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AFC - Match Report
match report 1903-04 fixture list
East Scotland League 
Aberdeen 3 - 1 Falkirk
Kick Off:    Mackie, Mackie, Mackie.       Turnbull  
Attendance: 4,200
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Other Two Points
The Whites had the Falkirk as their guests at Pittodrie on Saturday. The game was under the auspices of the East of Scotland League, and as the weather was favourable the result was a good attendance of spectators. The referee, Mr. Nisbet, started the game prompt to the minute. The visitors lost the toss, and kicked off towards the city. For a time play was mostly in their favour, and Barrett was early called upon to save his charge. Campbell at outside left and Graham at the extreme right, were proving a big handful to the home defence, but at length McNicol relieved with a big kick. The homesters now took up the running and were more than lucky to open the scoring through C. Mackie. This goal was the result of a bad attempt to save by Allan, the visitors' custodian, who completely misjudged the shot and allowed it to slip into the net past the side of the post. The visitors at once took the game in hand, and made strenuous efforts to equalise matters. Campbell broke away on the left and finished up a nice run by crossing over to the right, where Graham, catching up the pass, let drive for goal. Barrett caught the sphere, but before he could get it away Turnbull was on him and had the ball rushed into the net. The Whites then had a look in and began to have an equal share of the play, but they had a hard task to beat Millar and Leishman, who kept a resolute defence. The homesters at length got the leading point - Mackie again doing the needful. The goal did not go down well with the Falkirk, who claimed that the home centre was offside, and, personally, we think their plea was quite in order. However, as Mr. Nisbet was not in a position to see the discrepancy the point was allowed. From this on to half-time equal play was the role, but as the shooting of both teams was very weak, there was no further scoring, and the homesters crossed over with one goal lead.

On resuming, the visitors made an ineffective attempt to reduce the leeway and found McNicoll in his best mood, with the result that they were soon defending instead of offending. The home left wing had some nice runs down the wing, but their crosses were never caught up nor put to any use by Freeland or his partner. The former, however, on one occasion from a grand position, dropped the ball well in to the Falkirk's goal, where Mackie, fastening on, beat Allan, close in, with an unsaveable shot. The visitors now made a determined attack on the Aberdeen goal, and Barrett and his co-defenders had a hard time. Millar, the visitors' left back, had a grand run up the field, but his parting shot was a little wide. Just before the close of play McNicoll made an attempt to emulate the opposing backs' game but his parting shot was also wide. A hard and fast game ended -Aberdeen 3, Falkirk 1.

Points from Pittodrie.

The game was good, and so were the weather and the gate - the latter being 105.
The playing pitch, however, was on the soft side after the recent heavy rains.
Both teams were at full strength, and there was a capital fight for the points.
Taking all in all there was little difference between the teams at goal, back, and half. It was the forward line which showed the difference. The visitors showed good play in the open, but their finishing was woeful, while the homesters' was not much better.
It was that little difference, combined with Charlie Mackie's deadliness in shooting, which told in the matter of goals.
Allan did not uphold his reputation as a custodian.
The backs, Leishman and Millar, proved a very capable pair, and were if anything superior to the home two. Millar was without doubt the finest back on the field, and gave a display which will rank with the best which had been given in Aberdeen.

When McNicoll started on his run we are sure Millar must have thought that the quotation" Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" was very true.
The visitors' halves played a very fine game and kept the Aberdeen forwards well in hand. It is difficult to spot the outstanding man.
Turnbull in centre was a great factor in the ineffectiveness of the visitors' quintette, as his feeding of his wings was very poor. The outside men were the pick of the forwards. Barrett was quite safe in the home goal.
Mackie and McNicoll both played well, and as a pair are improving in their understanding between each other.
Sangster was the pick of a good half-line and played a great game.
The forwards were very weak all over.
Mackie deserves great praise for his display and his three goals.
McAulay tried to do too much, while Johnstone only showed good form in the second half.
The right wing, McKay and Freeland, was not a success. It is worthy of another trial, however.
We always like to see a smart and firm referee, and welcomed and appreciated Mr. Nisbet. The game goes on pleasantly when a man of his quality has charge of the teams.

Source: Bon-Accord, March 3, 1904

Played at Pittodrie. Teams:- Aberdeen: Barrett; Mackie, McNicol; Sangster, Strang, Low; Freeland, Mackay, Mackie, McAulay, Johnston. Falkirk: Allan; W. Leishman, Millar; Macpherson, Tainsh, Scott, Graham, Laird, Turnbull, Queen, Campbell. Referee - Mr. Nisbet, Edinburgh.

Aberdeen won the toss. Play opened quietly, with Falkirk pressing for the most part. Mackie got possession and beat Allan after the game had been five minutes in progress. So far Falkirk had shown themselves to be much smarter than their opponents. Turnbull snatched up a well-directed pass from Graham, and put his team on a level. Mackie again succeeded in scoring.

On resuming, the Blues at once became the aggressors, but McNicol sent them to the right about and Mackie scored.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 29th February 1904

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Barrett, Mackie, McNicol, Sangster, Strang, Low, Freeland, MacKay, Mackie, McAulay, Johnston.

Unused Subs:


Falkirk Teamsheet:  Allan; W. Leishman, Millar; Macpherson, Tainsh, Scott, Graham, Laird, Turnbull, Queen, Campbell


Referee: Mr. Nisbet, Edinburgh

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