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AFC - Match Report
match report 1925-26 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Partick Thistle 2 - 2 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Kinloch 4, Miller 6       Reid 30, McDermid 71.  
Attendance: 8,000
Venue: Firhill, Glasgow
AN IMPROVED DISPLAY. Aberdeen's Thrilling Fight with Partick Thistle.
A division of the points at Firhill Park, Glasgow, where Partick Thistle had Aberdeen as visitors was a fair result of a game that was always hard and fast. The 9000 spectators saw plenty of clever football, although in the early stages it looked as if the Thistle were going to have an easy victory. Their forwards started off in great style, and when five minutes had gone they were two goals up. Kinloch got the first one after Blackwell had saved from Miller, and the latter got the second with a first time drive after clever work by the right wing. The Aberdeen defence, had been beaten easily on both occasions, but they stiffened up, and their forwards showing plenty of dash, soon had the Thistle defence busy. R. Bruce was the most dangerous raider, and only clever saving by Ramsay kept one of his efforts from counting. After half-an-hour, however, Reid scored a fine goal for Aberdeen. For a while after the restart it looked as if the Thistle would increase their lead, but weak finishing and a robust defence kept them out. With less of the ball the Aberdeen forwards were always dangerous, and a capital movement begun by Reid, brought the scores level, McDermid beating Ramsay with a fast low drive. In the last fifteen minutes there was a great struggle for the winning goal, and only a great save by Ramsay, kept R. Bruce from giving his side victory.

Source: The Scotsman, 14th December 1925

Aberdeen picked up a valuable point at Firhill, where they gave a greatly improved display and divided four goals with Partick Thistle. The result was all the more creditable to Aberdeen because, taken by surprise at the start, they lost two goals in the first six minutes of the game, but so whole-heartedly did they play that they not only drew but came within an ace of winning. On a cold day the ground was extremely hard, rendering ball-control difficult, but the players adapted themselves well the conditions. This applies specially to Aberdeen, who were really the better team on the day's showing. It was a closely-contested game throughout, with scarcely a dull moment, and there was an abundance of exciting incidents in the vicinity of both goals.
Both goalkeepers gave a fine exhibition, especially Ramsay, whose saving two of shots in particular from Bruce (R.) constituted a feature. Aberdeen were sounder at back, where Hutton and Bruce (D.) never made mistake and kicked with rare accuracy and decision, Gibson and Donald being inclined to fluke at times. Aberdeen, too, were better served at half-back. Edward, who filled the pivotal role, was a distinct success, although it was noticeable he was tiring towards the end of what was an exacting game. Cosgrove and MacLachlan on the wings worked splendidly, and individually the trio were ahead of the Thistle middlemen, of whom Lambie was easily best. Aberdeen had the best forward on the field in R. Bruce. He was in the thick of every attack, and his worrying tactics greatly disconcerted the Thistle defence. He also showed fine ball control on the hard ground, and was very unfortunate to have two really brilliant shots countered in wonderful fashion by the Thistle goalkeeper. McDermid and Smith also got along well, the former having a grand goal as the result of a fine individual effort. Reid and Jackson were next so successful, but the right winger had a cleverly-taken goal, and the line on the whole gave a much-improved display in comparison to recent exhibitions. Of the Thistle forwards, Miller was best. He shot with great force, and scored a fine goal from a seemingly impossible angle. The other goal, too, was largely his making, as it was the result of Blackwell knocking out the centre-forward's terrific shot that Kinloch was enabled to score. Of the other Thistle forwards, Kinloch and Salisbury were most successful, but Miller was always the most dangerous. There were about 8000 spectators,


