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AFC - Match Report
match report 1938-39 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 1 - 2 Kilmarnock
Kick Off:  2:30 PM   Strauss 79.       Thomson 16, McGrogan 49  
Attendance: 12,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen

All Round Weakness; Time to Give Reserve Players Chance

Aberdeen's plight is becoming desperate. Successive defeats at the hands of mediocre elevens like Queen's Park and Kilmarnock point to the fact that there is something far, wrong with the team.
Failure cannot be attributed to any one player or any one department of the team. There were weaknesses all over both at Hampden and against Kilmarnock at Pittodrie on Saturday.
The defence was too often caught out of position, and the attack was stereotyped and showed complete lack of finishing power. The forwards had sufficient chances to win the game, but they frittered them away.
Kilmarnock deserve credit for their odd goal in three victory, but it must be admitted that they did not impress as a side likely to gain championship honours.


Aberdeen have struck a bad patch. Too many of the players have lost at the same time. The officials are left with no alternative but to introduce one or two of the reserve players into the League side. If this does not stop the rot then they must go into the market for players.
The Dons were fighting an uphill battle on Saturday after sixteen minutes' play. Poor marking in defence was responsible for the loss of this goal. Thomson, the Kilmarnock right winger, had nipped into the middle and was lying unmarked when Harvey lobbed the ball forward. Thomson was not slow to seize his chance.TWO DOWN

There was an air of nervousness about Aberdeen's play from this point onwards. They fell further in arrears four minutes after the start of the second half. McGrogan picked up a ball and made for goal. He rounded Cooper and sent the ball into the net before Nicholson could intervene.
Aberdeen's counter eleven minutes from the finish served to liven up the closing stages of the game. The Dons made desperate efforts to save a point, but in point of fact the Ayrshire team seemed as likely to get a third goal as Aberdeen did to equalise.
Strauss gets the credit for Aberdeen's goal. He scored during an exciting goalmouth scrimmage.


Thomson and McGrogan, the Kilmarnock wingers, were allowed too much scope. Cooper improved after a poor first half, but Graham was never comfortable against Thomson. The left back's kicking was erratic.
Johnstone in goal saved the situation on several occasions, but near the finish he seemed to lose confidence. Aberdeen were weak at half back. The intermediate trio failed both as a defensive and an attacking force.
Nicholson tried to do too much. It would have been to his own and his side's advantage had he confined his activities to the middle of the field.
Dunlop was well below his best form and Thomson, who tried hard all through, was best of a very moderate line.
The forwards suffered from lack of support, but this does not excuse their failure to accept the chances that came their way. Hamilton was the only attacker who came out of the game with credit. The inside-right put in a tremendous amount of work in the first half, but he received poor response from his team-mates.
Armstrong did not succeed in holding the line together, and Biggs, for all the running about he did, had nothing to show for it at the end of the day.


Aberdeen's extreme wingers had a poor day. Smith was particularly unsuccessful. His play lacked dash and although he was well supported by Hamilton he threatened little danger.
Kilmarnock were well served in defence. Turnbull and Millroy, backs of the never-say-die type, afforded Hunter excellent protection and Stewart, too, was a power in defence.
Drysdale was the best wing half-back afield. The former Rangers player skilfully combined defence and attack.
Thomson, on the right, was the "livewire" the Ayrshire attack. He was tricky and dangerous. McAvoy was a cool and clever inside-left and gave his partner McGrogan every opportunity to shine. Unfortunately the winger did not make the most of his opportunities.

Source: Press & Journal, 21st November 1938

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cooper, Graham, Dunlop, Nicholson, Thomson, Smith, Hamilton, Armstrong, Biggs, Strauss.

Unused Subs:


Kilmarnock Teamsheet:  Hunter; Turnbull, Milloy; Drysdale, Stewart, Harvey; Thomson, Reid, Ross, McAvoy, McGrogan


Referee: W. S. Gilchrist, Bellshill

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