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AFC - Match Report
match report 1943-44 fixture list
North Eastern League 
Dundee United 1 - 7 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Moodie 2       Temple (OG), Pattillo 20, Green 31, Buchan 46, Taylor 77, Buchan 50, Pattillo 67.  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Tannadice Park, Dundee
Dons Rampant at Tannadice
The Dons were in rampant mood at Tannadice, where they defeated Dundee United by 7-1. Form such as they showed in this game will bring the championship to Pittodrie.

Allowance must be made for the fact that the homesters were without some of their regulars, and that they lost the services of McGillivray just before the interval. Even so, the Dons were in such a devastating mood and played football of such a standard that the United, even at recognised full strength, would not have been able to deprive them of their success, although they might have lessened the margin victory.
In no game this season, in fact not for a time, have the Done played well together as a team. The fact that United scored their only goal in less than two minutes ought to have had an unsettling effect on the Dons. Instead, it served to spur them to greater effort, and by the time McGiilivray retired they had the game well and traly won.
The Aberdeen defence was very solid. Johnstone was confident in all he had to do. Cooper has come back to his best form, and Dyer added the necessary daring and determination to the back division.
It was the half-back line, however, which paved the way to victory. They never got flustered, even when the United took the lead. Keep the team on attack all the time was their motto. They tackled relentlessly, showed judgment in their passing, and followed up behind the van all the time. All three did very well, Taylor being very successful at right half.
The attack responded magnificently. It was fast, clever and thrustful. The youngest player on the field, Buchan, is worthy of special mention. He won all-round praise for his skilful display. He showed fine control, manoeuvred cleverly, worked hard, and cooperated well with Taylor, Ancell and Pattillo. he also had a couple of goals to his credit. Green was the most forceful forward on view. He had the best goal of the match. Patillo has not received such good support this season, with the result that he played a big part in the victory. He showed dash and led the line skilfully. Bob Ancell was a demon for work, and was the best winger on view. Dryden also had a good game.
Hiles was outstanding for the United, while Brownlee and Moodie also did good work.

Source: Press & Journal, 31st January 1944

Dundee United Teamsheet:  Brownlee; Temple, Allan; Court, Brown, Hiles; Moodie, Karlsen, Newman, McGilvray, MacKay


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cooper, Dyer, Taylor, Dunlop, Thomson, Ancell, Buchan, Pattillo, Green, Dryden.

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