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match report 1913-14 fixture list
North East Cup Final 
Heart of Midlothian 0 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:          Main.  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Tynecastle, Edinburgh
By one goal to nil Aberdeen won the North-Eastern Cup at Tynecastle last night. Their opponents in the final were the Heat of Midlothian, and though the latter played good football in the open, their finishing let them down. Half an hour from the start Aberdeen got their goal through Main, who netted a cross from Soye, with Boyd helpless. Sinclair and Wilson were clever on the extreme wings, but in Colman and Hannah they generally met their match, and though the Hearts had one or two rousing rallies in front of Greig's charge, they failed to get the ball home. Aberdeen on the other hand, were pretty well mastered after they got their first and only goal, but, as it turned out, that sufficed to give them the honour, and though there was an element of luck in their winning, they deserved on the whole their victory.

Source: The Scotsman, 29th April 1914

At the very period of the game when the least deserved to score, Aberdeen snatch the goal at Tynecastle last night, and so secured possession of the North-Eastern Cup. It must have been going to the Hearts, who had had practically all the play during the half-hour that preceded the goal.
And how simply it came about! Soye swung in the ball from the wing, Taylor failed to give adequate protection to the goalkeeper, and Main rushed the ball into the net.
The Hearts' might have learned from this the moral that the swinging game pays, but for the most part they persisted in close passing that was pretty but far from profitable against a resolute set of defenders such as those opposed to them. Sinclair showed away occasionally with some dashing play, but the winger had no luck with his shooting, although he was generally well on the mark.

Only for a spell at the beginning of the second half when Aberdeen the superior team. They played then in such a way as to justify their lead, swinging the ball narrowly from wing to wing and making the lot of the Hearts' defenders no enviable one. But for the most part it was upon the Aberdeen rear ranks that the burden of the work fell. And right well did Coleman, Hannah, and Wyllie acquit themselves. To them must be attributed chief credit for the Aberdeen win. Travers, Main, and Soye were the pick of the forwards on the winning side, though the wing man saw all too little of the ball.
Some of the Hearts' players were obviously feeling the strain of the game on the previous night. But Sinclair was not among the number, nor was Wilson. The wingers shared the honours of the Tynecastle attack. Moreland was always a Trier, and of the men in the rear Crossan, Mercer, and Abrams singled themselves out for special mention.

The drawings amounted to 52, representing a crowd of fully 2000 spectators.

Source: Evening Express, 29th April 1914

Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet:  Boyd; Crossman, Taylor; Nellies, Mercer, Abrams; Sinclair, Wattie, Moreland, Graham, Wilson


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Greig, Colman, Hannah, Wright, Wyllie, Low, Soye, Walker, Main, Travers, Wylie.

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