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AFC - Match Report
match report 1913-14 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Falkirk 2 - 0 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Robertsom, Croal (pen.)        
Attendance: 4,500
Venue: Brockville Park, Falkirk
Mudfight at Falkirk
At Falkirk, before an attendance of about 3000. The opening stages were evenly contested, though first-class football, owing to the state of the ground, which in many places was under water, was not much in evidence. Falkirk, as time went on, gradually adapted themselves to the ground conditions, and their play assumed a force and thrustfulness which kept them almost continuously on the aggressive. Skilfully led by Robertson, the forwards gave the Aberdeen defenders an anxious time. They were, however, for a long time unsuccessful in their efforts to beat Greig, but eventually Robertson scored from close range with a swift shot. From that point until the interval Falkirk continued to have the upper hand. Aberdeen's display was much improved after the restart, Falkirk's goalkeeper being called upon several times. The pressure by the visitors, however, was short lived, and following a stirring attack by the Falkirk front line a second point was secured from a "penalty" which Croal converted. Play was subsequently confined in large measure to the territory of the Aberdeen eleven, and Falkirk's forwards exhibited much keenness and dash in their work. Towards the close a second penalty was awarded, but Greig saved from Croal. Result:- Falkirk, 2; Aberdeen, 0.

Source: The Scotsman, 16th March 1914

Worse conditions for football than obtained at Brockville Park, Falkirk, on Saturday, when Falkirk defeated Aberdeen in a Scottish League match, were scarcely conceivable. Heavy rain continued throughout the game, and the pitch was a quagmire. Pools of water were located all over the area, and near the corner flags alone did the ground bear resemblance to a football pitch. Ere the game was minutes old the players were covered with mud, and under the circumstances it was small wonder that there was little real football. The eccentricities of the ball and the lot of the hapless players as they splashed through or fell into the pools of water or scrambled in the mud were the subjects of many amusing passages. In spite of the disadvantages of the occasion, the game was fought out at a good pace, and the side that adapted itself best to the circumstances made the more progress. In the early stages the Aberdeen defence was hard pressed, and Grieg twice had to save from Croall and Gibbons, while Colman and Hannah were prominent in repelling clever combined efforts by Croall and Lennie. Falkirk took the lead through Robertson, following upon an excellent centre from Lennie, and then Aberdeen came near equalising. Stewart saving from Soye and Wylie. Just on the interval Main broke through for Aberdeen, but his final shot struck Stewart's outstretched leg, and from the corner kick Soye kicked against the side net.

There was more dour defending by Aberdeen in the second half, but Croall put Falkirk further ahead as the result of a penalty granted against J. Wyllie. There were several brilliant combined efforts between Croall and Lennie on the Falkirk side, but the Aberdeen attack could not get going in the same manner. Wylie and Soye had some clever runs, but were badly served in the inside position. McNaught was injured and had to retire for a time, but resumed, and Aberdeen for the most part were kept defending. Near the close Falkirk were awarded a second penalty, also against J. Wyllie for a foul on Gibbons. Croall again took the kick, but Greig saved finely. There was no further scoring and a game wonderful for the excitement supplied under the very adverse circumstances resulted n a victory going to the more deserving side. There were only 4000 spectators.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 16th March 1914

Falkirk Teamsheet:  Stewart; Orrock, Henderson; Macdonald, Reilly, McMillan, McNaught, Gibbons, Robertson, Croal, Lennie


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Greig, Colman, Hannah, Wright, Wyllie, Low, Soye, Walker, Main, Travers, Wylie.

Unused Subs:


Referee: Mr. A. Allan, Glasgow

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