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AFC - Match Report
match report 1943-44 fixture list
North Eastern Supplementary Cup 
Aberdeen 0 - 2 Rangers
Kick Off:          Watkins 60, McKay 80  
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Dons Gave Listless Display
THE Dons are out of the Supplementary Cup competition, and they deserve to be. They were beaten in the semi-final by two clear goals by Rangers at Pittodrie. No one would grudge Rangers their success. The homesters had themselves to blame. They gave a listless display and not at any period of the game did they give the impression that they would qualify for the final.

The game fell far short of expectations. The 10,000 crowd must have been terribly disappointed with the fare served up by both teams.
Aberdeen were a bad combination, but Rangers, even although they won were not much better, and will have to show a big improvement against Falkirk in the final.
The only man in the Dons' ranks who played to form was Dyer. But for him Rangers might have scored twice in the first half. Johnstone should have positioned himself better when Stewart (I.T.C.), playing at right-half for Rangers, opened their account. Cooper was slow in recovery.
The half-backs were a very mediocre trio. Thomson failed to command the centre of the field, and Taylor will be truly welcomed back to the fold.
The home attack wağ a complete failure. They never looked, like even scoring, let alone winning the match. It was the most brainless exposition of forward play on the ground for a lone time. Pattillo should not blamed for bad leadership. He was poorly supported, and never got a chance.
Rangers had their defence to thank for the victory. No player accomplished more than Woodburn - a great centre-half. He simply blotted out the Aberdeen inside forwards, although he was helped greatly by the fact that the Dons' half-backs kept the ball in the air most of the time. Bolt and Craven were sound backs, and Stewart, who played for Aberdeen earlier in the season, gave a fine display at right-half. The Rangers attack, with the exception of Venters did not Impress. The internationalist was the best forward on view, but he was nothing like the Venters we knew in peace-time.
The Dons' supporters are in the doldrums. They have reason to be.

Source: Press & Journal, 20th December 1943,/p>

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cooper, Dyer, Dunlop, Thomson, Collier, Ancell, Green, Pattillo, Moir, Dryden.

Unused Subs:


Rangers Teamsheet:  Jenkins; Bolt, Craven; Watkins, Woodburn, Dougal; McKinnon, Cargill, McKay, Venters, McLennan


Referee: J. Calder, Edinburgh

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