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AFC - Match Report
match report 1943-44 fixture list
Mitchell Cup First Preliminary Round 
Aberdeen 2 - 2 Raith Rovers
Kick Off:    Pattillo 58, Pattillo 73.       Penman 2, Waldron 34  
Attendance: 8,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Dons Failed to Close the Gap
Only in personnel did the Aberdeen team, which drew with Raith Rovers in the first frame in the semi-final of the League Cup at Pittodrie, resemble the eleven which defeated Dunfermline Athletic in the first round the previous week.
Against the Rovers the team was unbalanced. There was absent that fine understanding and all-round team work which carried the Dons through to the penultimate stage.

The greatest flaw in the Aberdeen ranks was the failure to fill the gap in the middle of the field. This was due to the fact that the two inside men, Buchan and Sinclair, did not position themselves well, and did not come back often enough to assist the halfbacks.
Too much weight and responsibility were thrown on the two young wing halves, Anderson and Cruickshank, who played enthusiastically and reasonably well throughout.
Johnstone did all that was asked of him in goal. Cooper was much the better back, but Thomson was definitely weak. Dunlop tolled hard, but seemed to be affected by a knock early in the game.
The outstanding forward afield was Pattillo. He undoubtedly saved his team from defeat with two goals which must rank among the greatest he has scored. His general play, too, was excellent. He would have done greater damage had he been better supported. This also applies to Wallbanks, who was seldom given the ball clear. A word praise is also due to Dryden, whose corner kicks from the right wing were very dangerous.
The Rovers earned respect for their wholeheartedness. They had a slight pull in the first half, and their defence stood up manfully to the Aberdeen onslaughts after the interval, when the Dons were on top. All the Aberdeen members of the team did well. Bruce was grand in goal, and Dutch and Donald stubborn defenders. Hendry paid his way at inside left.
The visitors' outstanding man was Low at centre-half, although he tired in the second period. Ventre and Penman were best in attack. The Rovers will be very difficult to beat in the second game at Kirkcaldv on April 29.

Source: Press & Journal, 17th April 1944

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cooper, Thomson, Anderson, Dunlop, Cruickshank, Wallbanks, Buchan, Pattillo, Sinclair, Dryden.

Unused Subs:


Raith Rovers Teamsheet:  Bruce; Dutch, Donald; J. C. Stewart, Low, Fletcher; J. Stewart, Ventre, Waldron, Henry, Penman



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