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match report 1903-04 fixture list
Dewar Shield First Round 
Falkirk 8 - 3 Aberdeen
Kick Off:          Bonnar, Mackie, Mackie.  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Brockville Park, Falkirk

The talk of the city during the past week has been the collapse of the Aberdeen at Falkirk. Of course we all know that the weather was atrocious, and that the game ought not to have been played under such circumstances, but allowing all this, the one fact remains that the Falkirk had to play under the same circumstances. The excuse about the weather does not therefore hold good. Then, where are we to look for an explanation for the cause of an 8-3 defeat? For our part we give it up, and fall back upon the old one, but still as good to-day as it was when football began, that of being beaten by a better team. And let us be sportsmen enough to admit it. Even the Aberdeen cannot go through all their fixtures with a clean sheet.

There is some talk in the city that the matches in connection with the Dewar Shield will not pay the Aberdeen. We believe this is the case, but at the same time we do not care to hear such talk. The Aberdeen knew well the conditions attached to the gate money before they went into these ties, and if they say that they were to lose money over the matter the better course for them to adopt would have been to decline to enter the competition under the existing circumstances. One club cannot get it all their own way, and while we quite see that the club cannot be run at a financial loss, we hold that gates are not the beginning and end of football. This view is now always too prominent before us, and will be so, we are afraid, as long as players get the money they do. It would be altogether different if the results of the matches were in keeping with the wages paid. Unfortunately in the Aberdeen's case this is not so.

Source: Bon-Accord April 7, 1904

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