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match report 1904-05 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup Second Round 
Aberdeen 5 - 0 Forres Mechanics
Kick Off:    Low, Robertson, McNicol, Low, McNicol.        
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Aberdeen had Forres Mechanics as their opponents on Saturday at Pittodrie. As the game was a cup one - being the second round of the Qualifying Cup Ties - a large crowd gathered to witness the tussle. The weather was dull and threatening, with a cross wind blowing over the ground when the game began. The homesters from the start took up the aggressive, and for some time they hung about Davidson, but the custodian was not seriously troubled. A foul was awarded the homesters about thirty yards out from the visitors' goal and Low, who took the kick, tried a shot for goal. There was nothing to rave about in the shot, but Davidson, instead of using his hands, tried a big kick with the result - a miss and a goal for the homesters. The visitors' outside left, Munro, had one or two likely runs, but he stuck too long to the ball instead of passing, with the result that he was easily held by the home defence. The visitors' goalkeeper was at this time trying to redeem his good name, and he saved one or two good shots in brilliant style. The backs, however, were causing a lot of amusement by their miskicks, etc., and together with McNicol, the home forward, kept the crowd in a good humour. Robertson scored number two for the home team from close in, which gave the custodian no chance to save. A monotonous and disinteresting first half ended in the black and gold brigade crossing over with a two goal lead.

On resuming it was thought the visitors might show some improvement, and if they did it was scarcely noticeable. McNicoll at forward put on the third goal with a good shot which beat Davidson all the way. The visitors were still acting on the defensive, and seldom got up on the home goal. Twice McFarlane handled, but that was about all. It was no surprise when Low scored the fourth and McNicoll headed through number five. Nearing the close McAulay, who had been showing an improvement on recent form, got hurt and had to be carried off. It was a decided relief when the whistle sounded time up with the Aberdeen leading by 5-0.

Points from Pittodrie.

We are pleased to relate that Aberdeen are still among the "qualifiers," and trust they will be for some time.
One thing is certain, and that is they have had two soft ties to begin with, and should be able to tackle something harder when needed without feeling unduly fagged.
Saturday's game was a farce, pure and simple. It was amusing, but it was certainly not football. If Forres Mechanics can give Elgin City 8-2, then we are wondering what like the latter team is like.
Davidson deserves a line to himself. He was the only man to show anything like play, and who really deserved his railway fare paid.
We shall say nothing about the 30 guarantee.
Louden, at centre half, was the only other man who could be relied upon, and he was hardly sure of his kick. We don't know what the backs had, but one thing they had not - an understanding.
The right back had good style and sometimes a fairly decent kick.
The Mechanics were very persevering and plodded on when all was lost, but they lacked style and finish and generally a good idea of the game to make themselves felt.
McFarlane we cannot criticise, as he practically got nothing to do, while the same may be said of the backs.
Low was the outstanding man in the middle line, with Halkett a good second.
We are glad to notice a great improvement in Strang and trust that very soon he will be on a par with his partner.
McNicol was easily the best man in the front rank needs to be kept at inside right as that seems to be his correct form.
We hope McAulay will soon be back and that the reserves have done him good.
Ellis is very eager, but his position is certainly not centre forward. One trial is enough to show that, as he did not seem to have anything but a crude idea of his place and duties.
Ritchie will require to be superseded by Johnstone, as his displays lately have been exceedingly poor.
A goal fell to Robertson, but that is not enough reason to keep him in the first eleven.
Mr. Hood kept the game in band in a capable manner, but his position was a sinecure and easily held.
We note a change in the home crowd's behaviour. It showed a bit of true sportsmanship on Saturday.

Source: Bon-Accord September 22, 1904

The meeting of these teams in the second round of the Qualifying Cup tie was favoured with very fine weather, and about 3000 spectators lined the ropes. The teams took the field as follows at the call of Mr. James Hood, Perth:- Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, D. McNicol; Halkett, Strang, Low; Robertson, G. McNicol, Ellis, McAulay, Ritchie. Forres Mechanics: Davidson; Finlayson, Nicol; McPherson, Louden, Ross; D. Munro, Milton, McKenzie, Murray, R. Munro.

Aberdeen won the toss, and chose to play towards the sea. Hostilities opened with a run by the Aberdeen left wing, but when close in Finlayson relieved the pressure. It was early seen that Aberdeen had all the play, and but for the weak finishing of the local forwards, combined with the capital saving of the Forres custodian, goals would have been a more frequent occurrence. After about fifteen minutes' play, which centred mostly round the Forres goal, Low sent in a low, soft shot, which Davidson, taking too easily, miskicked, and the sphere rolled leisurely into the net. Shortly after Davidson brilliantly saved form Ellis and McAulay. Forres got up a promising run, but they were not able to negotiate the Aberdeen backs, and play was again transferred into the Forres territory. Aberdeen many times tried to find an entrance, but the ball invariably went wide. Forres got a free kick, but only for a minute did play range in midfield, and Aberdeen resumed the attack. Time and again Davidson saved splendidly. In a scrimmage, however, after twice managing to fist out the leather, Robertson found the net. Good kicking by Louden gave many likely chances, but the Forres forwards could never make any headway against the "Wasps'" defence, Strang in particular distinguishing himself by his clever tackling and dribbling. When half-time was called, Aberdeen led by 2 goals to o.

On changing ends, Aberdeen resumed the attack, and G. McNicol added the third goal. Forres started a promising breakaway, but the ball never got the length of Macfarlane, who, up to this point, had had nothing to do. A few minutes later the visitors were granted a free kick just outside the penalty line, but Louden shot over the bar. McNicol and Robertson got away well, and the latter passed to Halkett. The leather was then returned to Robertson, who lost a likely chance by kicking wildly over the goal. Now and again in the second half the Forres left wing proved troublesome, and but for the smart tackling of Murray a score might have been registered. An unfortunate accident occurred to McAulay, who had to be carried off the field. Aberdeen then put more spirit into their play, and G. McNicol landed the third and best goal of the match from about thirty yards out. The game all through was of a one-sided nature, and Aberdeen should have scored more frequently. Three minutes from time Low sent in a low shot, which found the net, and just before the whistle blew, G. McNicol headed in from the side, and secured the fifth goal.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 19th September 1904

N.B - This appears to be the first time that the nickname "Wasps" was applied to Aberdeen by the press.
Aberdeen Teamsheet:  MacFarlane, Murray, McNicol, Halkett, Strang, Low, Robertson, McNicol, Ellis, McAulay, Ritchie.

Unused Subs:


Forres Mechanics Teamsheet:  Davidson; Finlayson, Nicol; McPherson, Louden, Ross; D. Munro, Milton, McKenzie, Murray, R. Munro


Referee: Mr. James Hood, Perth

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