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AFC - Match Report
match report 1950-51 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Aberdeen 1 - 0 Dundee
Kick Off:  2:15 PM   Hamilton 88.        
Attendance: 30,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
A draw would have been just right here. Pittodrie's 35,000 spectators saw a hard, fast game, with narrow escapes at both goals. A hailton goal 1 1/2 minuts from time gave the Dons both points - tough luck for the Dark Blues. With three minutes to go a bit of Christie-Steel combination put Billy through. He crashed in a terrific shot, which was brilliantly saved by Curran for a corner.
Hill took the kick. A hefty McKenna clearance saw Baird and Hather chasing down the left wing. Hather's cross was headed for a corner by Boyd.
Delaney placed it perfectly to the far corner of the goal. Lynch punched the ball away. It fell to Hamilton's feet and he hit it hard and true into the net. Dundee were attacking when the whistle blew.
Hill and Pattillo formed Dundee's right wing in place of Gunn and Ewen, who played against Rangers.
Curran was in goal for the Dons, Martin having damaged his wrist against East Fife.

Dangerous Delaney

Both teams played in orfinary boots, but the tricky state of the ground was show duriing Aberdeen's first minute attack. Cowan slipped and allowed Delaney to get in a strong shot, which Lynch saved confidently.
Then Boyd gave away a corner, and Delaney took the first of his many glag kicks, each one a model of accuracy.
Anderson got in the first likely shot, but it rose over the bar. Yorston was through, and in a scoring position, but Lynch got a foot in the way.
In the first 30 minutes Dundee were only three times near Curran, but Pattillo warmed his hands with a drive.
There were repeated stoppages for injusries. Steel got a nasty knock in eigth minutes, and faded for a bit. Hather, Young, and Boyd had to receive attention.
The first half ended with Delaney taking a corner and Lynch throwing himself at a shot from Hather which just missed.
In the second half Dundee took up where Aberdeen left off. Pattillo headed narrowly past with Curran out of position. Hill got in one shot, but at other times was inclined to dally.
Williams had a chance to go through, but hesitated, and the defence recovered.
Steel went to centre and Williams to inside left, but Young was equal to all calls.
Steel gave to Pattillo, who hit the cross-bar, and Curran gave a corner. Even Cowan was up to have a shot.
Dundee kept the upper hand, but on a day when first-time shooting was called for they were not quick enough against a rugged defence. Thrust was lacking in the centre.
Hamilton was a lively leader for Dons, and his flicks gave Baird and Yorston openings, but Cowie had control of the goal area.

Source: Courier & Advertiser, 2nd January 1951

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Curran, Shaw, McKenna, Anderson, Young, Harris, Delaney, Yorston, Hamilton, Baird, Hather.

Unused Subs:


Dundee Teamsheet:  Lynch, Follon, Cowan, Irvine, Cowie, Boyd, Hill, Pattillo, Williams, Steel, Christie


Referee: R. J. Smith

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