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match report 1939-40 fixture list
Dewar Shield Second Round 
Arbroath 0 - 3 Aberdeen
Kick Off:          Strauss 32, Armstrong 58, Christie 75.  
Attendance: 7,000
Venue: Gayfield Park, Arbroath
Dons' Victory at Arbroath was an Easy Thing


Aberdeen and Falkirk meet in the Dewar Shield final. The Dons disposed of Arbroath by three clear goals at Gayfield last night, and the Bairns ousted St Johnstone by the same score. Aberdeen won as easy as the score suggests.

Arbroath adopted first-time tactics in the first half. Their tearaway methods had the Pittodrie defence busy, but they were never in difficulties. I gained the impression during this period that the Dons were playing well within themselves, and this opinion was corroborated in the second period.
Although they held the advantage territorially, the Red Lichties were a goal in arrears at the interval, and they were seldom in the hunt in the second forty-five.


The honours of the game go to the Aberdeen defence. They were sound from goal out. The fact that Johnstone had few testing shots is a tribute to the work of the men in front.
Cowie, again the best back on the field, had the measure of Christie, and Adey kept Gould quiet.
Dunlop and Thomson combined defence with attack iin clever style, and were well ahead of the home pair.
Nicholson was as safe as the bank. He was opposed to an active leader in Moir, but the former Mugiemoss player got few chances.
Hamilton and Biggs were good inside forwards, the former subtle and dangerous and the latter strong and forcing. Armstrong tried hard but got few chances.
Strauss, as against Celtic, was the most dangerous raider, and a continual menace to the opposing defence. Christie was starved for long periods, but showed his value by scoring the third goal.
The Arbroath defence was often in hot water in the second half. Becci was a grand little back, and Gavin and Urquhart hard-working halves. The attack was full of pep, but rather lacking in football skill. McInally was the best of the five. Moir started in fine style, but later he suffered from lack of support.


Arbroath made a vigorous attack on the left and from the second of two corners Moir headed narrowly past.
The home team were well on top for a spell and the Dons' defence was working at top pressure. A quick raid by Aberdeen almost brought a goal. Dunlop whipped the ball out to the left and Anderson left his charge to punch out a try by Strauss. Armstrong pounced on the ball and a terrific right-foot drive by the centre whizzed inches over the post.
Arbroath's first-time methods prevented the Dons settling down. The home forwards were encouraged by their half-backs, and thumped the ball upfield, followed up quickly, with the result that the Aberdeen backs and half-backs were continually on the move.
A quick thrust by Biggs on the left gave Strauss a chance. The winger was held back by Fordyce but forced his way past the back to crash the ball over.


With thirty-two minutes played the Dons took the lead. It was a goal almost identical with the opening one against Celtic on Saturday. Armstrong pushed the ball out to Christie and Strauss came darting in from the wing to head the right winger's cross into the corner of the net. The home attack redoubled their efforts and Johnstone clutched a header from McInally, who had smartly positioned himself for a free kick from Urquhart.
Another breakaway on Arbroath's right ended in Gould sending narrowly past. Just before the half-time whistle Christie made a gallant effort to increase the Dons' lead. He crossed the ball to Armstrong, and when the centre's header fell short, Christie raced in to drive hard for goal. The ball went over with Anderson pawing the air.
Immediately on the restart only a smart save by Anderson prevented Hamilton converting a free kick into a goal. Johnstone's charge looked as if would fall on one occasion. The ball came from the left and both Cowie and Nicholson had clearances blocked. The ball ran loose to the right and Johnstone picked it up.
A quick switch of positions by the Aberdeen forwards had Arbroath's defence in trouble. It worked out like this. Armstrong on the left wing, Strauss on the right, and Hamilton in the middle. Strauss gave to Hamilton and the inside man shot narrowly past.


Aberdeen's second goal came in thirteen minutes. Forcing play on the right saw the ball go to Armstrong. The centre stopped it. and jabbed in into the corner of the net before Gavin could tackle him. With twenty minutes to go Christie, the home left winger, who had received a leg injury early in the second half, retired to the pavilion.
Fifteen minutes from the end Christie made the Aberdeen total three He raced off on the right, and when he unexpectedly let go a drive, Anderson fumbled the ball, and it finished in the net.
The Dons were definitely on top, and except for an occasional breakaway, play was mainly in the vicinity of the Arbroath goal.

Source: Press & Journal, 17th August 1939

Arbroath Teamsheet:  Anderson; Fordyce, Becci; Adams, Gavin, Urquhart; Gould, McInally, Moir, Hughes, Christie


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cowie, Adey, Dunlop, Nicholson, Thomson, Christie, Hamilton, Armstrong, Biggs, Strauss.

Unused Subs:


Referee: J. M. Martin, Ladybridge

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