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AFC - Match Report
match report 1898-99 fixture list
Victoria United 0 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:  7:15 PM         Linton  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
So far as senior club football in Aberdeen is concerned, the season commenced last night, when the Victoria United and Aberdeen met at Victoria Bridge Grounds, Torry, before a large crowd of spectators. Play was timed to commence at 7.15, and when the players lined up it was seen that Aberdeen had practically the same team as did duty towards 'the close of last season, while the Victoria United had four new men in Irons, late of the Forfar Athletic; Milne and Runcie, two young local players; and Begbie, an Edinburgh player, a relative of Begbie, who, as a member of the Hearts of Midlothian, earned his international cap. Aberdeen won the toss, and the Victoria United kicked off towards the brick-work end. The opening exchanges were of a give-and-take order, but the "Blues" had the first look in. The hall went wide, however, and from the kick-out play was transferred to the home quarters, relief only being brought to the Vic's, defence by the ball-going over. Play still hovered in dangerous proximity to the home citadel, but the tries at goal were never close in, and nothing resulted. Give-and-take play followed of a ragged nature, and when Davidson had mulled the ball, Thomson brought relief with a timely kick. After a spell of midfield play, the Vic's, goal underwent some narrow escapes, and, keeping up the pres¬sure, the Aberdeen were at last enabled to score through Linton. From the kick-off the Vics bore down on Ritchie's charge, but the defence prevailed. After further even play the Blues applied pressure, but the parting shot went wide. After a spell of end-to-end play. Riley and his partner were prominent, for tricky play. By means of a combined passing run the Aberdeen bore down in a body, and for a time kept up a bombardment. The Blues then attacked, but their long raking shots were too high to be effective, and the Whites were soon back at the other end, Gray and Shiach gaining ground by a series of nice see-saw passes. The parting shots missed by inches, and from a good combined attack by the homesters Ritchie centred splendidly, but Riley, catching up his pass, shot into the Aberdeen custodian's arms. After being sent to the right about, the Blues returned to the attack with determination, and another good centre right into the goalmouth was bundled past the post by Riley. The game continued to be stubbornly contested, but no more scoring took place in the first half, and the score stood: Aberdeen, 1 goal; Victoria United, 0.
On resuming, the Whites were the first to be dangerous, but the defence of the homesters was sound, and the United raced away. Play again ruled even during the whole of the second half, and both goals had narrow escapes. The ball refused to go through, however, both custodians displaying marvellous intrepidity in getting rid of dangerous shots, and again and again Ritchie cleared in magnificent style. If anything, the Blues had the best of the exchanges, but failed to make the most of their opportunities, and the game ended in semi-darkness: Aberdeen, 1; Victoria United, 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 16th August 1898

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; Kilgour, Mackenzie; Russell, Henderson, Irons; Riley, Milne, Begbie, Runcie, Ritchie


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; Davidson, McConnachie; Mackie, Henderson, Thomson; Livingston, Linton, Cameron, Gray, Shiaoh

Referee: Mr. James Philip

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