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AFC - Match Report
match report 1938-39 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Queen of the South 1 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Lang (pen) 54       Biggs 17.  
Attendance: 7,500
Venue: Palmerston Park, Dumfries


A DRAW was a good result. That was the general opinion at the finish of the Queen of the South- Aberdeen game at Dumfries on Saturday. The Dons are entitled, however, to take most credit from the game. Their team included no fewer than six reserve players.
Good football was at a discount. The tackling on both sides was too quick and relentless to permit of sustained combined play by the forwards. What little football there was in the game came from Aberdeen.


There was more spirit and determination in the play of the Dons than has been the case in recent weeks. Nobody expects Saturday's formation to be permanent, but it served the useful purpose of demonstrating that there are one or two reserve players who are fit to take their place in the League side at any time.
Saturday's game was one in which the defences generally had the measure of the attacks, but it must be admitted that the forward play on both sides was of a very mediocre standard. Only two goals were scored, and Queen of the South's came from a penalty.
Aberdeen's goal came after seventeen minutes play. Biggs was the scorer, but it was Warnock who provided the opportunity. The right winger gained possession from a clearance from Thomson. Bruce crossed to tackle but Warnock smartly slipped the ball to Biggs. The centre hesitated and almost lost possession to Savage. He recovered, however, and beat the Dumfries 'keeper with a left foot try.


Nine minutes from the interval Queen of the South drew level. Dawson dashed across from the right to the left with the ball. Adey followed the winger and brought him down inside the penalty area. Lang took the kick and gave Johnstone no chance.
Queen of the South held the balance of play in the early stages of the second half, but Aberdeen finished strongly. Both goals had escapes.
Aberdeen's makeshift defence acquitted itself with credit. Johnstone's handling in goal left nothing to be desired, but he has often kicked longer clearances.
Thomson in the unusual role right back gave quite a creditable performance. His tackling was good, but he should remember that it is dangerous for a back to dribble the ball. Adey on the left had a difficult time against Dawson in the first half, but gave a good display after the interval.


Aberdeen's best department was their half-back line, all three of whom were reserves. The Dons are well equipped so far as half-backs are concerned.
Grant, at centre-half, was the outstanding Aberdeen defender. The former Hearts player closed the door down the middle to the Queen of the South inside forwards.
Scott, at right-half, played a serviceable game. He is not fast, but is strong on the ball and his distribution is generally accurate. Waddell, who was entrusted with the left-half berth, is a young player of promise.
None of the forwards could be written down as a success. Brady was probably the hardest worker of the five, but he is a trifle lacking in craft. Hamilton, playing against his old team, was well below his best form. He and Brady switched places during the second half, but the change did not make any material difference.
Biggs was not a success as leader of the attack. He was willing enough but lacked initiative and indulged in too much short passing.
Strauss was a sprightly raider for a spell in the first half, while Warnock. on the other wing, found it difficult to escape the attentions of Anderson.
Queen of the South were well served in defence. Anderson was a splendid back and McPherson the better of two strong and active wing halves. Bruce, the centre-half, was injured in the closing stages and after a spell at outside-right had to leave the field.

Source: Press & Journal, 28th November 1938

Queen of the South Teamsheet:  Mathieson; Savage, Anderson: Fitzsimmons, Bruce, McPherson; Dawson, Smith, Hay, Harkness, Lang


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Thomson, Adey, Scott, Grant, Waddell, Warnock, Hamilton, Biggs, Brady, Strauss.

Unused Subs:


Referee: R. G. Benzie, Irvine

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