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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Orion 2 - 4 Our Boys, Dundee
Kick Off:    Forsyth, Forsyth       Thomson, Malloch, Dargie, Matthew  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
More than usual interest was imparted to the meeting of the Orion with the crack Dundee team at Central Park, Kittybrewster. Our Boys have figured well this season, and taken a distinguished place in their Northern League fixtures and ordinary matches, but the hopes of the Orion supporters were sanguine that the eleven which has been doing such great things this year would come off well against the redoubtable Dundonians. With the grand victories over the Victoria United and the Mossend Swifts still ringing in their ears, they were all eagerness to witness the efforts of the Central Park men against a team that has been more than a match for them in earlier days. Thus it was not surprising that the crowd that gathered within the Central Park was very gratifying for the coffers of the club. The weather was of a kind that, though it might have somewhat chilled the lookers-on, could only have warmed the hearts of the players. The sunshine was at times delightfully bright, while the wind which blew from the west was not sufficiently strong to give any material advantage to either side. While the crowd was rapidly filling the few empty spaces round the paling, the Orion entered the field, which was in excellent appearance, and looked in splendid condition. The Central Park team was weakened by the absence of Baird, whose place was taken by Stewart of the Victoria United. Our Boys were minus one or two of their regular combination, Dundas, Sinclair (late of the Victoria United), and Chalmers being absent. The Boys entered the field headed by Dargie, and as the players lined up, it was seen that the teams were: Orion ? Edwards ; Mackay and Foote ; Wight, Low, and Stewart; Fraser, McFarlane, Gloag, Forsyth, Leggat. Our Boys: Gibson; Walker and Fleming; McNaughton, Matthew, and Cuthbert; Malloch, Peters, Dargie, Thomson, McInroy.

Mr John Melville, referee, blew the whistle, and the Boys at once attacked. After a little bit of close play in midfield, a goal kick was conceded to the Boys. This marked a change of front, for from a throw-in about midfield the Orion right wing bore well up the field, and Fraser passed capitally over to the left. Leggat centred, Wight sent in a hot shot, but Fleming defended well. Still the Orion pressed, until an unfortunate slip gave Dargie the ball, and that player ran well in. Low got ahead of him, and passed to Edwards at goal, who kicked to Leggat. The latter at once set out for his opponents' citadel. Stewart gave him good support, but Dargie again transferred to the Orion quarter. A penalty kick was allowed off McFarlane, which seemed to take the players a little by surprise, but Referee Melville insisted. The kick was taken, but was fruitless. Then the Orion again assailed uphill, the conspicuous players being Low and Leggat. A corner was soon after granted by Edwards in saving from McInroy, and this being resultless followed by a magnificent run by Leggat, who forced through his heavier opponents, and from midfield dashed close up to goal mouth. Gibson reached the ball before him, and saved by a splendid kick right down the field. A close struggle was then witnessed in the Orion territory, neither side having the advantage for some time, and "touches" being the order of the day McFarlane prettily dodged McNaughton, and passes to Low, whose effort to score was foiled by Walker. A couple of corners fell to the Boys' lot, and soon after a foul was given off Fraser, but Stewart saved, and gave Leggat the opportunity of making another splendid run past Malloch. Forsyth then took up the sticks, but Gibson kicked behind. The corner-kick was muddled by Leggat. A short lease of occupation of Orion territory was followed by a warm fusillade on the Boys' goal. Thereafter play was transferred to the "Stripes" headquarters, but Foote acted on the defensive beautifully. The left wing of the Boys still meant trouble, and after some determined work within the twelve yards' line, Thomson scored with a capital goal, wheeling through a clever pass from McInroy Edwards barely touched the ball. Orion then had a short look-in, and Low gave the opposing halfs plenty of work. Forsyth sent in long, low, dangerous shot, which caused the spectators to hold their breath, but it unfortunately only grazed the upright on the wrong side. A most ludicrous incident on the part of Forsyth had nearly an unfortunate termination for the Orion. He deliberately handled the ball in midfield, and his mistake was greeted with derisive laughter by the crowd. The kick from the foul was put well in, and it taxed the Orion defence to the utmost to prevent scoring. Some lively shooting followed on the transmission of play to the opposite end, McFarlane and Leggat in particular fairly riddling the Boys' defence. The closing minutes of the period were marked by some remarkably determined play, and while the conflict raged near the Boys' headquarters, it several times looked as if Gloag would have scored. Thereafter play was taken to the lower end, and a foul being given off McKay, Malloch sent through a sharp goal. The Orion then attempted to press, and their left wing carried hostilities over the penalty line. A foul was given off Gibson, for running too far out of his ground. Stewart kicked past. While the Orion were still attacking, the whistle sounded at half-time, with the score: Our Boys, 2; Orion, 0.

