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AFC - Match Report
match report 1923-24 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 1 - 0 Rangers
Kick Off:  5:00 PM   Rankin 87.        
Attendance: 16,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
A half-holiday crowd of some 1500 [Sic.] spectators assembled at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, yesterday, to witness the League fixture between Aberdeen and Rangers, and the crowd was considerably augmented when a number of the public works closed. The first half was goalless. This fairly represented the evenness of play. For Aberdeen, Paton and Grant sent in great shots. The most exciting incident in the second period was when the Rangers' custodian just succeeded in fisting out a fast shot from Grant. Smith got the ball on the rebound and sent in a shot which hit the goal-post and once more rebounded into play. This was not the only occasion on which Rangers' goal was in jeopardy. There was a scene of great enthusiasm when from a corner kick taken by Smith, Rankine with a header scored a couple of minutes before the call of time. Aberdeen fully deserved their victory.

Source: The Scotsman, 20th March 1924

In delightful game at Pittodrie Rangers sustained their second league defeat of the season. Aberdeen obtaining the only goal. The game had a dramatic finish, as there was scarcely three minutes left for play when the all-important goal was registered. Manderson conceded a flag-kick, the ball was finely placed by Smith fox Rankine to head it into the net. Although belated, the success was well deserved, and Aberdeen thoroughly merited their Victory. In a clean, crisp game there was much delightful football. Aberdeen accounted for the major share of the attacking, and if there were times when they lacked effectiveness in front of goal, their forwards gave Robb and his backs a gruelling time.
Aberdeen were more steady and more sound in defence than Rangers, and the home attack in the open moved better collectively than that of the opposition, although the Rangers forwards often served up nice flashes of combination.


Ideal weather favoured the match, but, despite a fairly strong sun, the atmosphere was cold. There were 16,000 spectators. Each side showed two changes, Aberdeen had Bruce and Armstrong in place of Forsyth and Davidson, and Rangers were without Archibald and Cunningham, Muirhead going to outside-right with Craig as partner, and Johnstone being in at left half.
Aberdeen faced the sun in the opening half, and early attacked. Off a cross by Grant. Rankine had a header rather luckily blocked and following this, Rob had to clear a free kick well placed by Armstrong. Aberdeen kept up the attack, and Robb had to clear a hooked shot from Miller. At the other end Muirhead centred finely and Blackwell fielded in confident style. The Rangers attack after this came more into view, and Blackwell had to jump to field a high centre by Morton. Play continued on fast lines, with each defence raided in turn. Robb was called upon to field a cross by Smith, and, if anything, those of the Rangers had more to do than the Aberdeen defenders. Bruce conceded a corner, but retrieved his mistake by clearing when Henderson was in the act shooting. Henderson twice after this had the Aberdeen goal in danger, but delayed and Hutton cleared. Play continued on even lines, and Jackson brought Robb to his knees with a powerful shot from 25 yards range, and later the Rangers keeper had to gather a fast ground ball from Miller. The Rangers goal had a narrow escape following a free kick taken by MacLachlan. Robb left, his charge, and Paton shot before the keeper could get back. By a great effort, however, Robb recovered. There was much danger in the Aberdeen attack, and Robb had a brilliant save off a terrific ground shot from Grant at close range. At the other end Cairns missed narrowly after manoeuvring for position and shortly afterwards Blackwell effected a wonderful save at close range from the Rangers inside left. Robb had to field a sharp header from Rankin, and off a fine centre by Smith, Miller just missed with a capital beaded effort. Aberdeen kept up the attack, and Grant was only inches high with a terrific left-foot drive, and a similar effort by Miller shared the same fate. Most of play was in Rangers' territory, and Robb had to leave his goal to gather another centre by Smith. In the period play was always interesting, but Aberdeen were unfortunate in not being able to improve upon a goalless draw at the interval.

Rangers Defence Pressed.

Neither side claimed any advantage in the opening stages of the second half. A centre by Morton was headed away by Jackson, following which Henderson had a dash through but ran the ball behind. At the other end Miller shot wide from long range, and had a drive blocked by Dixon. Blackwell saved finely from Morton, and a centre Smith heralded a sustained attack on the Rangers' goal, but ultimately McCandless cleared. Miller had a great burst through for Aberdeen, but after outwitting Manderson, shot high over with only Robb in front. On several occasions the Rangers backs were in difficulties, and in a hot attack Paton and Grant were both injured, but were able to resume. Henderson raised the siege for Rangers, and shot over after a long individual run. Following this a shot by the Rangers centre-forward had Blackwell in difficulties, but he was able to recover.

A Near Thing.

For a time, Rangers had rather the better of the argument, but Aberdeen defended well, and Blackwell was not troubled. Following this the Rangers'goal had a miraculous escape. Robb fisted away from Grant, and Smith had a terrific shot which found the post. Even then the danger was not cleared, as Rankine had a shot blocked by Dixon. Aberdeen continued to hotly assail the champions' goal, and Manderson blocked a hard drive by MacLachlan. Another corner fell to the home team, but Johnstone brought relief, and later had to save a fast grounder from Paton. The visitors had virtually to pack their goal, but survived a trying time. A raid by Henderson brought his side a fruitless corner, and Aberdeen were quickly back to the attack, Miller having a shot blocked by Manderson before Smith sent wide. Rangers recovered, and Bruce twice conceded corners to Muirhead, but the Aberdeen defence cleared. A run and centre by Giant resulted in Robb fielding when out his goal. End-to-end rushes developed, and in a Rangers raid Blackwell cleared smartly from Craig. In the closing stages the Rangers goal was hotly assailed, and shots by several Aberdeen players were blocked by defenders. Three minutes from the end Manderson gave away a corner. The ball was placed to perfection by Smith, and Rankin headed past Robb. Aberdeen maintained the attack until the end, and were worthy winners.

Source: Press & Journal, 20th March 1924

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Blackwell, Hutton, Bruce, Armstrong, Jackson, MacLachlan, Grant, Paton, Miller, Rankin, Smith.

Unused Subs:


Rangers Teamsheet:  Robb; Manderson, McCandless; Meiklejohn, Dixon, Johnstone; Muirhead, Craig, Henderson, Cairns, Morton


Referee: W. F. Campbell, Dundee

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