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AFC - Match Report
match report 1925-26 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Rangers 0 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:          Reid 74.  
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Defence, sound and resourceful, was the feature of the match at Ibrox, Glasgow, where Rangers suffered another home defeat. The only goal was scored by Reid after half an hour of the second half had gone. A draw would have been a better result, for neither team at any time could claim much advantage. Aberdeen, however, were a shade stronger at half-back, where Edward played specially well, he allowed Fleming very little scope. The forward play was not really good, and there was always a lack of effective combination. Smith was well held by Gray, a steadily improving Rangers' back, and Osborne, who was again tried at outside-right by the Ibrox club, failed to hit it off. Morton gave Hutton a good deal of trouble, but was too fond of holding to the ball. Neither goalkeeper had many dangerous shots to save. The breeze seemed to handicap the forwards, in the sense that it was difficult to keep the ball low. The attendance would be about 14,000. This was Rangers' thirteenth League defeat of the season.

Source: The Scotsman, 29th March 1926

Aberdeen accomplished splendid performance at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, where they defeated Rangers by the only goal. Aberdeen's victory was all the more creditable because, Rangers, smarting under three successive defeats, were desperate to resume the winning thread. The Aberdeen success was thoroughly deserved, as they were the better balanced team - sounder in defence, and more dangerous, though less elaborate, in attack. Although it was a hard game, it was by no means thrilling, yet the equality of the exchanges sustained interest from start to finish. Blackwell in the Aberdeen goal had not a great deal to do, and Hutton and Ritchie were two brilliant backs. Without unduly exerting himself, Hutton easily held Morton in check, and Ritchie was the most resourceful back on the field, never making the semblance of a mistake. The Aberdeen half-backs were superior those of Rangers, who, unlike the usual type of Ibrox half-backs, were unable to support their forwards. MacLachlan repeatedly forced the game for Aberdeen, and Edward kept a firm grip of Fleming, while Cosgrove was very effective. McDermid was a grand scheming forward for Aberdeen, his long passes to both wings upsetting the opposition. Reid and Pirie also did well. In the last fifteen minutes of the game, Aberdeen served up the best football of the afternoon, the forwards and half backs combining splendidly.
Rangers were but a shadow of some former Ibrox teams. T. Hamilton none too steady, and Gray was the better back, J. Hamilton being unduly robust and too impetuous. Dixon was the best of a moderate intermediate line, and forward Cunningham was out on his own. Morton was little in evidence, and the other Rangers' forwards were far below the Ibrox standard.


Aberdeen missed a fine chance of taking the lead at the start. Reid crossed swiftly in front of the Rangers' goal. Pirie having failed to take it in his stride, the ball went to Smith, off whose shot it recrossed the Rangers goal and went behind near the corner flag. Rangers were kept defending for a time, and MacLachlan shot wide from long range. When Rangers attacked they could not circumvent the Aberdeen half-backs, and for a time the play was lacking in incident. Morton kicked the ball against Hutton for a corner, which was cleared, and following this Blackwell had to gather a stingless ground shot by Chalmers. A spell of midfield play was broken when Fleming slipped between Hutton and Ritchie to send in a fast shot, which just missed. At the other end Jackson had a chance, but delayed his shot, which was ultimately charged down by Dixon. From a flag kick by Morton, Fleming headed just over Blackwell's charge. Subsequently defence was on top, and the forwards of neither side made much progress. Morton had a chance on one occasion but only sent the ball weakly against the outside of the net, and Dixon shot over from long range. Rangers nearly fell into arrears when Reid, having tricked Hamilton, lobbed the ball across the Rangers' goal, and Pirie's header was dropped on the line by T. Hamilton, who, however, regained possession and cleared before Pirie could follow up. The Aberdeen centre-forward forced a corner off Dixon, but danger was averted. Towards the interval Rangers attacked, and Morton centred, but Osborne drove against the outside of the net. Later, from a flag kick, Morton drove just over the bar. Blackwell threw himself to the foot of the post to deflect a fast shot by Fleming, whose header following the corner kick beat the Aberdeen goalkeeper, but Hutton cleared with an overhead kick from below the bar. Just on half-time a fast low shot by Cunningham was cleverly stopped by Blackwell, and the interval arrived without a score being registered.


Aberdeen set up a vigorous attack when play was resumed, and McDermid was wide with a shot from long range. Chalmers had a chance for Rangers, but delayed, and Ritchie dashed in and cleared. After this, Aberdeen again took up the attack. and McDermid's shot was off the mark. Cunningham did his utmost to marshal the Ibrox forces, but could not shake off the Aberdeen half-backs. Off a free kick by MacLachlan, Pirie had a header stopped by T. Hamilton, and shortly afterwards the Rangers' goalkeeper, at the foot of the post, just managed to deflect a fierce shot delivered from out on the right by the Aberdeen centre forward. For a time the play entirely favoured Aberdeen, and the Rangers' defence were hard put to it to scramble through their clearances. Ultimately Rangers made headway through the medium of a free kick, which Blackwell had to save from J. Hamilton, who later tested the Aberdeen goalkeeper from near midfield. The Rangers goal had a narrow escape when, after Smith had rounded Gray and centred, T. Hamilton fisted out weakly to McDermid, and the latter's header, wide of the Ibrox goalkeeper, went only inches high of the goal.
With sixteen minutes left for play, Aberdeen took the lead. Pirie swung the ball out to Reid, who lifted it over J. Hamilton's head, and after running round the back, the outside right crashed the ball into the net with a low oblique shot. Aberdeen played with great confidence after this, and looked like going further ahead. Following a free kick lobbed by Smith, Pirie headed into the net but the referee ruled him offside. In the last few minutes Rangers rallied, and Blackwell, low down close to the post, brought off a brilliant save from Morton at the expense of a corner, which was cleared. There were about 10,000 spectators.

Source: Press & Journal, 29th March 1926

Rangers Teamsheet:  Hamilton (T.); Gray, Hamilton (J.); Muirhead, Dickson, Hodge; Osborne, Cunningham, Fleming, Chalmers, Morton


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Blackwell, Hutton, Ritchie, Cosgrove, Edward, MacLachlan, Reid, Jackson, Pirie, McDermid, Smith.

Unused Subs:


Referee: H. Russell, Glasgow

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