During the interval speculation was keenly in favour of the Orion. Gloag smartly kicked off with the breeze downhill, and passed out to Leggat on the left. A goal kick was the first indication of the turning tide. A foul granted off a Boy gave Stewart an opportunity of putting in a good shot, which, however, did not take effect. But a corner was granted, and the warmest bit of work in the match was then witnessed at the Boys' goalmouth. Three or four times the ball was almost through, but presenting a solid front to their opponents' attack the Dundonians succeeded in keeping their goal intact. A very easy chance was missed soon after by Gloag from a pass from McKay, and the goal-kick gave the Boys all the play for some time, but Dargie put an end to their luck by carrying it behind. However, they continued to invade, and Dargie, by a clever bit of play, managed to beat Edwards, from a pass from Malloch. A foul given off Foote, who attempted to push Dargie from behind, multiplied the Boys' chances of being dangerous. The kick-in resulted in a corner, and the corner in a goal. Matthew, with a run-up, notched a beautiful fourth goal. These reverses seemed to damp the Orion's ardour, and they allowed themselves to be fairly played with at every turn. Play began now to be somewhat rough, and several players bit the dust with ugly tumbles. Gloag tried to revive the drooping spirits of his eleven, and a clever pass to Leggat looked likely, but Gibson was all there. A brilliant attack by the half line of the strangers almost again lowered the Orion colours, and it was by the merest accident that scoring was averted. Scientific play was at a minimum for some time, but finally the Orion forced themselves into the sanctum sanctorum of the Boys. McFarlane baffled Malloch, and Fraser passed to Leggat, the latter heading the ball on to the horizontal, and out of reach of the goal keeper. Such pieces of ill-luck characterised the Orion play for some time, until Forsyth drew first blood with a daisy cutter. The warming enthusiasm of the spectators was at once kindled by this turn in the fortune of the local eleven, and cheers greeted every successful kick. Another beautifully kicked goal by Forsyth roused the excitement still further, and while there still appeared an opportunity of the game being put on level terms, a scene of the wildest enthusiasm followed. Lovely passing on the part of the Orion forwards was the feature of the game, and the Dundee lads were completely hemmed in. The last ten minutes of the match saw a determined struggle for the ascendency, play being mostly confined to Dundonian territory. Leggat and Forsyth played with indomitable pluck, but their efforts were of no avail. Gibson kept his goal perfectly safe, and while the Orion were still hammering away within a yard or two of the goalmouth, time was called with the score standing:? Our Boys, 4; Orion, 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 26th September 1892

Dundee Our Boys engaged the Orion in a friendly match at Central Park in presence of a large gate. The strangers, who, taken as a whole were distinctly superior to the stripes, won by 4 goals to 2. The homesters were clean out of luck, what good fortune there was in evidence going to the blues. Edwards in goal gave every satisfaction, Foote and Mackay were disappointing, Wight was the best of the halves, and Forsyth and Leggat were the prominent men in front. Gibson defended his charge in good style, and had capital support from the backs, Fleming taking a commanding lead. The halves worked very energetically, and the forwards played into each other's s hands with great success.

Source: Bon-Accord, 1st October 1892

Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards; Mackay, Foote; Wight, Low, Stewart; Fraser, McFarlane, Gloag, Forsyth, Leggat


Our Boys, Dundee Teamsheet:  Gibson; Walker, Fleming; McNaughton, Matthew, Cuthbert; Malloch, Peters, Dargie, Thomson, McInroy


Referee: Mr John Melville

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