thomson; Moffat, Rankin, Miller, McMillan, McIlwraith


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Blackwell, Bruce, Forsyth, Davidson, Jackson, MacLachlan, Grant, Paton, Miller, Rankin, Smith.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. McKay, Springburn

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