A great pace was set from the start. Salisbury got away to batter the ball against Hutton, and then Smith from close to the touch-line had Ramsay stopping his shot at the foot of the upright. With only four minutes gone Thistle took the lead. Miller from range sent in a terrific shot which Blackwell did well to reach and knock down, but unfortunately for Aberdeen the ball went to Kinloch, who placed it outwith the goalkeeper's reach. The plaudits had scarcely died down when Miller worked out to the right of the Aberdeen goal, and from an acute angle sent in a lightning ground shot, the pace of which gave Blackwell practically no chance to save. Shortly afterwards Blackwell had to save from Ness. Nettled by the double reverse, Aberdeen played up in determined fashion. McDermid hanging back behind the other forwards, kept swinging out long passes, and R. Bruce repeatedly worried the Thistle defence, giving them no time to clear. These tactics upset the home rear divisions, who appeared unable to counter them. McDermid gave Jackson a chance, but the latter lifted the ball high over. R. Bruce rushed through and shot weakly into Ramsay's hands, but on a later occasion the Aberdeen inside right would have scored had not Donald deflected his shot for a corner. Play continued to greatly favour Aberdeen for whom R. Bruce was a persistent trier. A long ball by Cosgrove was tipped over the bar by Ramsay, and Edward missed with a great from shot long range went right across the Thistle goal to pass behind just outside the far post, and on another occasion a ground pass by the Aberdeen left winger was missed by the Thistle backs, but Reid from close in sent over the bar. In a raid by the Thistle, Miller sent in a terrific, shot which hit a defender, and there was a fierce scrimmage in front of the Aberdeen goal until Bruce finally cleared.


At the other end Ramsay saved twice in quick succession from R. Bruce, who was the outstanding attacker on the field. At the end of half an hour Aberdeen were rewarded with an overdue goal. Reid received a pass from Jackson, and cutting in beat Richmond, Donald, and Lambie in succession, and finding himself on the penalty line in front of goal he shot out of Ramsay's reach, into the net. After this Aberdeen looked as if they would draw level. A fast ground pass along the Thistle goal line by Reid was completely missed by defenders and attackers alike, and Ramsay saved cleverly from Smith and MacLachlan. Following a corner, a header by McDermid was headed out when Ramsay would have been beaten. A raid by Miller at the other end only produced a bye, and when the interval was sounded Aberdeen, who were very unfortunate to be in arrears, were attacking in determined fashion.
When play resumed Aberdeen forced the game, and shots by R. Bruce and Smith were blocked by defenders. A long run by ness to the other end resulted in his centring behind, and a cross shot was deflected for a corner by D. Bruce, Kinloch sending wide. Following a movement by the Aberdeen left wing, R. Bruce had a brilliant shot beautifully saved by Ramsay who threw himself at the foot the post to Knock the ball out. At the other end Blackwell saved from Miller's head.


Following this there was a scramble in of Blackwell, and Kinloch missed badly. Shots by Smith and Kinloch at either end swept wide, and Jackson, after running through, shot wide from a favourable position. A free kick taken by Miller from 40 yards out battered against Blackwell's crossbar, and at the other end, also from a free kick, Hutton shot wide. Aberdeen never relaxed their efforts. Ramsay saved from R. Bruce at the foot of the post, and after Hutton had shot wide, the Thistle goalkeeper had to hold a long kick by the Aberdeen back. After 26 minutes' play, McDermld got possession near midfield, and running on cleverly tricked Lambie, to beat Ramsay with a left foot drive from 20 yards' range. Following this Smith just missed with a shot, and at the other end D. Bruce shot out a foot to intercept what must have been a counting shot by Grove. An exciting struggle for the lead ensued. Ramsay fielded from a long kick by Hutton, and at the other end a free kick by Gibson whizzed past over the bar. R. Bruce followed with a brilliant shot for Aberdeen, but Ramsay effected a miraculous save at the expense of a corner. Following this, Smith and Ramsay had a desperate race for the ball, and Smith was first and shot for the empty goal, the ball was deflected for a corner by Ramsay. At the other end Miller got through to send in a low express shot which Blackwell risked taking his feet to, and met with his boot. Near the close there was a desperate scrimmage in front of the Aberdeen goal but the defence weathered the storm, and when time was called on a thrilling struggle, Aberdeen were attacking.

Source: Press & Journal, 14th December 1925

Partick Thistle Teamsheet:  Ramsay; Gibson, Donald; Chatton, Lambie, Richmond; Ness, Kinloch, Miller, Grove, Salisbury


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Blackwell, Hutton, Bruce, Cosgrove, Edward, MacLachlan, Reid, Bruce, Jackson, McDermid, Smith.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. Dougray, Barrhead

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